Sunday, February 28, 2010

wee saturday

hewo everyfurry
the wee ones here
mommish has let ush have saturday to shower everyfurry with tons of cuteness
we vewy much hope you guys like our pikshures cause we worked extra hard to look too cute for the flashy beast.
so here we go .. . i am warning you it contains extreme adorabullness and may have some side effects such as ooh-ing and ahh-ing aww-ing and oh lots warm and fuzzy feelings

*************************************************************************** here is tiger , being a big baby wiff daddish.

we likes to cuddle wiff the most insulated one when its weally cold.

yes we know he is cutie patooty.

he is also a vewy talented stuffy destroyer .how he manages to kill stuffies and look cutie doing it ish a secret he is learning in some of our PTO meetings. vewy essential to help our brofers and shishters takes ober the world.

that ish all for now my most sweetest woggies
we send you lots of wee wiggles and wee sugars
lucky and tiger
divison :the wee ones
undercover pibbles of the PTO society

Friday, February 26, 2010

**Bellas Friday Funnies**


**BELLA'S new year resolutions **

** have a torrid one night stand wiff a street mutt.

**try to understand that the cat is from venus and I am from mars

**i will no longer be beholden to the sound of the can opener

**take time from my busy schedule to stop and smell the hiney's

** always scoot before licking

**grow opposable thumbs, break into the pantry and decide for myself how much food is TOO much

** i will NOT chase the damned stick unless i see it LEAVE HIS HAND!!!!!!!!!!!

**this weeks addition on how to play wiff your humans head**

** after your human has watched a particularly disturbing horror film, stand by the hall closet and then slowly back away growling and bark once or twice shivering wiff anger.whatever you do DO NOT TAKE YOU EYES AWAY FROM THE DARK EMPTY CLOSET!!!

until next time everyfurry

bella pibble sugars

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful and Thoughtful Thursday

well howdy there everyfurry

coco chanel here, queen almighty of the universe

your highness ish taking a moment today as i do every thursday to post my thoughtful thursday edition

before i begin i want to takes a moment and please let you know about a furry shpecial woggie by the name of skeletor . he was found by a vewy kind human and we are all crossing our paws that he gets better and finds a forever home. please to take a moment and go over to his brand new bloggy (by clicking on his name ) and paw a few kind words his way and if you know anyone in his area that could help foster him or be his furryever familish please shend them over. if we band together anything ish posshible.thats whats so bewootiful about this bloggy communitish.i's vewy thanksful for your time.


now to continue wiff the thankful part

this most sweetness award was given to ush by the sweet cupcake herself coco

we pibble tanks you so much for being kind enuff to pass it to ush. we furry appreciate it and shend many pibble slobbers your way.

lets move on to the vintage part of my post . . . . . . i have a vewy sphecial pikshure for my dear furryend .

look el'bow since last thursday you were wondering if their might be some vintage photos of your breed i dids some pibblevistigation and found this photo just for your handshumness

you like?? you like ???

and for our weekly pibble vintage photos to wemember when pibbles were loved by all americans **sigh**

the good ol days huh

gweat babysitter eh??

leaving you wiff some thoughtful and wise words




ok bye
royalty wags and blueblood sugars
coco chanel
queen of the universe

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

not so wordless almost wednesday

hewo every woggie and every meow meow
so i have been most unhappish that i have not been able to show you guys my most recent additions to my modeling portfolio
what wiff the wecent broffur and shishter we have adopted no time for the handshum model in the familish
so she promished me that Wednesday would be dedicated to my pikshures
after a long hiatus . . . the most anticipated photos since brangelinas twin's
the most handshumest guero . . . . .

notice my most come hither look below
huba huba
single and ready to mingle baby
notice my most muscley buttocks!! i works on it most evewyday
its my most favowite feature if i do shay sho myshelf

vewy regal i thinks

ciao !
pibble sugars but not too much cause we must all keep our most modelish physique
the model

Monday, February 22, 2010

mr chico is at it again

howdy every woggie and meow meow's
so .. . .let ush tell you about our little "situation" that happened last week
now we know our angel brofer chico had a hand in thish but let ush tell you from the beginning
so . . . . last week sometime we had a weally bad cold front come in
now you guys must understand that the weather here in houston is completely unpredictable around these months
we can be welaxing at the beach in the morning and by sundown it could be in the 30's
so . . . . one night last week as we were deep in our pibble dreams of fields of liver tweats and trees that grow stuffies we kept hearing a whimpering coming from outside our window
now we got up and sniffed around our room and the living room but eventually went back to snuggle with our mommish . well a wittle while later we heard it again.and it sounded weally shad and kinda like whatever it was was scared or in pain or SOMETHING
so mommish got up cause she knew then that she was not imagening thish and she gets her jammy coat on a flashlite and takes the brinkster with her to investigate outside
now mind you thish ish like 3 in the morning and it is freezing doggy bones outside. so here we go to investigate thish wimpering
we come outshide and hear nothing.we start looking around and find nothing
just as we were going to head back inshide we hear it again. its coming from the side of the house where the trash bin ish . so we takes a sniff around and look what we shee
thish little furball was curled up in a wittle ball shivering and shaking trying to hide from the freezing wind between the trash bin and out wall. mommish of course picked him up and took him inside and started to check him out. he was vewy malnourished , you could definately feels his wittle ribs and had several wounds as if he'd had some encounters wiff some woggies in the neighborhood and he had wittle puppy teeth. mommish gave him some food of course and he gobbled it righ up. he had no tags , no collar, no nothing to give ush a clue as to where he came we decided to gives him a nice place to stay during the nitey nite

ash you can see lucky was happy to share her wittle cave wiff him and even was kind enuff to share her favorite toy. she knows whats its like to be hungry , cold and lonely out there on the streets and so she took it upon hersellf to gives him a tour of the pibble kingsdom
so of course we took him to the vet. he was not microshipped , we asked around the neighborhood and no one wanted to claim him or claimed they had seen him or who he belonged too. now as you know we already have 4 pibbles and a lucky chiwi/weeny so its a more than full house. mommish said she sat there and wondered what exactly mr chico was up to. she can just bet her collection of heels on the fact that our angel brofur let this wittle one to our house and told him if he wimpered loud enough he would survive that cold and windy nite.
our pawrents are just softies when it comes to animals.he knew that once found they would'nt turn him away. but what can you do when you have 5 dogs already???

well mr angel chico sir
what mommish says shes' going to have to do ish work a couple of more hours of overtime to pay for more woggie food and extra stuffies and extra boy clothes.
thats what shes going to do
she says that as long as god gives her the strenght to work to provide for homeless woggies then she will do what she has to do.
we decided to name him tiger . cause he looks like a tiger stuffie we had for a long time before
her queen almighty coco chanel decapitated it when she was having one of her "diva moments"
i mean really , could you have turned thish face away on a cold and windy night???????????
we'll see how things progess. . . . .
wish ush luck
lots of pibble sugars and wiggle wags
the houston pibble pack

Saturday, February 20, 2010


(the woggies mommy here, i just first and foremost want to apologize for my horrid photoshopping . i JUST learned how to do this in one afternoon so many sorry's .hope you enjoy anyway . i couldnt take any longer lest the woggies die of anxiety for showing max around lol )


hewo everyfurry
max was kind enough to stop by on his most anticipated tour here in Houston TX to visit the Houston pittie pack and we were so furry excitables to shows him around our little city .
check out his welcome committee . . . . the furry pretty Houston Texans cheerleaders
boy were they so happish to see this handshum stud
can you tell??????
next we wanted to start off in Galveston island , we took him to see our penguins in the moody garden pyramids. it was a little cold but max did quite well with the birds. teehee
he did stick a toe in the water since he seen all the big birds jumping in but it was a tad bit cold for max.
next we took him to the rain forest there in moody gardens and he was able to relax and enjoy the rain forest climate in this bewootiful waterfall

as we were leaving Galveston island he couldn't help but take a swim in the warm waters
he was furry excited about the warm weather here in Houston TX.

next of course we had to takes him to the bluebonnet fields we have
he looks so extra handshumest surrounded by all the bluebonnets
it brings out the color in his eyes
he thought our "pets" were quite funnish
here he is posing with one of our famous Texas longhorns
we had to leave quickly as the big gigantic one had a bit of a gas problem
yikes! run max
those toots are toxic for ush wittle animals

since its February we just had to stop at our famous Houston rodeo
we had to cover our eyes and pray weally hard when max decided to try his hand at being a cowboy and ride a bull!!!!!!!!!
i guess you cant have the full Texas experience if you dont get on a bucking bull
he got a score of a perfect 10
for holding on for a full 2 minutes
way to go max!!!!!!
last but not least we took max to the downtown aquarium and of course he had to try a dip in the waterfall there as well
ush pibbles must learn how to swim
he just looks like he has so much fun
brinks is scared he wont float cause of his chubbers so he wont try it
as you can see at the end of the day we were all pretty pooped and fell asleep thinking of those gorgeous cheerleaders

we hope you enjoyed your tour max
we had such a blast showing you a wittle of our world
seeing you smile in our adventure will stay in our pibble hearts for eber!
lots of sweet pibble sugars
the Houston pittie pack

tears and more tears **

quick post you guys
sometimes all this just overwhelms me
way too many woggies over the bridge recently
and then my heart just breaks to pieces because of all they had already suffered.
it all just seems so unfair to me sometimes.
i followed these special pibbles stories from day one . all i can do is pray that they are no longer in pain and will never have to suffer again.

give extra hugs and kisses today to your humans in honor of these beautiful angels
the houston pittie packs mommy

for a lighter post please visit our earlier post by the always naughty princess bella
she has some naughty ideas for your woggies

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bella's Friday Funnies

**mind games to play on the hooman**
****let the humans teach you a brand new trick. learn it perfectly. when the hoomans try to demostrate it to someone else, stare blankly back at the humans. pretend you have no idea what they're talking about.
**** draw attention to the hooman. when out for a walk always pick the busiest, most visible spot to go poo poo.take your time and make sure everyone watches. this works especially well if your hooman forgot to bring the poopy bag.
**** when your hooman calls you back inside , always walk as slowly as possible back to the door.
****when out for a walk , alternate between coughing and choking everytime a strange hooman passes by
****train your hoomans to be patient.when you go out to pee pee sniff around the entire yard as your hooman waits . act as if the spot you choose to go pee pee at will ultimately decide the fate of the earth.
****after the hoomans give you a bath, dont let them towel dry you , instead run to their bed , jump up and dry yourself off in their sheets. this works especially well right before bed time.
****wake up twenty minutes before the alarm is set to go off and make the hoomans take you out for your morning pee. as soon as you come back inside give them your most adorable face and fall back asleep. (hoomans rarely can go back to sleep and this will drive them nuts)

and for the naughty woggies . . . . . . .
what do you get when you cross a bull terrier and a shitzu????
tee hee hee hee hee hee
ha roo roo roo roo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

thankful and thoughtful thursday

hewo everywoggie and meow meow
here are this weeks vintage pibble photos

now this wardie was giving to ush my the most bewootiful cocorue
and we panks you vewy much cocorue for being so furry kind and passing it on to ush we feel so furry happy. you made our pibble day when we sees it.
now we would likes to pass it on to a furry shpecial woggie we had the blessing to meet recently. his name is maxdog from south africa and he just warms our hearts
sweet max we pray for you every night with all our pibble hearts , mommish lights a candle just for you . we wish you most happiness and sugars for as long as you may bless ush with your precense.we send you lots of pibble sugars from all the way here in houston tx,

wags, wiggles and pibble sugars
guero, coco chanel, brinks, bella and lucky

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy vawentines day

hewo everyfurry
the houston pittie pack here
we wanted to wish everyfurry a very happy vawentines day and share some of our kissy cawrds we have weceived in the snail mail
that most bewootiful pooch you see there in this pikshure above is tweedles
she sent ush a most thoughtful and bewootiful card with her pikshure on it and we immediately made mommish puts in in a framy for ush and we has it in our pibble room
panks you tweedles love.

the card below is from the always romantic ladies man frankie furter
we sure hope that he had a blast on his dates today and we send you lots of pibble sugars frankie love

of course the below needs no explanation cause its the most famous twinkie love
she was kind enough to shend ush some kissy love as well and we also have it in our pibble room to look at and make ush smile everyday,panks you vewy much twinkie love

and now we must send all our woggie furryends and meow meow furrynds a vewy happy vawentine and we made some furry shpecial pikshures just for you.

lucky love is daddish vawentine of course!!!

coco is grammys vawentine evewy year!!grammy loves her coco chanel!!

guero has some nice flowers for mommish cause he is a momma's boy and is always mommish's vawentine.

brinks is wishing on a pibble star that he can one day have a date with his vawentine haleigh
in the meantine he sends you this cawd .

and the bella is sending some pibble chocolates to a handshum and tall great dane by the name of tucker. she is quite shy about it but she immediately came wunning to make her pikshure when she founds out he needed a vawentine so . . . .here it is mr tucker
will you be bella's vawentine????
and to all our blogging furryends
we shend you some extra sugary vawentine pibble kishess
from all of ush here at the houston pittie pack
guero, coco chanel, brinks, bella and lucky
we wuff you all

Sunday, February 14, 2010

!!!!! daddish home !!!!!

hewo everyfurry LUCKY here
it is so nice to meet you , i've been hearing so many nice things about you woggies and meow meow's that i just could'nt wait much longer to meet everyfurry

and with great happiness i comes to tell you that
our daddish if finally home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look me so happy
i am also so happy to tell you that we weceived a most thoughtful and caring card today from a most handshum pup named mack. he sent my daddish a get well card and our mommish eyes leaked from the kindness of it all.
our daddish was so taken by all the get well wishes and the kindness the woggie community has shown us in this tough time. we are forever grateful .

this is the most bewootiful card that the studly mack sent .

thank you mack for being so thoughtful you are as kind as you are handshumest.

we gave him all our saved extra juicy pibble kisshes and he already looks much better. we just knew our sugars is what he needed.
its going to be a great vawentine day indeed.
tomowow we shall post our valentine day cawds we have weceived.

the pittie pack is one happy bunch today!!!!
happy wags and lots of pibble sugars
guero,coco chanel, bella, brinks and lucky