Friday, July 27, 2012


happy post for us to report,
we are beyond thrilled and filled with most flowery scented toots wiff the news that we are about to share.
 take a lookit here at leo!! this puppy was one of three that our mommish found dumped in a ditch full of water last week. he is here in his new safe and warm happy home. he went home wiff a good friend of weenie and mona's mom sarah. we are so warm wiff the fuzzys about these pictures....this is why mommish just cant turn away from doggies who need help even though we have no home to offer. thank you for the power of the paw and all the prayers as well. mommish found a rescue that she took the other two puppies to and she was assured that they were going to be fine and adopted out soon. we will leave you wiff these adorabull and kissabull pictures of LEO!!!
pibble sugars,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

prayers needed pibble please

howdy there dwb family,
the brinksey winksey pudding pie here wiff a special prayer request. the fearless five are at it again. we were hoping they would take a bit of a break wiff our mommish but i guess sometimes things cant be helped. yesterday some lowlife dumped three pitbull mix puppies locked inside a kennel in a ditch full of water in our street. the same house where isis was abandoned. right in front of the house where we are renting a room. we heard their cries and alerted mommish who went outside to inspect. she foudn this tiny little pibbles drowning in the water. it has been raining here for almost a week and a half now so the ditches are full to capacity. needless to say we need prayers to see if anyone can help us. we have contacted almost everyone mommish can think of as far as rescues and what not. we are not use to this as we use to just take them in ourselves. sadly we have no home so we are a bit lost as to who to ask for help but mommish has also started to network them with diffrent rescues on facebook and our paws are crossed that we get some help. in the mean time they are full of energy and eating like cows. please keep them and our mommish in your prayers. she was crying very much last night because she does'nt know why she keeps finding this poor lost souls when we have no home to help them with. her heart just wont let her turn the other way and i think the fearless five know that so HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

the tree rat problem is getting serious......

pibble in distress!!!!mayday!!! pibble in distress!!!

bella here trying to snugggle wiff the brinksey winksey and give him lotsa pibble sugars to take all his eery fears away after what he has witnessed today...most fearsome poopy inducing tree rat we has ever seen....since our pittie pack society has dwindled down to us two we are calling for help from our friends and family....most arrogant and bold tree rats have taken to invading our fridge and taking our foodables.....
we ran outside to catch those evil predators and lookit what we found waiting for us
*shivers* we gave it a smelly toot and ran back brinksey is stressed and wont eat what wiff the worry as to how we are going to handle most evil tree rat.....does anyone have any ideas???

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 3,2010

well today was a day i had been thinking about for a very long time...this time last year all was great in my world. my sweet shelby was alive, healthy, happy, and enjoying everybit of her new life. nothing would make me happier than to see her close her eyes and enjoy the grass when she roached, make a big sigh at the end of the night when she got super comfortable and was ready to go nite nite.
she always had a way of enjoying every minute of her life as if she knew that is was going to be short lived. maybe she was teaching me to stop and enjoy it too. she would sniff the flowers in our garden and close her eyes. she always seemed to close her eyes as if to take it all in. she was so calm in nature. so sweet and gentle at all times that it hurt me to know what she had gone through. no one human or furry alive should go through what she had been through. no one should still be this trusting and forgiving after the hell she was put through. but she was. she had faith in me and my family and her auntie sarah. she gave us humans a chance and we did not fail her.
 with everyones help she blossomed. she changed a lot of people by just existing. by having the will to hold on that scorching hot day in that pavement where she was left to die. pregnant and abused she always just laid there and waited. this time the humans did'nt fail her.

 when she looked out the window on car rides again she closed her eyes to feel the breeze on her face and just pure joy could be felt.
 wagging her tail knowing she was going to the vet always surprised me. but she loved human contact so much it did'nt matter to her how many times she was gong to be poked and prodded. she wagged her tail furiously anyways because she was going to be loved on and she was going to not miss out on that.
 her first and last christmas are above and below. this is how i will remember her. her eyes closed in pure contentment.  eyes full of love and trust. today on her anniverary of her gotcha day wont you close your eyes and send her special hugs and kisses and thank her for being who she was and teaching us how to enjoy each and every moment we have with our loved ones.
i miss you terribly my angel.with tears and love,
mommish <3

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

happy monday everyfurry

howdy everyfurry, meet isis.
this is what our mommish decided to name mystery pibble girl. this was going to be our little sisters name but since we found out its going to be a boy then we named mystery pibble girl isis.

we are happish to report that we have found a temporary foster home for her where she will be cared for and loved until other more permanent arrangements can be made for her. is'nt she most bewootimous.???

so we have some bad news and some good news...first mommish will be home wiff us very much alot now because the human vet put her on bed rest. on tuesday of last week she started having what she thought were cramps and some bleeding. it turned out human bald puppy was trying to come out already and its very much too soon. she still has 3 more months to go. so doctor told her she has been working too much and too hard and needed to rest if she did'nt want human bald puppy to come out. so mommish was understandbly upset because her overtime money was soppose to be to furnish the house but she says she will have to do what she has to do for human bald puppy's well being. plus she gets to spend all the day wiff us and human hairy puppy now. we've been doing our very best to shower her wiff our most scented toots to show our appreciation for her being home...
below you can see the updated version of our woggie pibble house. all of the outside has been done and all the will be the air conditioning and plumbing as well as sheet rock. we are very much excited about the progess and cant wait to get back to our fearless five.
we shall be in touch soon as mommish has a lot of free time in her hands now tee hee