Thursday, May 2, 2013


we just wanted to update you guys on the process of our move in to the
new woggie pibble house. a minor setback has occurred but we are not letting it
discourage us. now that the house is completely done and ready to move in they are
saying that we need an occupancy permit because we live in a flood zone. that permit
costs $900 dollars. as you can imagen since we have been paying rent and mortgage we have no
savings account for this type of situation but no worrys my furryends. our daddish is selling
his beloved car and we are going to be getting the money together for it on the speedy
this week. mommish has had almost no time to blog because she has been allowed to work
6 days a week 13 hr shifts so she can save money for things we need for the new house
such as a stove and what not. please do not worry as we are managing and are doing all we
humanly can to keep our boat afloat and our spirits up and we are just positive that in
no time at all we shall be close to our fearless five again.
now that the house is completely done we have been able to go with our pawrents to visit our
angel brothers and sisters on mommish off day which is sunday. we just wanted to keep
you guys informed to whats going on. keep us in your prayers

now our dear friend tweedle has published some of her
own pawsome books and mommish ordered one online from her last year and she was so delighted
to have something so personal from our bloggy friends that we suggested that we would like
to ask our furryends to send us something like a picture of something personal that represents
you for us to display in our home. if it was not for you guys we dont know where we
would be right now and we just want people who visit us to see how much you ugys mean to us
i know some of you other doggies are famous celebrities and have your own published books
so if you can send us and email or give us your email we will contact you to order a copy
of your book so we can display it in our home and read it to our two leggers. they love
tweedles book and love to see her beautiful face most everyday. if you do not have a book
we can buy but would like to contribute a picture of your most beautiful or handsome self we can send
you our snail mail addy and we would love to receive your momento to display in our new home
now remember you have time to think about it and what you would like for us to display or have
because we have not moved in yet. we just wanted to get the word out in case you need to print
you picture or even send us your paws on a paper as we saw on pinterest the other day tee hee
we can not wait to move in as thanks to pinterest mommish found some recipes for home made
doggie foodables and treats. we are just tooting wiff the anxiety of it all. we are
drooling just thinking about it. yay for pinterest.
anywoo we hope you guys still remember us and we thank you for your patience in
following us. we pray and hope wiff all our pibble hearts that this is the last hurdle
we have to get through to finally make it home to our fearless five..