Monday, January 30, 2012

visit from the fearless five

howdy all doggies and kitties
the brinksey winksey pudding and pie here wiff a most exciteable event to tell......
so we begins wiff the middle of the night as many of you may know our mommish does not like this time of the day as she gets the shivery fears wiff the panics.....we try out berry best to soothe her but sometimes its not enough fing that you guys are out here cause only your most funnish and loveable stories be helping chase away the panic monster......
anywoo, so last night mommish was trying to go nite nite tooty sleep.....after about 30 minutes as she was going to doze off she heard the wee two legger Jr (or as we call me pookie bear) start to move.....he was giggling a bit and squirming but had the biggest smile ever to be!!!!! so my mommish continued to watch as she was enjoying his giggles then all of a sudden he wakes up and start laughing......mommish does not move just watches.......he is staring up at the ceiling and giggling some he is pawing at the ceiling and moving his head back and forth to the left and the right and giggle.....he was staring at something moving and making him laugh....sometimes he would close his eyes and kind of tuck his neck in as if someone was snuzzling him or tickling behing his ears.....this continued for a good long five minutes....mommish just stared not wanting to move and disrupt the amazing thing that was happening.....mommish especially loves him grabbing and pawing at something in the air with the look of pure joy an happiness as if he could see something most wonderful.....after a while he turned to the side and continued to giggle softly and then he closed his eyes and fell you must know the wee two legger DOES NOT fall asleep on his own EVER....he always has mommish rock him back to sleep in the middle of the night but mommish felt and inmmense sense of calm that she can not describe take over her and for the first time in a long time she fell asleep hugging the two legger and did'nt wake up until morning time with NO PANIC ATTACK.
mommish knows in her heart that what she witnessed was amazing and unbeleiveable as she knows in her heart that the fearless five came to visit us.....she now fully beleives they are okay and will always be with us to love on us, and protect us as they did that terrible as we all go tooty nite nite tonight we will say goodnite to the fearless five and let them watch over us as we sleep ....our preciuos fearless angels of protection..... we love you .... we feel you.....we hold you close through our pain......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a month later

howdy everyone,
the pibble mommish here with some pictures to share with ya'll. as you may remember this is patty cakes's, another of Shelby's pups who lives with spirit and two other rescues at my mother in laws. i get to see the beautiful face everyday and it chases away the depression clouds right away. especially those pibble sugars.
things are still not progressing with the house they need more and more paperwork from the contractor and every single person who is going to work on the house. we are not able to even start the demolition process until each electrician and plumber and what not has been contacted and has signed certain documents. so has taken some time as we have to research and find out who is best for each job....
i have been getting claustrophobic lately could be just another anxiety symptom to pile on my panic attacks. it could be my job. i work inside a vault(which is underground by the way ) for a bank. or it sleeping in the tiny garage with no windows.....who knows it could just all be the stress of it all. just trying to deal with everything as best as i can and continue to remember that god did not bring "it" to was god who send the fearless five on a mission that night to save the rest of us from that burning inferno. so in their name i try to be brave every night i get anxious or panicky. i spoke with frankie furters mom the other was much needed and im so thankful she took the time to call me. only your own blogville family can listen and UNDERSTAND what it is to lose your furbabies...we came to the realization that i may be using your blogs as my crutch for my panic attacks...i explained how very much helpful it is to read the blogs when i feel the panic attacks coming. now i know that if i get online that i can control myself a little better. .....if anyone is going to help me get through this is going to be you guys so please continue with your wonderful and funny , happy making posts and know that someone out there is feeling a little better and a little less anxious because of your posts.
pibble sugars to all

Saturday, January 21, 2012

tiger : the beginning

Hello everyone pibble mommish here wiff the story of my angel tiger one, of the wee's . for those of you who just started following our bloggy and for those of those who want to remember my precious angel's beginnings here is the story of my wee. rip my little tiger.....the smallest of my children but the one with the biggest slurpy kisses. mommy loves you.


mr chico is at it again

howdy every woggie and meow meow's
so .. . .let ush tell you about our little "situation" that happened last week
now we know our angel brofer chico had a hand in thish but let ush tell you from the beginning
so . . . . last week sometime we had a weally bad cold front come in
now you guys must understand that the weather here in houston is completely unpredictable around these months
we can be welaxing at the beach in the morning and by sundown it could be in the 30's
so . . . . one night last week as we were deep in our pibble dreams of fields of liver tweats and trees that grow stuffies we kept hearing a whimpering coming from outside our window
now we got up and sniffed around our room and the living room but eventually went back to snuggle with our mommish . well a wittle while later we heard it again.and it sounded weally shad and kinda like whatever it was was scared or in pain or SOMETHING
so mommish got up cause she knew then that she was not imagening thish and she gets her jammy coat on a flashlite and takes the brinkster with her to investigate outside
now mind you thish ish like 3 in the morning and it is freezing doggy bones outside. so here we go to investigate thish wimpering
we come outshide and hear nothing.we start looking around and find nothing
just as we were going to head back inshide we hear it again. its coming from the side of the house where the trash bin ish . so we takes a sniff around and look what we shee
thish little furball was curled up in a wittle ball shivering and shaking trying to hide from the freezing wind between the trash bin and out wall. mommish of course picked him up and took him inside and started to check him out. he was vewy malnourished , you could definately feels his wittle ribs and had several wounds as if he'd had some encounters wiff some woggies in the neighborhood and he had wittle puppy teeth. mommish gave him some food of course and he gobbled it righ up. he had no tags , no collar, no nothing to give ush a clue as to where he came we decided to gives him a nice place to stay during the nitey nite
ash you can see lucky was happy to share her wittle cave wiff him and even was kind enuff to share her favorite toy. she knows whats its like to be hungry , cold and lonely out there on the streets and so she took it upon hersellf to gives him a tour of the pibble kingsdom

so of course we took him to the vet. he was not microshipped , we asked around the neighborhood and no one wanted to claim him or claimed they had seen him or who he belonged too. now as you know we already have 4 pibbles and a lucky chiwi/weeny so its a more than full house. mommish said she sat there and wondered what exactly mr chico was up to. she can just bet her collection of heels on the fact that our angel brofur let this wittle one to our house and told him if he wimpered loud enough he would survive that cold and windy nite.
our pawrents are just softies when it comes to animals.he knew that once found they would'nt turn him away. but what can you do when you have 5 dogs already???
well mr angel chico sir
what mommish says shes' going to have to do ish work a couple of more hours of overtime to pay for more woggie food and extra stuffies and extra boy clothes.
thats what shes going to do
she says that as long as god gives her the strenght to work to provide for homeless woggies then she will do what she has to do.
we decided to name him tiger . cause he looks like a tiger stuffie we had for a long time before
her queen almighty coco chanel decapitated it when she was having one of her "diva moments" i mean really , could you have turned thish face away on a cold and windy night???????????
we'll see how things progess. . . . .
wish ush luck
lots of pibble sugars and wiggle wags
the houston pibble pack

Monday, January 16, 2012

shelby's SPIRIT lives on

shelby: blogvilles personal angel saved by blogville, forever to protect us from above....
hello everyone,
pibble mommish here. this is a very much bittersweet post. as many of you know i am currently living in my mother in laws garage. my mother in law is the one who took in shelby's miracle babies pattycakes and spirit. i use to look at spirit and always imagen that i exactly what shelby would have looked like without all her scars. the scars that came to tell the horrible things she had endured for years. those scars made her to me even more beautiful. they spoke volumes when she licked you gently or snuggled with you at night. they told you that although this beautiful creature had gone through hell and pain that she loved humans so much that she gave us one more chance and we had not failed her. through blogville all of us together we were able to give hope to one hopeless pibble who had given up and wanted to just die without any more pain. instead everyone joined paws and together we showed her what love was. what love is soppose to be for all furry creatures. shelby changed so many of our lives with just her forgiveness alone. her will to keep fighting despite being used in the worst possible way. used for greed and evil. i will never forget the day we took her to the vet and found out that not only had she been used as bait, burned and impregnated countless of times. but her teeth had been pulled out and she had been shot. all this while carrying precious bundles of babies inside. yet she continued to push forward. she is the reason i now continue to push forward. maybe that is the lesson she was soppose to come and teach me in her short life that she had with me. ..... im still trying to understand what i can learn from this horrible tragedy. if she was able to continue to live and live with joy for every minute then i have to continue somehow ... someway .... for shelby .... for what she stood for.....
who would have known when khyra picked the name spirit that it would be so prophetic. shelby's SPIRIT truly lives on in this precious pup. identical to shelby.
when i look at these pictures of the two of them and realize that spirit would not be alive if it was'nt for you guys, for destiny taking me to that parking lot that day and most of all for shelby's strong and courageous and forgiving SPIRIT.
pibble sugars to all

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

*3 smiles for mommish*

howdy everyone,
momma pittie here with another update...days have been going okay. their is bad days and good days. i try to be positive and try not to relive the memories as much as i use to. unfortunately my body is not cooperating with me as i have started to wake up with panic attacks the last 2 days. its pretty terrifying and i thought i was having a heart attack the first time i woke up sweating buckets and heart beating 100 miles a minute but after a while it calmed down. i think maybe because i was so scared to have another one that i provoked it last night with all my nervousness....
this is a process im working on and until i can fully grieve and go through that process maybe the panic attacks will subside. in the meantime let me share with you that the one thing that has calmed me down both times was to get online and read sorry i don't comment alot but please know that i do read your wonderful and funny posts and they help me through the hard sleepless nights. today i had a not so very good day but have decided to turn it into a good thing. i came home and realized it had been two weeks since i bought dog food and knew for certain that we were on the last part of the bag until i came home and realized that since i now have only my two pibbles that the one bag will last me a lot longer than before...... i immediately cried as this realization hit me.....i got online and started reading your blogs and let me share some of the things that made me smile....

this gorgeous quilt is being made by WHATS HER NAME as she is so affectionately called. you MUST go visit her at please and let her know just how kind and thoughtful her gift is....she is making this memory quilt in honor of my angels up in heaven. please go to her bloggy for more information. i would love for you to pawticipate and send in a little small piece of fabric to help with the quilt. thank you dachsies with moxie and especially WHATS HER NAME for taking the time and labor to do this MOST kind thing for our family.....
now these two are two of our most favorite pibbles ever to be!!! miss M and mr B along with their parents A and E of two pitties in the city have been one of our most favorite blogs for a VERY long time. we have followed them as long as i can remember them and admire them so much for all they do to show everyone they possibly can how wonderful pibbles are. both pooches are the very best of ambassadors and gorgeous to boot. today we saw this MOST pawsome article featuring this most wonderful blog in the chicago tribune!!!!! please click on the link above and read the great positive press that the pibbles received. we are beyond proud and beaming with happiness for them. please click on their name above to read their wonderful blog full of gorgeous photography and tour of their city. the handsome mr B even joins in on the photography with his own doggie camera. you definitely don't want to miss that.
now to something that had me worried to bits the last couple of days.......our sweet friends at have been having a terrible scared with their beautiful princess lady godiva who has been having seizures and not feeling well. ever since i read about her health scare i have had a candle lit and prayed very hard so that my pibble angels surround lady godiva with healing pibble sugars as she is fighting her battle. today i logged on and read that she was feeling much the betterments and you have no idea what a sigh of relief that was....those news alone should help me sleep a little better tonight and hopefully i wont have any of the yucky panic attacks....please keep lady godiva in your prayers and send her healing sugars to keep the evil seizures away...
i hope you enjoyed my 3 smiles post and hopefully i will have more smiles to share in the coming days and weeks. thanks again to all of those still taking this journey with me.
with love and pibbles sugars

Thursday, January 5, 2012

coco chanel:the queen

hello my fellow angel's. i want to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you who is still following along my journey as well as all those kind souls who have so generously donated money and kind words to our little pack...every cent and words mean the world to us...thank you....below is my dedication to my queen...coco chanel
when you look at the picture above i pray and hope with all my heart that this is how coco chanel and my guero are now on the rainbow bridge.....together.....coco chanel was my second soon as they met they were inseperable....destined to be best friends forever and one could never be without the was just unthinkable to be apart. i often wondered and dreaded how sad it was going to be when one or the other passed first. i imagened it would be so deppresing for one to have to live without the other..they had a special bond guero and coco ...a bond only two such loyal (as only dogs can be) beings can have to each other.....
this is how their bond was above ...guero always giving her kisses to take away the grumpyness and her finally accepting them with that huge gorgeous smile on her face......
coco chanel "THE QUEEN OF ALL THE FURRY UNIVERSE" as she became to be known for really took to her name. you see the reason i started calling her the queen was because she reminded me so much of the queen of hearts ... "off with their heads" is a perfect phrase to describe coco chanel's personality BOL. i have lost count of the number of victims i found not only scattered in the yard ( lizards,birds,tree rats, frogs) but also on top of my bed (rats). all with one distinct characteristic.......ALL WERE MISSING THEIR HEAD....yes sir.... you heard me right....they were all headless and only their body was always found. she would proudly display her work for me by waiting patiently by the foot of the bed next to the body of the headless rat that she so tirelessly hunted to save our household from thei evilness...tail wagging with her huge smile i could not help but to smile and hug her everytime (although i would stay away from her kisses for a while lol ). so thats why she earned her name the queen....OFF WITH THEIR HEADS I SAY !!!!!
below is the comical origin story of coco chanel which i blogged about in only about my second post. their were no comments left back then i just enjoyed being able to chronicle all the fun i had living with my furbabies.....please enjoy the queens take on her rescue.......

The name is Coco Chanel

once upon a time long ago i was living in a bad place filled with ant bites and nightmares. those mongrels did not recognize the blue blood in me and had me living in filth. one day my soon to be mommy came and saw me and rescued me.
obviously she saw the royalty she had in her woman that mother of mine ! needless to say i have taken my rightful place as queen and ever since have ruled my kingdom. oh and i have to share it with guero who thinks he is king, and a bratty young ling called brinks who my mom calls her fat little prince.she got the fat part right. he cant be considered a prince in my book because he has absolutely no etiquette. he eats on his stomach for pittie's sake!

anyways so . . . the reason for my writing other than mommy wanting me to properly introduce myself was too state my unhappiness about a certain situation that arose about a year ago.

my mother came home with a PEASANT whom she calls I'm all up for mommy helping out the needy people with food and water but she brought her home to LIVE!!!!! i can smell her perfume when we take turns sleeping between my Mommy's room and grammys.
my mommy says that I'm still the queen of the house and gives me lots of treats and kisses but i must say i am not very convinced about this whole situation.
I'm old and grumpy so I'm not allowed to play with her which suits me just fine.
as long as she doesn't start thinking she's princess or anything I'll let her share mommy for now.

more to come in this new development.
i must say I'm not happy mother . . . not happy at all
your highness

!!!!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN !!!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year my angels

Dear guero,shelby,lucky,tiger n coco......I love u so fiercely I don't know how to put it into words but when u see fireworks in the sky don't be scared my angels, please think of them as kisses being sent from ur mommish to u in heaven.....pibble sugars my babies.....