Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The most beautiful words ever written

Had to repost the words i read over and over again so many nights....

I want to thank Frankie Furter for these beautiful words.......and as Amber daweenie said my fearless five is how we will always remember them......

Presented by Frankie Furter in Loving memory, understanding, and friendship for Brinks & Bella and Angels Coco, Shelby, Lucky, Tiger, Guero.

We KNEW that IT was coming. We could Feel IT in the very air. We KNEW we would Not be able to Stop IT, but we Had to Protect our beloved two leggers. We, the Houston Pittie Pack and Wee Ones, Had to make Plans.

From the first moment that we Sensed IT was coming, we were very aware that some of us would need to STAY BEHIND to continue to Love and Protect and Care for our Mommish, Daddish, Grammish , and our Baby Two Legger. That would be a most important assignment. None of us felt worthy. Each believed another possessed the qualities needed to take on the task.

We also admit that we each wanted to take the Easy Path.. The one where we would chase IT completely away... Well beyond the Rainbow.. and then be able to REST on the other side of the Bridge.

Oh the SHAME we felt. WHY? WHY was IT coming to OUR Safe Home? WHY to Sandra's Sanctuary, as we love to call it. And WHY couldn't we Prevent IT's Evil Arrival?

We wanted, but could not find a way to make our people Aware of what was going to happen. WHY couldn't we make the DANGER KNOWN? WHY couldn't we Stop IT? Our saintly mommish had SAVED each and EVERY One of Us. WHY could we not save her from what was going to happen?

OH the GUILT. The Horrible GUILT we all felt. We Should have been able to do for HER what SHE had done fur US. Our Hearts were CRUSHED. We were miserable and felt Useless. OH, the GUILT.

It was Shelby who finally made it clear that we needed to face some difficult facts. We could NOT change the fact that there would be great sadness, but the most important thing of all was to ensure that EVERY ONE of our Humans WOULD SURVIVE and be watched over once we managed to drive IT away.

Shelby made us understand that WE had Mommish, and the other people in our home, to thank for saving US and for showing us such tenderness. It was OUR turn to give back to HER. We, Guero, Shelby, Coco Chanel, Tiger, Lucky, Brinks, and Bella, had known more devotion than any of us ever dreamed possible and it was due to the people who had taken us in and made our lives worth living. Our lives were so wonderful. Not to be measured in the Number of Days ... but by the QUALITY of those days.

There was never a question in our minds.. Mommish, Daddish, Grammish, and the precious baby two legger Must be protected and SAVED. We may not be able to PREVENT, but we Could SAVE, at any cost. SHE saved US we needed to SAVE HER and Her FAMILY.

Who will Go and Who will Stay? We could not decide. We could not VOTE. We resorted to the silly game BONE STUFFIE PAW Bone outweighs Stuffie Stuffie has no Paw and Paw Buries Bone. We had seen people play that with rocks and paper and scissors. Our friends will get a laugh out of that. They will remember how we always Love to have FUN together. Although we enjoyed our game we knew the results would be Serious and must be accepted with Strength and Conviction, just as OUR Mommish has always shown us to do. Yes, we DID enjoy our last game... until we are all together again.

The result of the game was that Brinks and Bella would be the ones entrusted to Remain Behind. They would Comfort and PROTECT in our absence. The rest of us would Drive IT away.

Bella immediately sensed that the little two legger needed to be very close to Mommish and Daddish...especially at NIGHT.. because we were sure that IT would choose the DARKEST TIME to do IT's DARKEST Deed. Bella worked for two days to make the humans AWARE that the two legger baby... was not feeling well and needed to be watched closely... They finally seemed to understand her looks and body language. Bella was finally able to convince the people to move the baby's bed into their bedroom. Bella proved her skill at watching over our little one with all her power.

Brinks would be our Strength.. Our Bone Solid Strength. He would be the one to show Mommish, that all of the days to come, are OUR legacy to HER.

The Plan was ready... we each had our jobs... and when IT came... we did NOT shirk. We Sounded the Alarm and with all our might we Barked and BARKED. IT tried to get to the two leggers but we drove IT back. We gave them the time they needed to get safely away.

Some of the people who were there that night, did not understand that we CHOSE to be where we were.. and to do what we had planned, in order to hold IT at BAY. They foolishly tried to break our concentration. That would have been a disaster. We did not allow it to happen. They didn't realize that WE had everything under control. They didn't KNOW about our PLAN. They did not know that we had been taught to let Nothing stand in the way of what needs to be done. We felt sad that they did not understand our mission. It nearly broke our hearts to hear our names being called and not being able to leave our stations. We stood fast, but hoped that Some Day everyone would understand and forgive us for steadfastly holding IT back.

We took up our positions and we did NOT waver. We began to Bark... Furious Barks.. NOT barks of fear. We Barked our most FIERCE Barks and we were Finally able to Confuse and Frighten IT, and to cause IT to retreat.
We Barked until IT was far enough away that we needed to transform ourselves so that we could continue to drive IT even farther and faster. The FIVE of us made the transition to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge where we could move with the speed and agility needed to pursue the evil thing and to chase IT to a place far beyond where IT could ever harm our dear ones ever again.

We Five are now together, resting with friends we had not seen for a very long time. Brinks and Bella will join us some day, when their jobs are finished. We will never know Why IT chose to attack our beautiful home, but the SHAME and GUILT, which we once felt, have been lifted from our backs. WE saved our people. We did NOT Fail them.
We, the Houston Pittie Pack and Wee Ones, will think often of the night we were able to show OUR devotion.

Christmas cards!!

Dear furryends, 
We has been suprised wiff the surprises and have received some pawsome christmas cards and where overwhelmed with the tooty happiness. This is the first year that we did not pawticipate but were so happy and honored to still be remembered. Especially the wee april. She was full of the happiness to see her name on the envelopes when we checked the snail mail. We love you all. We have been thinking about our fearless five so much ...our heart tightens up ever so slightly. BUTT we shall think of all the happiness they brought to our lives. We just wanted to take a moment to thank our special furryends for their wonderful cards. We have included you in our family christmas tree! 
Pibble sugars
The houston pittie pack

Sunday, December 8, 2013

April here

Howdy everyfurry, april here. I am quite enjoying my new life i must say. Mommish says irs nice having another baby around. She says im just lke a human baby because she has to get up at crazy hours of the night so i can tinkle. I think im just too cute and can get away with it. I have a big brother and sister but they are very couch potato like. Our human boys just love for me to chase em around the living room and they jump over the road humps called bella and brinks. Teee hee hee
My most favorite thing is to lay on daddish lap. I can see everything that is going on from here and im very nosy. Im most curious about every little thing just like a human baby. Mommish says that three  babies are making her hair go gray. I think that color would look wondeful on her.
This life is most diffrent from the one i came from but i wouldnt trade it for the world. I am quite enjoying being the baby of the familish.
Sugars, april
The baby of the pittie pack.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy thanksgiving

Happy rhanksgiving to all you pups and dear friends! We had to cancel thanksgiving at our house this year because we are all terribly sick with the flu and the fevrs but we are thankful for your precious friendship not just today but everyday. We love you all. 
The pittie pack

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Red light puppy

Howdy pupsters....yesterday was most horrid and then wonderful all at the same time....it all started with mommish drive home from work....at the red light on the side of the freeway she saw some (insert choice of hbo word here) throw something out of the passenger side window....quickly she realized that it was a wee puppy...well light turned green and mommish panicked,  proceeded to put the car on park and like a crazy lunatic got out and ran to get the puppy. Needless to say after much honking and crazy looks mommish and red light puppy were safely in the car. Mommish drove to the nearest parking lot to calm her nerves and fury before driving home to us. She was very sad and mad someone would do such a horrid thing. Once home red light puppy was welcomed by all as mommish explained the story to dad. Jr the two year old was very upset she had been thrown away and immediately hugged her. For the rest of the afternoon they were glued together. He is the one that made it clear she was to be added to the pack. When i asked him to pick a name for red light puppy he said ...april....
You see, april is the girl that all the ninja turtles protect and are friends with on their cartoon. He said that him and michael were going to protect her from now on. So here she is ady pups and gentleboys APRIL GONZALEZ! Toot! Toot! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

day of the dead

today we has a celebrations goings on in our woggie pibble house ...wont you join us!!!!
on this most shpechial day our angele brofurs and sisfurs will come play with us! is'nt that exciting!!! we took a baff and brushed our toofies, we got on our very best furs so we can wait for the visit.....
The Day of the Dead, is not about death… it’s about celebrating life and welcoming back the spirits of the dearly departed
if you keeps a good ear and your heart open today my furryends you will get a visit from your angels too..
we beleive it wiff all our furry hearts that today we will be a day full of love and family reunions.....we cant wait!!!
so hurry up and get pretty and hanshum so you can also celebrate day of the dead wiff us!!! we love you and miss you fearless five....we shall see you in a bit!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

diabetics bewares.....

howdy ya'll, the bella here and this here post is just full of the sugars so ya'll diabetics bees awares
full of sweetness is going to be seen.
on octobers the 15th here in the great state of texas we bee celebrating a most pawsome event. our wee two legger michael also known as itty bitty will be a turnin' one
yeehaw!! as you can see i am super duper close to this wee one. i has taken it upon myself to look
afters the wee one. and out of both human pups itty bitty has taken a special liking to the bella. we have a special bond that cant be described. mommish says sometimes things like this happen and its magic. one can not force this type of thingy its just full of fairy dust and butterflies and when it happens is full of the magicals..please join me the bella in wishing MY special soulmate a very happish barkday!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Helping wiff the chores

Why yes i shall keep warm this new bin of laundry just for you momma. No need to thank me mommish! The frangrant toots are included at no extra charge just because i love you so......what are you guys up to this lovely thursday? 

The previous post if anyone guessed was me tooting and bella not very happy Bout it teee heee hee buwahahaha

Pibble sugars
Brinksy winksy pudding and pie

Monday, September 9, 2013

Two pictures One word

 does anyone want to take a guess at what just occurred between these two pictures? TEE HEE
pibble sugars
Brinks and Bella

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hugs for Benny

Today we are happy to pawticipate in our first event since coming back to blogville. And even better its for our dearest furryend Benny!! Hugs for Benny Day!! here is my most favorite picture ever there was!! It shows the special bond between me and my mommish....no matter what happens i always have special time to lay like this....just brinksy and mommy time!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Howdy yall

Howdy everypawdy
Brinksy winksy here finally after a very long and stressful time away from the interwebs.....mommish was able to restore our computer to the factory settings and lo and behold the computer worked again.....we were getting full of the anxiousness thinking we might not be able to post again and that brought on most smelly toots from us. Mommish finally decided that enough was enough and got up wee early in the morning when all the human ups and furry pups were still asleep and worked and worked on the computer until she fixed it.....we just KNOW our toots made her think better and gave her the smarticles she needed to find a solution.....now to catch up on all the going ons in blogville...can someone help us and let us know where we can find events coming up or things we may have missed.....please let us know! We very much want to get back in the swing of things as soon as possible....!!

Most sugary pibble kisses

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fight like a Frenchie

Howdy everyfurry,
bella and brinksey winksey pudding and pie here wiff a most impawtant post that we filled with love and support. This post is dedicated for one of our dearest friends who is close to our hearts.  we have followed his adventures for so long and we recently found out that he is sicky with the evil C monster....(battle bark) ***grrrrrrrr, arrf and toot** yes my dear friends....please join us today in barking the monster away and also let us all join in prayer.  

dear benny,  

we hold you close to our hearts today... please feel our love as we surround you wiff all the health vibes our pibble bodies can muster....we have lit a candle for you dear friend...we also have this poem that represents our very feelings today....please know that you are not alone in this....we all stand together and bark furiously at the monster (battle bark) ***grrrrrrrr, arrf and toot** we send you super extra bestest pibble sugars from the pittie pack to you and also your brave mommish and sister because this is not something you can prepare for but together with all of blogville standing firmly behind you we can fight anything. we for one are great beleivers that miracles can and DO HAPPEN when blogville unites for a cause.... so stand strong sweet benny ! fight like a frenchie! (battle bark) ***grrrrrrrr,  arrf and toot** Bella and Brinks

  Thief Of Life  

Cancer you monster let go of our Benson, We won't let you take him, don't think you have won. Thought you could sneak in like a thief in the night, Trample our spirit, then take our friend's life. You started this battle but we'll win this war, We caught you red handed, you'll live no more. We fight you with chemo it's making him ill, Your time here is short, its you this will kill. With courage and faith his fear he'll walk through, There is no surrender, just the death of you!

©2007 Poem By Lorna Mahan Sinjin's mom  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Home again

Howdy everyfurry
Today is the furry first night we will stay in our woggie pibbles house wiff our angel brofurs and sistersSo much has happened since our last update butt that is a story for another day. Here is some pictures of us as we are getting the most pawsome news ever to be!!!! Today we shall toot wiff happy wiggles that we have light and air conditioning and we are all together again......we are posting from our phone so please excuse our pictures. ...we just couldn't wait to share the news with everyfurry. ........our nightmare is finally over and this is our new beginning. Together with the fearless five looking over us we can start our lives again.  It's time to be happy again. ...its time to come home. .....

Thursday, May 2, 2013


we just wanted to update you guys on the process of our move in to the
new woggie pibble house. a minor setback has occurred but we are not letting it
discourage us. now that the house is completely done and ready to move in they are
saying that we need an occupancy permit because we live in a flood zone. that permit
costs $900 dollars. as you can imagen since we have been paying rent and mortgage we have no
savings account for this type of situation but no worrys my furryends. our daddish is selling
his beloved car and we are going to be getting the money together for it on the speedy
this week. mommish has had almost no time to blog because she has been allowed to work
6 days a week 13 hr shifts so she can save money for things we need for the new house
such as a stove and what not. please do not worry as we are managing and are doing all we
humanly can to keep our boat afloat and our spirits up and we are just positive that in
no time at all we shall be close to our fearless five again.
now that the house is completely done we have been able to go with our pawrents to visit our
angel brothers and sisters on mommish off day which is sunday. we just wanted to keep
you guys informed to whats going on. keep us in your prayers

now our dear friend tweedle has published some of her
own pawsome books and mommish ordered one online from her last year and she was so delighted
to have something so personal from our bloggy friends that we suggested that we would like
to ask our furryends to send us something like a picture of something personal that represents
you for us to display in our home. if it was not for you guys we dont know where we
would be right now and we just want people who visit us to see how much you ugys mean to us
i know some of you other doggies are famous celebrities and have your own published books
so if you can send us and email or give us your email we will contact you to order a copy
of your book so we can display it in our home and read it to our two leggers. they love
tweedles book and love to see her beautiful face most everyday. if you do not have a book
we can buy but would like to contribute a picture of your most beautiful or handsome self we can send
you our snail mail addy and we would love to receive your momento to display in our new home
now remember you have time to think about it and what you would like for us to display or have
because we have not moved in yet. we just wanted to get the word out in case you need to print
you picture or even send us your paws on a paper as we saw on pinterest the other day tee hee
we can not wait to move in as thanks to pinterest mommish found some recipes for home made
doggie foodables and treats. we are just tooting wiff the anxiety of it all. we are
drooling just thinking about it. yay for pinterest.
anywoo we hope you guys still remember us and we thank you for your patience in
following us. we pray and hope wiff all our pibble hearts that this is the last hurdle
we have to get through to finally make it home to our fearless five..

Friday, April 19, 2013

good pibble news

Howdy yall
Guess what? Our official move in date is this coming monday! Super duper pibble hurray and pibbpe toots too!!!
We apologize for no pictures we are posting from our phone but the first day we are home our mommish is ordering the interwebs.
We did not want to post anything until everything was official
Paws crossed that everthing goes as planned
Pibble toots
Brinks and bella

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pibble house puctures

Oh happy day!!! Tootful good pictures to show....the house is completely painted on rhe outside and lookit some of the inside...we love the ceiling lights so much....dont you....batman continues to guard our base of command and fights the good fight until we are brought back home....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Throwback thursday on instagram

My favorite furry easter bunny

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Impawtant questonables wiff brinksey

Dearest followers
I brinksey winksey pudding and pie have a most impawtant question to ask? me and my
sister Bella the primpcess has been going back and forth about this situation. I
brinksy think that its MOST impawtant that when we first move into our new woggie pibble
home my first objective and goal is to baptize the entire house. I brinksey think that
every nook and corner has to be showered by me in order to make sure that the horrid
evil alien tree rats smell the danger that they are walking into when they trespass
into the woggie pibble house. The PTO (Pibbles Take Over) Society will not stand for
any intruders disrespecting our woggie pibble house. those criminal tree rats will
receive no mercy from our most noxious toots if they dare sneak in and no leniency will
be given to those convicts by me BRINKSEY WINKSEY PUDDING AND PIE.
whew! now that I has
stated my case...Bella wants to inform you guys that she is all for protecting the
woggie pibble house from those terrible smelly troublemakers but she is not sure that our
dear mommish will be happy with my idea of sprinkling my warning spray all around our brand
new woggie pibble house. I on the other hand think our mommish will be just delighted that I
has taken it upon my most chubby but handsome self to protect the house from evil. I thinks that it shows
how mature and responsible my pibble self is.
what do you guys think? please consider the fact that these foul smelling squirrels
have gotten accustomed to us pibbles not being there and think they have taken over
our PTO society command center. WE MUST SHOW NO TOLERANCE, SHOW NO FEAR,
now who's wiff me?!?!?!?!
TOOT !!! TOOT !!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pibble house

today we took our mommish for a walk. we love showing her off but we dont understand why she has always insisted that we go out on a leash. i mean sheesh! you would think after walking down the same neighborhood for all these days she would know how to get back home right?
poor mommish, she is scared to get lost i guess, we dont bark about it too much because we feel sorry for her but it would be nice to train her to walk without a leash. have you trained your human to walk off leash?

On another note here are two pictures of our almost finished pibble house. The first one is of the kitchen. The pipes sticking out is for the sink that will be on mommish most beloved kitchen island. She always wanted one and finally she is getting it. The next picture is of our room....we are just wiggly wiff the excitement of everything finally getting done....keep paws crossed that it keeps moving ....

Lastly a picture of michael the wee two legger who is now five months old and our bigger two legger who is turning two next weekend!!!