Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

wordless wednesday

thnks asta!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

wonderful wednesday

howdy there everyfurry
i has a furry shpecial post to share wiff ya'll today.

lookit here , lookit here

this box right here says its for the shelby


the shelby ish me !!!!

my oh my i immediatesly found a scrumptious furry to munch on . it was furry crackly and it sounded pawsome. my dear and MOST handshum furryend MR. PIP has sent the shelby a pressie in the mail. ....

you see we pawticipated in the most pawsome gift exchange hosted by the bewootiful sprinkles and i wents to the woggie woofie store and picked out some gifts my cutey patooty furryend might like and he did the same for me and then we exchanged the gifts !!!!!

how totally pawsome is that ?!?!?

that is the greatest idear i has ever heard of in my life.

thank you so much sprinkles for hosting this MOST shpecial event.....

MOST super snooper thank you's to MR PIP who chose the most PURRFECT gifts for the shelby. i luvs them all wiff all my pibble heart !!!!!

as you can see i immediatesly tested them all..... but i fink the furry crackly one is my most favorite and i will have to go tooty nite nite right next to it tonight

i hopes you liked seeing my pressies as much as i enjoy them most every minute . i fank you MR PIP i send you and all my furryends most sugary pibble shelby kisses

Monday, July 4, 2011

one year ago today

this was me one year ago
i was scared and had given up on life. as i lay there in the scalding parking lot in over 100 degree weather i heard a gentle voice speaking to me with something i came to learn was love. i looked up at her and saw gentleness that i had never experienced. she softly picked me up and took me to her home where i was fed and loved on. although my body still bears scars from my past life i have come to realize that their is angels in the world. that their is kindness and happiness. that i deserve to be healthy and spoiled. i love humans more than anything else especially mine. i have a warm place to cuddle and all the toys my heart can desire. i never lack food or water. all this thanks to my mommish and miss sarah, my angels. all thanks to all of you guys around the world who took a little of your time, money and love for this lost pibble in houston. i also have 5 great pibble babies who are all in great homes never to experience any of the harsh side of the world that i grew up in. all thanks to you guys. my heart is now filled with inmense love for everybody i meet. instead of fear i greet people with kisses. instead of cowering, i jump for joy. if you look at the two very diffrent pictures of me you can see what a little love can do for one woofie who could have easily been overlooked. please everybody . please never change . that one small gesture you made for me . that one small prayer you said for me ... kept me alive.

lets celebrate my very first gotcha day with showering your humans with lots of sugars. please share some gentle pibble ones from me.