Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


for once the pittie pack is at a loss for wordswe are all completely heartbroken...........................god needed someone to help look after all the pooches at the rainbow bridge and called the best person for the job.the one we know will take wiff her all our messages of love for our furbabies and shower them wiff love and kisses.

but we do know that you all are feeling the same pain we are as our bewootiful angel claudette touched all our lives with her love and kindness. a true TRUE angel has been born and we shall all feel safer knowing that she is watching over us all. she is surely going to wait for us and meet us at the rainbow bridge with our free angel claudette. you will live in our hearts furever........sad pibble sniffles

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

** i needs some new recruits ***

hey everyfurry coco chanel here queen of all the furry universe. i has been super busy bee's taking care of our base of command against those smelly tree rats. i wish i can say that i has all the helps from the pack but here is what i has to deal wiff most everyday....sowy coco chanel i (guero the model) has to tan today i'll fink about it tomorrow although i has some relaxing on my schedule for an upcoming photoshoot..........
not today coco chanel i brinksy winksy pudding and pie has lotsa gas and i fink that if i just lay here and watch i has a better chance of getting them wiff my most smelly toots ever to be!!!
*hmph** i guess i'll just lay here too then ... i hear those tree rats taunting us already....would any of you like to come help me out ??!?!?!?!?
pibble sugars
coco chanel queen of all the universe

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

two legger halloween cuteness

we know this is a doggy bloggy but we would likes to shares a most cute patootyness picture of our two leggy broffur in all his adorableness wiff ya'll cause we feels like he is dwb's baby too so please do enjoy this pic and we hopes it makes you guys smile big......
slobbery sugary pibble kisses and human slobers from jr too

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

oodles of cuteness


moo moo here (shelby's adorabull pibble pupper)
i's to comes and show you oodles of cuteness from this weekend.
mommish sandra cames the over to visit our pack and we are to shower you wiff our
hewe is our wittle two legger at his first pumpkin patch. is'nt he growing like a week???
here is my brother lobo (which means wolf in spanish) remember him?? he was rescued from the freeway not too long ago. we are boff showering the little human pup wiff the kisses but you cants see me cause my big broffer is so tall BOL
he is going to grow up LUVING the puppers for sures !!!!!