Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Its us!!! Remember the pibbles?!?!

howdy everyfurry,
first and foremost want to apologize for the lack of bloggin that is being done by our inefficient secretary.
us pibbles have been tooting in loud protest in regards to this total lack of service we are receiving. BUTT our lazy mother has now finished her training
at her new job so now she has her own desk which allows her to use her email and notes and what not and she has promised us that she will create the bloggy post during her lunch and post it later on that night wiff our beawootiful pictures. we want to thank you guys for continuing to follow us through these months of sporadic posting. our house is coming along nicely as you will notice in our pictures. please bear with us as our phone only allows us to place the pictures at the bottom of our post. but all the woodwork has been done and we are now in the painting stage. once that is complete the cabinets and the bathroom tubs and sinks and what not. we try not to talk to much about how much longer its going to take as we do not want to jinx it. we jut pray everyday that its soon and we are happy that at least proggress is being made. our granny feels much better now that she has been seeing a therapist. along with our sugars and special toots we think that when we move back in to our woggie pibble home it will all be for the betterments of everyoned in our familish. the neighborhood viligante BATMAN the kat has been keeping a most watchful eye on our house to make sure that no evil alien tree rat colonies pop up and take over. we are very much anxious to get back to guard our yard from those evil intruders. we use to hear about wild parties and mischief that was occurring but thank dogness for BATMAN. we never thought we would trust our pibble home to a cat but he has been just outstanding. our mommish pays him wiff foodables for his loyalty and helpfulness. did you guys know kittys were so very nice?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Power of the paw

Please everyone, power of the paw is needed for one of our dearest friends. Our beautiful Asta is having surgery on friday and we are all sending our most powerful healing toots to surround our sweet wonderful furryend. Please also come back and read our next post on wednesday which is dedicated to sweet angel Merdie..
Thank you Ann at zoolatry for this most beautiful and thoughtful badge.
Pibble toots to all
Brinks and Bella