Thursday, December 29, 2011

my angel....

hello everyone
momma pibble here with another post... still trying to use blogging as my source of therapy .....i have returned back to work and that seems to help ease the pain if only for a while....i've had good days and bad....somedays it seems bearable and some days like today im a mess....
today i thought all day about my guero.........below you can see a picture that truly captures my bond with him.......i would wake up in the morning and this is what i would see.....
the most beautiful face on earth staring back at me with those gentle loving eyes....i stared into those eyes every morning for almost 8 years and waking up and not seeing them is heart heart is unwilling to understand that i can no longer wake up to this mind refuses to in particular as i was passing the firework stand on my way home i cried and cried thinking of my see he was fiercely scared of fireworks and would come cuddle under the blankets with me at those times and i would softly talk to him and rub him and comfort him as the night went on......we did this all his time with me....he was my just thinking that new years is coming up ....he is going to be outside under our the midst of all the noise and fireworks and i wont be able to comfort him like i always typing through tears just thinking of that thought.......below for those who dont know his story i have copied and pasted my previous post about my guero......the beginning of my love for this angel of mine......if you have the time please read on .......

hello there every doggie
momma pittie here for the first time i am allowed to post a bloggy of my very own. the most gracious and beautiful queen of all that is furry coco chanel has given me her blessing to make my special post about mr guero's beginnings.thank you, your majesty i will try to do you proud.

ok well where do i begin , , , , i felt that today would be proper to tell the story of guero since yesterday was his 7th birthday and it made me very sad knowing that he is considered a senior now.actually when one of my co workers mentioned that to me i got tears in my eyes just thinking that he is getting see all my fur kids are special tome as you all know but guero . . . . guero is my heart. guero is what started it all for me. guero is the reason i so passionately advocate pibbles.before guero i never had a dog. all my life i grew up with cats. my mother adores cats and we all still do.but guero came into my life and completely changed it in a way that i will never forget.

if you guys will bear with me i shall start at the beginning.

i remember one sunday evening we were on our way to walmart and it was extremely hot as summer evenings tend to be here in houston tx. the type of heat that is humid and blistering if you stand out there too long.well . . . we saw a young couple such as me and my husband were and she shyly came up to me and asked if i would consider taking in a pet. of course we weren't interested . we had just moved into our first house we were renting and had no idea if pets were allowed and hadn't even considered it. i asked what type of pet and she said a 4 month old pitbull. she was almost crying and i asked why she was getting rid of it and she all but broke down right then and there. she said that she had lived in a house not too far away from where walmart is and that her neighbors had bought a pitbull he was just about 7 weeks old when she first saw him and they tied him up outside to a tree and she could hear him crying his little lungs out all day and night. she could also hear them hit him and beat him to be quiet. it was breaking her heart to see this beautiful puppy get so mistreated.well about a week later she overheard through her fence the man talking about the dog and how he'll eventually learn to be quiet with the beatings or else he'd stop feeding him until he learn to shut up. this girl said that she was moving out with her boyfriend that weekend and she could not stop thinking about that puppy. that saturday night as they were packing the truck for the last trip she saw that the puppy was chewing on the leash he was tied to.well her and her boyfriend sat there and waited and within 20 minutes the puppy was loose. they immediately called him over and put him in the truck and left. well needless to say she fell in love with the puppy but she had to find him a home because she was going to college after the summer and couldn't care for . . . me being the sucker for stories that i am agreed to take a look at this puppy i heard so much about. we walked over to her van and she picked up this red little bundle. she handed him to me and i picked him up and looked at his face and then my world just faded away in his eyes. he had the most gorgeous Japanese eyes i had ever seen and he kept giving me his puppy eyes that i just knew were asking me to love him. he gave me a cautious lick on the nose and it was over! i don't think i had ever been that impulsive before. i had never imagined i would love something so fiercely so quick. just thinking that someone had beat this bundle of love made me angry. all these emotions going through me all at once. i asked the girl how much she wanted for him and she said nothing. she just wanted him to go to a good home and if she could please have my address or email . i gave her my address that i had on my id card and my email and cell phone number just in case she wanted to come ck on him. we didn't even make it to walmart. we went straight to petsmart and enrolled him in the vet , got him some toys and all the puppy stuff that comes with getting a pupper. when i took in guero i never even thought about him being a pitbull. i just loved him unconditionally because he was so loving. but i quickly realized that having a pitbull was not like having a regular dog. i remember the second time i took him to petsmart this time on his leash and now 5 pounds heavier. i was so excited to have my puppy with me and he was so loving and just loved on everybody. i started to notice how people would go out of their way to get away from us . we would get nasty looks and they would pick their dogs up if we passed by their isle. guero of course didn't notice any of this he was jolly and happy to be sniffing all the treats and food petsmart has to offer. same thing at the parks . mothers would grab their child and walk the other way, joggers would run on the grass instead of the pavement to get as far away from guero. i realized that people hated my guero just because of how he looked. i would go home crying so many times at the beginning because i didn't understand. why would anyone hate my guero? he was the most precious thing in my life and so loving all he wanted was to give kisses to all humans and dogs alike. until then i was naive about dogs. i started to research about my guero's breed. look up organizations that rescued these breeds and realized all the horrible things they had endured and still endure. i cried many days reading all the cities and states that ban them just because of how they look. i decided that with guero i would make it a point to start changing peoples minds slowly but surely. even if its one person a week , a month , a year . one person can tell one more person and so on. and so my quest began. i started with family and friends. everywhere i went guero went. family reunions . weekend visits.barbq's .i am proud to say that 5 families of mine now have at least two rescue pitbulls living inside their home and they are spoiled rotten. and they tell their friends and i hope the cycle goes on. out of my 3 best friends 2 of them have pibbles as well sleeping in their bed.
my mother in law who was terrified of dogs in general has a pibble who she loves so much he gets homemade meals everyday especially made for him..we still get friends bringing over their friends to see the infamous guero. everyone loves the way he looks and even more the way he acts. he is so loving and everyone you talk to in my circle of friends and family can tell you a story about guero . . i don't want to think about ever having him NOT in my life. just the thought makes my eyes leak as my fur kids say. i know that realistically one day im going to have to live without him that is why when i see our dear bloggin friends going through having to say good bye to their beloved fur kids it breaks my heart and i pray very hard for them because i know how much it would devastate me to have to say good bye to my fur kids. until that time comes i will cherish every moment i have with them. my guero changed me into who i am today. i was never outspoken about issues until i had to defend him. i never had a passion for anything in particular until i had to defend him. and i never knew how one sweet pibble kiss could melt a humans heart until he kissed me that one fateful sunday at walmart.
so on his 7th birthday week
heres to my guero , my heart

Sunday, December 25, 2011

holiday wishes heaven sent

this christmas is extra hard for me....but i know my beautiful angels would wish for me to try to make it as happy as possible for our wee two legger and so i sit here determined to smile through my tears this sad holiday and enjoy as best as i can my human babies first christmas.... his smile alone can light up the world and i know him and bella and brinks will get me through this.... and so my whole family human and furry as well as our very special heavenly angels wish everyone of you a very merry christmas and we hope that you get extra hugs and kisses today in honor of our pack of angels who are watching over the whole blogville family today...thankfully these pictures came in today and were'nt lost in the fire.... blogvilles baby josh wants to send some christmas sloppy kisses to everyone as well ...

Friday, December 23, 2011

bella the nanny

hello everyone and thank you for taking this journey with me.....i cant say its getting better...i still have bouts of crying especially around my see my mom is also taking this very hard....she was the one who would sleep with shelby most every night and feels horrible that she could'nt get shelby out. shelby was hiding under the bed in the very far corner of it....none of us could fit close enough to get to her and the smoke was overpowering...together and with your kind and loving words we will get through this bella was always fond of our little two legger but ever since the fire happened she has taken on a whole other trait....she is super watchful and super vigilant over soon as she hears him cry or wake up she alerts us and never lets him out of her sight......
i know she sensed that something could have gone worse with our two legger because you see...the fire that destroyed our home started in the baby's room...he's had really bad ear infections the last couple of weeks so he's been sleeping with fact my husband had transferred his crib over from his room to ours TWO days before the fire......i try to look at all these things and see that it could have been much worse .......
for now my new nanny will help me care for OUR baby as she also tries to process what has happened to our pack...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brinks n Bella update

Good sign today brinks n Bella seem to br getting their appetite back so long as I sit there with them as they eat....I also took them to our former house so they could run around the backyard n that perked them right up....Brinksey winksey rolled around in poop hoping I wouldn't put him back in the car n take him back to our garage but plan backfired on him n not only did we have to come back he is now also taking a bath.......but they seem to be feeling better. Can't say the same for me but seeing them happier makes me feel better.....

Thankful hugs to everyone listening to me day at a time is what I keep telling myself........

Sunday, December 18, 2011

day two

day two of my horror story does not get any better...i visited the grave of my beloved angels today and told them i was sorry...ugh just remembering everything makes me cry because i feel i should of been able to do more..somehow ....i replay over and over in my head how i should of just held my breath longer or run with my eyes closed through the smoke ...something that would of given me just a couple of more minutes to get to the other dogs....i told them that i tried over and over but the smoke was so thick the fire so strong....i remember how the smoke burned my nose,my throat,my chest...the terror i felt hearing them barking and not being able to pull them out i will never forget...everytime i hear a dog bark in my neighborhood i break down...i think everything is still too raw to live bella is completely traumatized and her tail has stayed between her legs since the fire happened..brinks refuses to eat much other than what i've been able to convince him to.....i was able to find a scrapbooking box i had full of pictures of my angels that we were able to salvage....i will try to update my blog with the steps im taking as this is the only way i know how to process my feelings...i'll never forget how alone i felt that night when i was screaming for help for my doggies and all i could hear from my neighbors was that us humans were safe and that they were just dogs.... one the next day asked me what we did with the bodies ...when we told her that my husband buried them under our big tree in the backyard and i explained thats how i wanted it because i wanted them with me forever in my property where i can go and talk to them whenever i needed she was appalled. she asked if we were even allowed to do that....i guess she thinks im a weirdo now....then i see all your comments and they truly lift me up...they truly and absolutely help me get up in the morning after going through this....i woke up today hoping with all my heart that it was all a nightmare until i realized i was sleeping in my mother in laws garage she cleaned out for us to stay in two still brings bouts of bawling my eyes out and refusing to beleive my babies are husband says that i have to let them go... that they would'nt want me to be falling apart like this...but i am broken....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

horror story come true

here at my mother in laws numb with pain....reading all your beautiful posts are helping me stay together psychologically , but the pain is breathtaking and unreal...i know god is not soppose to give you more than you can handle but wow!! i just dont know WHY??? my heart is not longer with me as my angels took it with them to the rainbow bridge....why me?? i try and try and try to help in any way i can as many as i can and then this happens .....why? they say it was electrical and that it spread so quickly because of how dry the roof was due to the hot summer here....please know that your prayers are keeping me together in this my darkest hours.....i have not slept or ate since 2am when my nightmare began....thank you all for your outpouring of kindness you have NO IDEA how thankful my family is ....will keep you guys posted,,,,,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

protecting our pack

howdy everyfurry, the brinksey winksey puddin and pie and bella the princess here wiff the pibble sugars for everybody and to ask you all to please tell our mommish that its purrfectly normal and even encouraged we might add for the pibbles to taste the human foodables before consumption in case of poisoning. in fact...some might call this act courageous and heroic even.....follow me and the bella spot most nommylicious looking bread on the counter......we all in the furry world know how evil, sneakish and corrupt the tree rats are and they are known to mess wiff the we must protect our mommish at all nevers know they might have put something on her breadas mommish goes to ck on the wee human two legger Bella extends and swipes at the bread and down it comes......i take a couple of sniffs and so far nothing pupticious is documented but this bread must pass the test of all test......brinksey winksey will now risk his life to protect his pack......
okay mommish your all good to go now.......
for some reason mommish did not seemed amused but i promised that this is furry natural for all protectors of their families to do .....right guys?!?!?!?

we are joining today this tasty blog hop. hop on over to sweet sugar's bloggie to join the nommy fun :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the wee lucky

howdy wee pups
the lucky hewe just showing you some of my most cuteness hoping you guys have'nt forgotten abouts me.....
since the temperatures have dropped here in texas i has been spending much of my free time cuddling wiff my mommish and grammy.....
of course sharing sugars is always a must.......
how do you guys keep warm and entertained when the weather is chilly?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

oh no!! the shelby has some sad news !!!

i am not happy today
the shelby is FULL of the sadness this furry minute ......the shelby has shed tears today for a special furry girl named LUKA.....sweet sagira has blogged about this bewootiful girl who has suffered unimaginable torture by being starved almost to death. please my fellow friends and furries can you please help me share her story or even help wiff a dollar or two.. imagen if all of us gave a dollar...just one dollar...... or share her story around bloggyville.....just one post will help her tremendously ..... us furries who eat foodables most everyday ..... get some sugars from our parents ...... live indoors in the warmth of love and kindness.... can you guys imagen going to sleep hungry for days upon days....your stomache screaming for food but no one can help you ...... im shedding shelby tears as i paw this because i know how ugly it feels.... i know what its like to go to bed hungry not knowing if you will live another day.......praying to the woggie god that someone ....anyone..... can take one minute to help me out..... below are graphic pictures of sweet loving luka...... please click on her name to follow the link to sagira's page where you will find a link to her chip in...... i send you my sweetest pibble sugars lets all help her this holiday season we all deserve to be loved in time for santa paws to visit us.....
imagen how many days without food it takes to get this thin???
i know the look in her eyes...... i had those eyes at one time in my life too..... those eyes are eyes of a doggie who has given up on life..... help me show her that life is worth living .....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the shelby is ready to help the santa paws

howdy there everyfurry the shelby here wiff the readyness to help santa paws this year distribute the pressies to all you puppers. has you all been good doggies ????
i was so very much full of the excitements last year because it was my first christmas eber in the world and i was so happish. this year maybe santa will fink im one of his reindeers and let me fly around the world to see you guys christmas night what do ya'll fink? want me to go visit you?? i'll promise to give you my bestest shelby pibble sugars eber to be !!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

the torture has begun.......

oh the madness.......the torture of it all..... the indignities for the pibbles........
who is to save us from this most embarrassing time of the year..... not even our toots will derail this heinous plan......
we are sending out a call for helps everyfurry!!!! who is to come save us ?!?!?!?!

Monday, November 21, 2011

baron's been adopted!!!!

howdy everyfurry guess what?? guess what??
the shelby ish here to paw to you guys the most amazing news eber to be!!!!
so im sure you guys member baron... he is one of my pups that i had that went to the gulfcoast rescue group and then was adopted.
for some reason baron ended up at the brazoria county humane society which is where ruthie from k9 katastrophe. mommish and the shelby were beyond the worries trying to find out how we can help our darling boy but not to worries . mona and weenie posted about hims on their bloggy for rescue me week. mayzie's wonderful adopt me week and guess what? baron has been adopted. he is now in the happy tails section of the shelters website. the shelby is over the moons wiff the wiggles and the overwhelming happiness. i cants stop the wiggle butt dance.
lookit this puppy dog face and you just know that he was not going to be homeless furever? i cannot take you enough mayzie for sponsoring this most wonderful event ever there was.... thanks to you and a wonderful angel my dear baron boy will have a furever family for the holidays. my heart is filled wiff the fuzzies and i will finally sleep wiff the peacefulness knowing all my puppers are safe and in loving homes.....
the shelby sugars

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

most chubbyness

howdy there everyfurry i must say that i most chubbyness pibble of the pittie pack brings out the singing in my mommish. so mommish keeps singing these songs to me which are kinds of funnish she says that one of them is from beyonce and it goes like this

"i dont think your ready for this jelly
i dont think your ready for this jelly
cause brinksy's booty is too bootylicious for you babe"
she says that over the summer since it was over two million degrees i furry much stayed inside as much as i could and did not exercise like my other pibble brothers did but as guero the model is the health nut i brinksy winksy puddin and pie am most definately NOT fond of the sweatyness..... so i laid on the couch most everyday and snuggles with mommish and ate most nommies all the day. ....... here's another song i keeps hearing from the mommish
brinksy gots a chunky butt and he cannot lie you other woofies cant deny.... tee hee hee
well maybe after the holidays i can get on a diet but for now im proud of my curves tee hee hee

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

rescue me week : LOVEY

hello everybody
we are excited to pawticipate in mayzies rescue me week and we hope we can help a furry get a furever home. now you guys just wait and see how adorabull this pibble below is you will not be able to resist his cuteness and we hope with all our hearts that he finds his heart family furry furry soon.....thank you so much mayzie for hosting this wonderful event......

(just look at those puppy eyes)
this is how his current foster momma describes him.........

**L♥vey rescued 10-12-11 ..this poor baby has been through so much ..I couldn't tell you how I felt when I first saw him and couldn't take him. Well now he's at vet nd receiving treatment . His wounds are what you call DEFENSE wounds ..meaning whoever , whatever hurt him ..he tried his hardest to defend himself..he is NOT a fighter ..more so a LOVING, KIND , SWEET BOY ever ..reason why I named him LOVEY ..he is so loving and forgiving no matter what happened to him :(:( Lovey will have to stay at the vet for awhile . He had a long gash on his testicles ..don't even want to know ?? which caused a severe infection that took over his whole body. He also has a large mass over what we thought was a gun shot wound that will require surgery (later) . His body is full of wounds ..later today the vet called to tell me that they noticed swelling above his leg ..he can't walk :(:( they will keep a close eye on it ..I will update further as I'm able to ..Pray for Lovey ..****

Lovey is neutered, hw- , UTD on shots and micro-chipped. He will be ready for adoption in about a week or so. Vet has stated he did fine around other dogs ..I haven't introduced him to mine due to them being sick ..but plan on it. Not sure about cats as he hasn't been cat tested did say he ignored as he walked by. Lovey aka (baby Huey ) lol is so sweet !!!!! and very loving ..
contact: 917-915-3767 IF INTERESTED
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Sunday, November 6, 2011

**a most funny contest**

hear ye, hear ye,
my most loyal subjects
queen coco chanel (queen of all the furry universe) is here wiff a most glorious and full of the funnyballs for all ages and species........

the most regal and fellow royal highness coco the princess and her lovely sisters are having a contest everyone MUST go and ck out....please click here and you can visit her lovely bloggy
they has done a book review on this below most entertaining book and are going to give one copy out to a winner just for your human!!!!! is'nt that full of the greatness !!!! all one must do is peemail them a picture of you wiff your human of a most awkward moment ..... pee.s..... they has a most interesting photo of their mommish in their bloggy you dont wanna miss we pawmise you its furry AWKWARD tee hee hee...... but enough of this talkin everyone must run off and find a most awkward photo of your human and you and submit it asap as this is a photo we all want in our living room. i know we would spend countless hours laughing at the two leggers if we win tee heeheee
ta ta for now my bewootiful subjects i must run off now in search of the most embarrasing and awkward photo of our mommish dearest tee hee hee
toodles and royal pibble sugars to all
queen coco chane
(queen of all the furry universe)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


for once the pittie pack is at a loss for wordswe are all completely heartbroken...........................god needed someone to help look after all the pooches at the rainbow bridge and called the best person for the job.the one we know will take wiff her all our messages of love for our furbabies and shower them wiff love and kisses.

but we do know that you all are feeling the same pain we are as our bewootiful angel claudette touched all our lives with her love and kindness. a true TRUE angel has been born and we shall all feel safer knowing that she is watching over us all. she is surely going to wait for us and meet us at the rainbow bridge with our free angel claudette. you will live in our hearts furever........sad pibble sniffles