Monday, October 14, 2013

diabetics bewares.....

howdy ya'll, the bella here and this here post is just full of the sugars so ya'll diabetics bees awares
full of sweetness is going to be seen.
on octobers the 15th here in the great state of texas we bee celebrating a most pawsome event. our wee two legger michael also known as itty bitty will be a turnin' one
yeehaw!! as you can see i am super duper close to this wee one. i has taken it upon myself to look
afters the wee one. and out of both human pups itty bitty has taken a special liking to the bella. we have a special bond that cant be described. mommish says sometimes things like this happen and its magic. one can not force this type of thingy its just full of fairy dust and butterflies and when it happens is full of the magicals..please join me the bella in wishing MY special soulmate a very happish barkday!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013