Friday, December 28, 2012

Instagram's Throwback Thursday

Once a week i Brinksey Winsey Pudding and Pie shall begin posting what shall be called Instagram's Throwback Thursday!! Its a weekly picture of a favorite photo of the past that our mommish posts on her Instagram account. It shall be a way to honor and remember all the toot filled and wonderful memories of love that we have of our fearless five. Please follow us along memory lane each thursday. Love ya lots. Toots and pibble sugars


Pee. S
Her username on Instagram is sgonzalez1120 if anyone has an Instagram account and wants to follow her.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays from the pibbles

We just want to take a moment and wish everyfurry a very merry christmas and thank everyone for being our friends. we could not be more honored and proud to be part of such a wonderful and caring family. we love and cherish all the friends we have in you guys and count you as our blessings everyday. wishing everyone warmth and lots of nommies this holiday season. we send you our warmest toots and our slobbery pibble kisses today.

Brinks and Bella

Thursday, December 20, 2012

please read ....a special request for an angel

good morning everyone, today the pibbles let me take over to ask a very special request from all of you. this is very truly special because it gives us the chance to make a very special angel smile in a very difficult time in his little life. our fellow bloggers over at Annie and Paul's world contacted me recently. their mom's co worker attends church with a family who has a child terminally ill with cancer. she send me the following in an email One of my coworkers attends church with a family who has a child terminally ill with cancer. He's asked for people to send him Christmas Cards for Christmas because he knows that the hospital bills for him are expensive. (And for a 6 year old to know this is kind of amazing). He's not expected to make it far into the New Year. He and his family won't be able to send back any Christmas Cards, but I was wondering if you'd be able/willing to add him to the Christmas Card exchange anyhow. i think that if any of us have any cards left of could possibly make one ourselves or even buy one and send a picture of our doggies in it would mean the world to this very special child. please pass along word to all your readers and email me so i can pass the address along. here is a report that was on TV about Nathan. this special angel.


i read recently an article on msn about therapy doggies being sent to the little town of newton CT to help with grief counseling. i don't need to tell you my fellow animal lovers how much a furry face can heal wounds and erase tears. please lets send him some furry love to bring a smile to Nathan's face. thank you all our email addy is

Sunday, December 16, 2012

One Year Later

This time last year we were all snuggling n saying our goodnites never realizing we were never going to be together again. that you were going to be so horribly ripped away from me so suddenly. you were my babies, my teachers, my sons and daughters, my never ending pool of love and kisses, my happy world as i knew it. rest in peace my FEARLESS five. I miss you each and everyday that you are not with me. I dreaded this day coming up so much but i know that you still surround us at night like you always did. Throughout your life you all showed such courage and bravery throughout all the horrors you endured before i found you up until the very end. You all showed me true forgiveness and unconditional love. Prepared me for my role as a mother by taking care of you as my children. Most importantly you showed me to have hope. You all held on to hope when all was hopeless and waited patiently for me to find you in my life. So ......with hope i go on myself and hope with all i have that one day ..........i run to you as you run to me in the glorious rainbow bridge and NEVER have to say goodbye again. RIP Shelby, Guero, Coco Chanel, Tiger, and my wee Lucky

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

christmas card exchange

howdy there everyfurry,
its that time of year again to exchange our bewootimous cards and love with all our furry friends. the lovely jazzi hosted a card exchange earlier last month but unfortunately some doggies were not able to make the deadline. we volunteered to give a shout out to those doggies who want to participate i have a list of doggies who want to exchange cards and if youd like to pawticipate all you have to do is peemail us your bloggy name, doggie or kitty names, and bloggy address as well as your snail mail addy. we are going to send out the list this friday and next friday and so on until christmas for all doggies who want to pawticipate. also we ask that you let all your followers know we are doing this just in case someone wants to pawticipate but did not read this bloggy. so please help us shout out the word so that way anyfurry that wants to pawticipate is able to enjoy the wonderful card exchange. our peemail address to send this to is THEHOUSTONPITTIEPACK@YAHOO.COM
we leave you here wiff this lovely christmas picture of our angels coco chanel and guero.
pibble sugars,
brinks of

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

living room nanny

howdy everyfurry,
today i brinksy would like to take a moment and feature our very own living room nanny
 we want to thank GUERA !! its like guero but for a girl. here she is always keeping a watchful eye on the little monsters in the house. since we live with my daddys mommy right now, wee human puppys jr and michael have a little cousin named leo that they play with too. we want to thank guera for being so patient and understanding what with all the change she has experienced also. these are the families first grandchildren and within two years their is now 2 running around the house and a newborn and she could not be any more patient and loving. she is never startled by the noise of running feet or squealing laughter. she also does not mind our toots. so today we thank you guera. for being the epitome of a pibble nanny.
 here is mommish attempt at photoshopping....our wee human puppies....

  pibble sugars
brinksey winksey pudding pie

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy birthday

Me brinksey winksey pudding pie and bella would like to wish our dear mommish a most happyful barkday....she is getting quite the oldies...she will almost be * gasp * thirty!! But we love her all the is hoping this new year brings no more sadness and happiness galore. Can we get a toot! Toot!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Helping Friends

howdy everyfurry
brinksy winksy here wiff most impawtant news to spread
as you know the most horrid storm by the name of sandy visited some of our friends last month.
hoiidays are coming up and some of our furry friends need our help.
our great friend mayzie and her wonderful mommy have come up wiff a great way to help our fellow
furries out. this month, the month of giving i aSk if you could find it in your hearts to maybe
give some green papers to this wonderful cause. its as easy as giving up some yummy treats for this
month only and in turn you will bless someone else with food for their tummy or some much needed medies.
mayzie and her mommy have chosen three wonderful deserving shelters that the money will go to. these shelters
have worked even without electricity at times but all in the name of helping those less fortunate.
on top of having the great feeling of knowing you helped your fellow furry you may also get some great gifts
please click this link  for more detailed information
if you are not able to contribute wiff green papers another wonderful way to help these furries is to share share share!!!
you can share on facebook or twitter or do a blog post. the more people read about it and become aware of this cause the greater chance
we have of reaching the goal. so go on and help us with a bark out!

another thingy that us pibbles wanted to bark about is the election. some of our fellow bloggers have made posts about their happiness
or unhappiness with the results of the election. some have received not so very nice comments and have felt badly about this. we truly
in our furry hearts beleive that the wonderful thing about our country is that everyone furry and human alike is entitled to their own opinion
and even more wonderful is that you can definately state that opinion on your own bloggy. we all may have diffrent opinions about who we want
to run our country but we all have one very impawtant thing in common. our love for our furry kids and all animals. that is what brought us
together and that is what made our friendships bloom and become most special. regardless of who we voted for lets remember this above all.
lets be kind and if one does not agree with some opinions lets just skip that post and we are sure if you come back in a couple of days
you'll be back to looking at your favorite furry friend.
pibble sugars
from the pittie pack

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

vick sucks!!


double    buwahhaahahahahahah

triple buwhahahahahahahah
he was sacked a total of seven times in this one game alone sunday night buwahahahahahahaha karma anyone????

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


howdy everyfurry,
brinksey winksey here. we hope you all are ready for halloweenie and have your costumes ready. we are going to not pawticipate this year wiff the costumes and what not and are going to stay home wiff the baby pup and keep him warm wiff our toots. our big brofur jr has been so especially great wiff the new puppy our mommish is just delighted. we think jr thinks baby michael is his baby because he constantly showers him wiff slobbers and holds him and snuggles wiff him. as soon as he wakes up he goes to look for him and when he cries he goes and taps his belly like we use to do to him. its the cutest thing and we just jump for joy that he is so loving to his little brofer. we are proud of the wee one. anywoo.....we are here to announce a stong alliance we has made against those evil tree rats.....met BATMAN!!!!
this most handshum mancat above is a neighborhood stray by day and ninja vigilante by night......
he has been keeping watch over our soon to be pibble house and we has told our mommish to pay him wiff mancat kibble....we has made him a little house in the back yard and this is going to be the start of our base of command for our tree rat war. those pesky alien invadors will have some answering to do when we move back in. we has been training and we are ready for their evil ways. in the meantime batman will keep them in line.....

please do enjoy these two pictures of our most adorabull selfs me and my wittle brofur human puppy MICHAEL!!!

 please keep our friends in the east coast in your prayers as well and lets toot sandy away.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The pibble house !!!!

Just wanted to quickly shout.....THE PIBBLE HOUSE HAS BEEN SAVED!!!!! I just checked the chip in page which for some reason i hadn't done yesterday after the garage sale and we will have more than enough to cover the foreclosure amount on the house !!! We were able to sell most everything we have. The weather was great for the garage sale and we baked cupcakes and cookies to entice people. We had to sell our tv and refrigerator that we had for the new house as well as the couches but we don't mind at all and feel very blessed that we get to keep our family together and will not be separated from the fearless five!!! THANK YOU everyone THANK YOU to all who donated and kept us in your prayers. Here is hoping that this is the final hurdle we had to get through this year!! I have faith that the remainder of the year will go by smoothly and we can be back with the fearless five very much soon!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


howdy everyfurry,
brinksey winksey here wiff a quick pupdate. mommish and new hairy human puppy are doing great and as you can see our little brother baby joshua has accepted him wiff open arms. as is OUR WAY and has always been OUR WAY like the fearless five taught us we welcome any furry wiff open and welcome arms into our family. i fink we were able to teach that lesson to our brother joshua quite well dont you think. anywoo, mommish wants us to tell everyfurry that she thanks everyone that contributed to the baby michaels arrival and she made some thank you notes that should be in the mail very much soon. some had already been sent out but some packages arrived while she was in the hospital and please give her some time to go to the post office. thank you also to everyfurry who has contribted to the pibble house chip in fund. we didnt quite reach the goal but tomorrow early we are having a last garage sale and are selling anything and everything that we can including our daddys car. we just know someone will scoop it right up. its all the time we have before they forclose on the woggie pibble house. we have hope that the car will sell and we will be able to remain with our fearless five. please just say a little prayer for us and keep us in your thoughts tomorrow. pibble sugars and pibble toots,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Michael has arrived

Howdy everyfurry
Michael arrived into our world at 4:24am and he was so anxious to meet us mommish dilated all nine centimeters within one our of induction. The dr arrived twenty minutes later and while he was putting his gloves on little human puppy came right out BOL! Here is a picture of hims
He has a dimple on each cheek and he is 6 pounds 12 oz
Thank you everyone for all the prayers and well wishes because they definitely worked. We cant wait to meet our new human puppy in the furs. In the meantime we are babysitting our other human puppy wiff granny and making sure he gets lots of lovings too
Pibble sugars and smelly toots
Brinks and Bella

Friday, October 12, 2012

paws crossed for our mommish

howdy everyfurry,
brinsey winksey pudding and pie here wiff some request for paws crossed and some good vibe toots to be sent to our mommish. she will be going into the hospital in about an hour to get induced so she can have the human bald puppy. please to keep her in your prayers and we will update wiff pictures as soon as we can.
pibble sugars and pibble toots

Monday, October 8, 2012

a visit with our friends k9 katastrophe

howdy everyfurry! pibble bella here wiff most wonderful photos to share wiff ya'll
you see this bewootiful woofie? this is the one and only ruthie from k9 katastrophe!! the equally bewootiful human lady holding her is her mommy kim. we got to meet them in the furs!!!!!! it is most toot inducing wonderful to meet dwb bloggers in the furs!!! above she is scritchy scratching me and i repayed her wiff her very own live in the furs bella pibble sugars!!!!!
more scritchy scratchies.....
here they are chit chatting as only crazy doggie ladies can...its a special bond that we all dwb'ers have and its most wonderful to get together and chat in the furs!!!! mona and weenies mommy next to mine...they can talk for hours beleive you me!! weenie above was the only man doggiehere and he loved it!!
lastly is a picture of our mommish wiff kim. dont they look happy!!
i hopes our pictures made you guys smile as much as our mommies did that wonderful day!pee.s
if you so happen to have a spare treat dollar available please do click on the chip in on the right side of our bloggy. we are getting closer to our goal each day and beleive you me every single dollar helps a bunch. we sure dont want to be away from the fearless five who are resting in peace in our property. we hope and know this is the last leg of our struggles as the house is being worked on everyday and should be done within the month. wiff love and pibble sugars, 
bella of,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

save the pibble house!!

please pass along the PSA!! we also have the letter that was sent to us from wells fargo last week downloaded if anyone wants to view it. please keep us in your prayers. our mommish is scheduled to deliver the bald hairless two legged puppy this weekend but we dont think she is going to make it that far as she is already getting contractions.our auntie sarah...mona and weenies mom will be at the hospital also this weekend as she is having gald bladder surgery so both of us will be there at the same time and hopefully can see each other and everything goes well.this has been a horrendous year and this forclosure is just not what we needed right now as the house is 80 percent done. we received the last bit of money from the insurance and the construction crew should be done with the house within the next month. we are so close but would be devasted to lose the woggie pibble house now. we are all currently living in the garage at my mother in laws since paying two rents had become impossible. thank you for your time. we will update on the bald puppy two legger as soon as he is born. we are sure wifi will be available at the hospital.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy endings

Howdy everyfurry
Brinksey winksey here to shows u a very much happisome picture today to brighten up your tuesday. Here below is leo and his broffer. He is one of the three puppies that our mommish rescued from a kennel that had been thrown in a ditch full of water a couple of months ago. We were full of happy toots to receive this updated picture of him in his furever home. These pictures make all the struggles worth it

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

howling for mango!

we had not been able to sleep this terrible night and it has gotten even worse. our dearest and one of our oldest blogville friends has crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. we are all pretty much shocked in our household and increadibly heartbroken as we loved mango to pieces. he brought so much happiness with his antics and helped many a times to calm the panic attacks my mommish tends to have. mango mama please know that we are keeping you close to our heart and lift you in prayer because we know you must be in so much pain. please join the pibble pack everyfurry and howl with us at the moon so mango can hear us and know that we are going to miss him terribly. HHHHHOOOOOWWWWLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
sad hearbroken woos,
brinks and bella of

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sad pibble woo's

I brinksey winksey pudding pie am furry heartbroken and full of the teary sadness to let you guys know my bewootiful and gorgeous valentines date has crossed over to the rainbow bridge. as soon as i found out i immediately sent up word to the fearless five so that would meet her and keep her the companies until we all meet again. i helped mommish light a candle to help light the way and have been thinking and keeping my beutiful nina's pawrents in my prayers. please do come visit her bloggy and leave some kind words in honor of my bewooty. sad woos,