Monday, March 21, 2011

we proudly pwesents baby joshua

hewo's everyfurry!!! wee's here to proudly pwesent our newest member of the woggie pibble house
he awiwed at 10:22 pm on may 18th weighing in at 8 lbs and 8 oz measuring about 21 inches long and his wittle head was 14 and 5/8's WOWIE!!!!! he was naturally delivered no c section was done which everyone was surprised about. we are furry most proudest of our mommish. baby joshua is currently in a neonatal intensive care unit section.he was having some breathing problems so we are still anxiously waiting his arrival here at home. mommish was able to come home today and she said that hopefully if all goes well tomorrow they will let our human brofur out. we just could'nt wait any longer to show you guys some pictures of our wittle angel. we hopes you enjoy them,. we cant wait to sniff him we hear babies smell the bestest ever to be!!!!

many pibble kisses and wee wiggles

Thursday, March 17, 2011

good luck needed

ok guys the day has comes
tonight at midnight they will induce our mommish at the human vet hospital and soon we shall have a two legged brofur. we are all furry much full of the exciteables over these developments. the human baby is estimated at about 10 pounds and our mommish has had high blood pressure the last coupla days so they decided that tonight would be the best option so . . . . please to keep our mommish and the human baby joshua in your prayers tonight and cross some paws for them . we all here in the woggie pibble house will be hoping and praying for a smooth and safe delivery. we will update you as soon as we can. pibble sugars and wee wiggles

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the brightest star in the sky

please to excuse the pittie pack as our next words might not come out as eloquently and bewootifully put as some of our bloggy furryends , , ,

you see we happen to be celebrating today a furry shpecial barkday for our angel furryend the luke. he is so furry much special that words cannot begin to describe all the love our pibble hearts hold for him. we are one of those unfortunate woggies that when it comes to describing our heartfelt emotions we lack the proper words. we just know that when we fink about our the luke our hearts feel warm wiff the fuzzies and our hearts seem to expand even bigger than ever felt before.
in honor of our special the luke our mommish will let us taste some bananers wiff the peanut butter and a special candle has been lit just like he lights up our world we will light up our night tonight and fink about him and wish him the happiest of barkdays ever to be !!!!

wiff extra slobbery and sugary pibble kisses to our shpecial star from the entire
pibble pack
we love you!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

sunday stuffy war!!!!

gimme , gimme that stuffy guero !!! i's the queen of all the furry universe ITS MINE!!!!!!
sowy coco chanel , its MINE!!!!

i throw laser eyes at any furry that comes near my stuffy today!!!!!

"mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, im the queen of the universe and i DEMAND the stuffy !!!!! "
mommish:GUERO!!!!! DONT MAKE ME GET UP!!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the pibbles awe shtill hewe!!!!

hello and warm toots to you all ,
the pittie pack here to give ouw wonderful furryends some pupdates. we are twuly full of the sorryness for being away so long butt we have had some difficulties wiff takin the cares of ouw mommish. you see on top of the dye=a=beat=ees she has also had to go to the vet for a kidney infection and most recently kidney stones. the human pup seems to be growing at a fuwy fast rate and they have decided to induce her next week. she is 36 weeks butt the human pup is already 9.6 pounds and his wittle head measures about 10.3 so the human vets dont want him to get any bigger . they will be inducing her next week about thursday or friday so we are all going to just fink positive thoughts and cross ouw paws for both ouw mommish and the human pup. today is the fiwst day out of the hospital and will try to catch up on some of your bloggys as this will keep ouw mommish entertained and her mind busy. we have misshed all of you guys tewibly but hope to go back to normal posting fuwy much soon. until then we send evewy one of you the biggest , most slobbery and sugary pibble kisses we have saves for ya'll,.