Friday, June 21, 2013

Fight like a Frenchie

Howdy everyfurry,
bella and brinksey winksey pudding and pie here wiff a most impawtant post that we filled with love and support. This post is dedicated for one of our dearest friends who is close to our hearts.  we have followed his adventures for so long and we recently found out that he is sicky with the evil C monster....(battle bark) ***grrrrrrrr, arrf and toot** yes my dear friends....please join us today in barking the monster away and also let us all join in prayer.  

dear benny,  

we hold you close to our hearts today... please feel our love as we surround you wiff all the health vibes our pibble bodies can muster....we have lit a candle for you dear friend...we also have this poem that represents our very feelings today....please know that you are not alone in this....we all stand together and bark furiously at the monster (battle bark) ***grrrrrrrr, arrf and toot** we send you super extra bestest pibble sugars from the pittie pack to you and also your brave mommish and sister because this is not something you can prepare for but together with all of blogville standing firmly behind you we can fight anything. we for one are great beleivers that miracles can and DO HAPPEN when blogville unites for a cause.... so stand strong sweet benny ! fight like a frenchie! (battle bark) ***grrrrrrrr,  arrf and toot** Bella and Brinks

  Thief Of Life  

Cancer you monster let go of our Benson, We won't let you take him, don't think you have won. Thought you could sneak in like a thief in the night, Trample our spirit, then take our friend's life. You started this battle but we'll win this war, We caught you red handed, you'll live no more. We fight you with chemo it's making him ill, Your time here is short, its you this will kill. With courage and faith his fear he'll walk through, There is no surrender, just the death of you!

©2007 Poem By Lorna Mahan Sinjin's mom  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Home again

Howdy everyfurry
Today is the furry first night we will stay in our woggie pibbles house wiff our angel brofurs and sistersSo much has happened since our last update butt that is a story for another day. Here is some pictures of us as we are getting the most pawsome news ever to be!!!! Today we shall toot wiff happy wiggles that we have light and air conditioning and we are all together again......we are posting from our phone so please excuse our pictures. ...we just couldn't wait to share the news with everyfurry. ........our nightmare is finally over and this is our new beginning. Together with the fearless five looking over us we can start our lives again.  It's time to be happy again. ...its time to come home. .....