Thursday, May 13, 2010

coco chanels thoughtful thursday:the origins , our angel

hewo evfurry woggie and meow meow

coco chanel queen of all that ish furry here to bring to woo our weekly origins post.

thish weeks edition will feature a furry much shpecial woggie. he ish furry much shpecial cause he is and angel. he looks out for ush from the bridge and waits for ush wiff the west of his fur furryends. our dearest chico like many of ush was rescued. mommish found him ash a stray. we actually almost missed him cause he was so tiny but we were on our walkie and were running back cause it has started raining furry has been raining all week and mommish had wanted to get ush out there at least for a wittle while and yours truly queen of the universe suddenly stopped and jerked right mommish tried to pull me back to the front but i wefused. mommish then heard a barking. we walked ofur to the right side of the street we were on and seen little chico trying to climb up the deep ditch. he kept slipping cause it was all turning to mud and he could'nt seem to jump high enough cause of all the water already in the ditch. coco chanel took it upon herself and jumped in the ditch which pulled mommish and guero in the ditch which i thought was furry funny but anywoo mommish picked him up and soaking wet and muddy we walked furry briskly back to our home. there we examined this wee one and found he had no tags no collars and later on when taken to the vet he was also not chipped.

mommish of coise posted about him to see if he would be claimed but no one came forward. thish was the first time a wee one had lived wiff ush but we showed mommish that we would be furry gentle wiff him. he was a feisty wee one and loved barking at the mailman . we wemember how the mailman would say that chico must surely be that brave because he has 3 bodyguards wiff him. we loved him so and he would snuggle wiff the queen. he was especially close to me what wiff being royalty and all im sure he was trying to get me to let him be prince instead of brinksey winksey. he would sleep near my belly most everynight.i guess i kepts him warm. i took a furry much maternal role wiff the wee one and rightly so as i had been the one to spot him and if it was'nt for me dragging my mommish in that ditch he might not have been there wiff ush.

we were one funny pack to all that knew ush. and for years upon years we were to be happish and loving.he would ride wiff ush to pick up grannish from woik and go everywhere wiff ush. he helped people understand that ush pibble could be gentle and nice wiff wittle woggies.if it was'nt for chico a lot of people would'nt have stopped to talk to mommish and ask how we all got along wiff him and mommish would'nt have been able to tell them how furry much we loved him and that pibbles were not mean woggies.chico was an honorary pibble for sure. then one day on our daily walks daddish was holding the chico and the brinkster and mommish, guero and me were walking ahead. this crazy looking german sherpard mix came round the corner and charged at daddish. it all happened too fast and as my daddish pulled brinks back chico barked at the mean doggie and the mean doggie bit him. i dragged mommish furry much fast down the street as i heard my brofur in danger , mommish tripped and fell and by the time we got to daddish brinks had scared teh other doggie away and i was furry much mad.mommish was screaming and panicking and we were immediately put in the house. mommish and daddish took the chico to the vet and they looked at him and stitched him up and bandaged him up and sent him home wiff medies.

that weekend we were all home wiff the chico spoiling him and giving him sweet healing pibble sugars. i never left his side and mommish would cry alot cause shee was worried so.sunday was not a good day. chico refused his food and would'nt even get up anymore.he wee wee'd on the bed twice and mommish was furry scared. she called the vet and he said to bring him in bright and early monday morning. that night mommish had chico in a kennel so we would'nt accidently hurt his ouchie. in the middle of the night he started to cry and cry and cry. mommish took him out to wee wee but he did'nt wanna. we figured out he wanted to shleep on the mommish took him out and layed him down wiff soon as we all layed down he got his wittle self up and shlowly made his way ofur to my belly. mommish wemembers me giving him some of my queen healing sugars and we fell ashleep. in the mornign daddish got up and said . outside ! which ish our key word to get up and go for our mornign wee wee. we all got up except chico. daddish told mommish to pick him up and bring him outside but when mommish went to pick him up he did'nt wake and he was not breathing. he was stiff and mommish screamed. daddish immediately knew what had happened and he took chico away from mommish. we were all scary cause we had never heard mommish cry so furry hard and much. as shee ish helping me type this i have to lick all her tears away cause her eyes are like faucets. ish still hurts furry much so. as if mothe nature knew the pain that filled our house that day it rained and rained. daddish made a burial place for the chico and we all said our goodbyes. that night we all fell ashleep eventually furry much full of sorrow and heartache.mommish kep saying how she felt someone had tore her heart the middle of the night we awakedn mommish by jumping up on the bed and running to the door.mommish thought that she heard wittle footsteps running and immediately let ush out . maybe it had all been a nightmare. . . . . . daddish says he heard it too . we all ran to the living room and wagging our tails sniffed around. we never did find chico there in the living room but mommish knew it was him . he had come to tell mommish that he was ok and was going to continue to be part of the pack. he's going to wait for ush at the rainbow bridge and i pawsonally cant wait to see him again. he'll be able to sleep in my belly and i'll keep him warm furever.

sweet pibble sugars to all

coco chanel

queen of the universe


Sagira said...

Aww..there are going to be so many friends for us at the bridge, it is going to be so much fun.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Oh my! Oh my! I am so sad right now. My moms eyes are full of tears too. Lots of luvins, smoochies and puppy prayers are being sent to all of you.

Woofs and Licks.
Maggie Mae

Daisy Dog said...

Oh! How very sad! :( We are sorry.

Anonymous said...

Oh Coco! Thank you so very much for telling us all abouts your little Chico. What a Most Special doggie he was for sure. But I'm oh-so-sad that he had to go to the Bridge so soon and my mommy's eyes are all leaky thinking how much sad your mommy must've been. He was Most Lucky to lives in your house and to have such a wonderful pack to luvs him so.

Gentle Wiggles & Wags,

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Our Mom just got leaky on us. Chico was lucky you found him and will be there awaitin with the rest of all our friends and loved mom says she has to find a kleenex.

houndstooth said...

Chico was lucky to have had your family! What a sad story!


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Such a sad but love-filled story. Thank you, Coco Chanel, for telling us all about Chico - you and your family were so kind to him. We are sad and sorry for what happened to him.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Oh Coco...what a happy and sad story. We are so very glad you shared Chico with us...and we are so very glad that he had you and your pack for a family!!

Dory and Beth (the Mama)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Thanks fur sharing the sweet and bitter memories...

One day I'll get to say hi!


Asta said...

CocoChanel ,youw highness queen of the oonivewse,

I loved hqving mommi wead me that bootiful stowy of youw broffuw Chico. I know he is thewe looking ovew youw pack and waiting to snuggle in youw belly once again. I love all of you fow you big heawt and sweetpibbleness. Anyone who wind up stealing youw mommish's heawt if awfully lucky
smoochie kisses
pee ess. I hope the wee on is feeling bettew

Amy & the house of cats said...

Oh Coco we are so sad about Chico and how he had to go. Mom is crying about how sad it is for you to loose him and for him to have to go through that. But we are also very happy that he found such a wonderful and loving family and that even though he had to go to the bridge, he went there knowing how very much he was loved.

little princess Luna~ said...

oh no--chico~! :(

mum was teary eyeg when she read todays post. awwww--maybe you will find another chico someday soon? but, sorry.... *chi kisses*


Two Pitties in the City said...

Oh, what a sad story. We're so glad you shared that with us. We like hearing the stories about the origins of the pittie-pack and we always wondered about Chico with his great big smile.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

What a Sad Sad story. Butt when I look at the whole thingy I can see that Chico didn't cross the Bridge alone and afraid in a cold nasty ditch. He lived with a wonderful group until the night he crossed. And he was surrounded by love.
I believe that he DID come back to tell you that he was THERE and watching and waiting.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh little one, thank you for sharing your sad story with us.
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

Hi, Coco Chanel.
Thanks for sharing Chico's story with us.
We know how much you miss him. He was a very special boy.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

the booker man said...

queen coco,
thanks for telling us about your very special brother chico. i know it was hard for you cuz of what happened, and i'm so so sorry he had to go to heaven early. someday ya'll will see each other and get to snuggle again.
the booker man

Blogless Dogs in D/FW said...

Oh poor Chico that is so sad I am crying. Thank you for sharing the story of your angel brother. He will be there waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dexter said...

Chico is running free now and remembering the sugars you gave him on his last night with you. That is a wonderful but sad story.


P.S. Momma took a work friend to the dog orphanage yesterday to shop for a friend for her other dog. There were so many sweet pups like you and it mad momma a little sad that her friend would not even look at them. What is wrong with some people?

Mack said...

Queen Coco-
That story made our eyes all a little leaky. But we know we will all meet up again in that great big bark park in the sky.

You made Little Chico's life so wonderful. Just look at him smiling in that last pic!

What a wonderful family you have there Miss Coco. You set a great example for the rest of us.

Royal Sugars,

Remington said...

Tears are falling as I write is so sad. Poor litte one....but she is safe and happy now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge....take care, my friends....

Pat Wahler said...

That is such a heartbreaking story. I'm so glad little Chico had the joy of being part of your pack.


3 doxies said...

Oh Quenn of da universe, that was a most beautiful yet heartbreaking story. Thank you so very much fur sharing Chico with us. I know he is looking down upon ya'll and is beaming from pride and love. I know he was very prouds of ya'll.
We is sending humongous hugs to ya'll and you mom. I know it still hurts.
We love ya'll so very much.
pees: check my post today...or tell Lucky to check.

Ina in Alaska said...

Thank you Queen of the Universe, Coco Chanel for the story of your Angel, Chico. I am crying again... this has been quite a week for crying!!! What a sweet and sad story. I (Ina) am quite certain the little paws heard in the living room in the night were Chico's letting you all know he was fine and he was saying thank you and good bye until you meet again..... when Suzy, one of my late poodles died a few years ago, one night I heard one bark in the hallway outside our bedroom door. I was awake and all my pups were in the room with me and they were quiet. It was Suzy's bark and it was very loud. I got up to see if I missed anyone but it was her bark. We will all meet again.

Halle now: I LOVED the picture of Guero in this post.. oh my he is so handsome...... xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

A wee angel. What a story! We were in tears reading it and ... we're sad. We shall meet again though. Tough times for many of us, just like you said. So sorry for mommy's experience as well. :(

Scout and Freyja said...

Momma has some wet eyes right now. We are so sad the little dude had to go to heaven but we are so happy that he found a good and loving home before he completed his Circle of Life.