Wednesday, September 26, 2012

howling for mango!

we had not been able to sleep this terrible night and it has gotten even worse. our dearest and one of our oldest blogville friends has crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. we are all pretty much shocked in our household and increadibly heartbroken as we loved mango to pieces. he brought so much happiness with his antics and helped many a times to calm the panic attacks my mommish tends to have. mango mama please know that we are keeping you close to our heart and lift you in prayer because we know you must be in so much pain. please join the pibble pack everyfurry and howl with us at the moon so mango can hear us and know that we are going to miss him terribly. HHHHHOOOOOWWWWLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
sad hearbroken woos,
brinks and bella of


Uji, Izzy, Ziggy + Missi said...

Wee has howled long n hards wivs yoo to helps da big dude on hims journey. Wee is jus so shocked bi dis sad news dat wee cant takes it in properly.
Hims will leaves a relentlessly huge hole in our hearts & in blogville.

Run Free Mango Dude

Da K Krew

Sam said...

This was heartbreaking news to hear of this morning. We are so saddened by Mango's passing.


Maggie Mae and Max said...

Da news of Mango's passin' breaks our hearts too. We will sure miss him...

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

Cinnamon said...

Such sad news this morning, we will miss Mango very much.
Sending hugs from our hood to Mango's family.

Cinnamon and Linda

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We were so shocked to hear about Mago. Too many dear friends leaving us this week.

Molly The Wally said...

Very Sad. We wish Mango's peeps well and we send our love.
Best wishes Molly

Amber DaWeenie said...

Mango will forever be remembered in Blogville. He will live on in our hearts.

Mitch and Molly said...

What a wonderful tribute. Our hearts are breaking for MangoMomma, Master and Dexter. Godspeed Mango.

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Ernie and I add our HOWWWWWWWLS to yours.

Anonymous said...

We are howling here in Collie-rado, too. We're so sad and just can't believes he's gone so soon.

Gentle wiggles and wags,

Scout and Freyja said...

We mourn Mango alone with you. His presence in the dog-blog world will be missed. I dare say - he will NEVER be replaced.

Dexter said...

Aw, Mango is going to love meeting all the pibbles over the bridge, especially the pibble gals.

Mango Momma

Oskar said...

Lovely tribute. Blogville will always have a Mango shaped hole.

Nubbin wiggles,