Saturday, July 31, 2010

powew of the paw

brinksey winksey pudding pie chief and commander of the PTO Society here to announce that the powew of the paw ish furry much impawtant and needed. ouw deaw furryend phantom needsd our pawrers for his suwgewy. we just know it in our furry pibble heawts that wiff all our good vibes everyfurryfing will be just fine. please just look at his pittie-ful face and send all your pupper prayers speedy on the way cause we're hear that a towture device might be needed for his neck you know one of those fings that prevent you from itching your itches. i could'nt even shtick my rolly polly head under the couch for hidden tweats. oh the phantom i's to pray for you furry much so.

ouw sissy shelby ish slowly but surely wecovewing from her nightmarish ouchies and towture and she smiles more often than not. the sky boom booms scawed her a bit the othew day but mommish made her feel the betters by singing lullybies n telling her how bewootiful she is cause she weally likes to heaw that. she also is vewy keen on the tweats and that ish sure to always make her wiggle butt waggle.

ash for me i keeps a watchful eye and make sure that all tweats are dispensed accowdingly and no crumbs are left behind . i's to be furry much helpful wiff cleaning the floors for mommish. its my chore i say!!! so to evewyfurry pawnation is most awesomeness and will help all our sickies and ouchies go far away to the land of evil alien twee rats and to never come back!!!!

pibble sugars and wee wiggles

brinksey winksey pudding pie

division: chief and commander of the PTO Society

Thursday, July 29, 2010

team shelby i say!!

hewo evewyfurry the shelby hewe to show you guys a bewootimush team shelby badge that my wittle cutie patootie furryend made for me
wittle prinshess luna. ish the shelby smiling. oh how i never knew how i looked when i shmiled. thanks to all of you kind fur humans and fur babies the shelby be smiling. . . . . please to takes it if you have'nt already. my wittle pibble heart soars wiff all your love and furryendship. i fank you , i fank you much. wiff lotsa shy wiggles and gently pibble sugars
division: the princess's

Thursday, July 22, 2010

thankful thursday

good morning everyfurry
bella the princess here to thank eweybody for all your most kindness to our humble pack. when mommish got home from woiky yesterday she shayed that i had a furry shpecial pwesent from my boyfurryend tucker. i got all wiggly wiff the happiness and immediately made my mommish open it. inside were the most bewootimus woggie pibble bananas or bandanas ash my mommish calls em. i immediately made my mommish put on a banana on me and i to pose wiff my toy that has my vewy own name on it. can you beweives it?? i ish super shpecial cause my name is on it. i's to not not destuff it eighter cause ish dear to my pibble heawt.i picked the most darling banana to share wiff my new sissy shelby and she has gotten furry much good at modeling and the wiggles.
before i pass the bloggy ofur to her i's to show you and my tucker heart of my pibble heart a pikshure of me modeling my pawsome banana. how do you guys likey????
i send you many bella princess sugars my dearest TUCKER
my heart soars when i's to look at your handshum face .
i hope we can get back online soon . we are only about 180.00 short so hopefully soon we can save it and be back to you guys like before. until then my tucker please to wait for your princess. . . .

shelby here: thish ish my first post ever there was and i's to be furry much nervous. i want to say hi to everyfurry and want to shay that i's to be so full of the gratefulness for all your kind prayers and help that have come my mommish just cries sometimes thinking of how much people actually care about our small wittle pack and it makes her so furry happish to be able to help me.from the bottom of my pibble heart please accept by heartfelt THANKS!
i's still a wee bit shy and cant play wiff my brofers and shisters cause of my skin fection but my bewootiful sissy bella gave me this banana to wear and i's to feel so purrty in it. i posed for mommish wight away and she gave me lotsa kisses which made me all wiggly and full of the happiness. i have never known a love like the mommish love and i's so furry much full of fuzzies when i shee her. shee tells me wonderful things at night when i's to lay next to her and she tells me how bewootiful i am and how no one ish ever going to hurt me ever again. i just love to snuggle wiff my mommish.thank you so furry much to all you angels that have been sending money to miss monas mommish for my vet care. even if you cant send money your prayers are getting me through all my ouchies and mommish shays that get well cards or treats are always welcome for people who cant send money. we love anything that comes from the heart. i never knew how many hearts can show love to a weeny pibble in houston until i met mommish and in turn mets all of you woggie pibble angels. wiff shy wiggles and pibble sugars

if you guys wanna talk to the pibbles and wee's please to peemail ush at
we love peemails.

wordless wednesday courtesy of the sweetest booker man and asa

Friday, July 9, 2010

coco chanel pupdate

howdy there evefurrybody

coco chanel here queen of all the furry univewse here to talk about our lovely angel that ish visiting ush shelby. we are happish to weport that she ish sweet as pie and gives mommish no troubles at all. she has become furry much attached to mommish and mommish even set up some blackies to sleep next to her open crate at night. mommish just cries everytime she goes up to her shyly and gives her a lick or two on her nose. mommish just cant comprehend how she can still show love to us humans. maybe she knows mommish loves her too much and would never let anyone hurt her ever again. mommish shays she wemembers when she first saw her. to mommish shleby looked like she had just given up on life. she was just laying in the middle of the parking lot in the sweltering heat in the burning pavement and not moving. she could see that shelby was breathing so that ish what gave mommish hope that she was alive. mommish got outta her car and carlled softly to her. shelby looked at mommish wiff the most lost and empty eyes mommish had ever seen and she immediately hugged shelby. she gently picked her up and carried her inside the truck not once thinkin about her already full to the max pibble woggie house we have. she did'nt care she just knew that she could'nt bear to leave her there one more second. i want to take a moment and fank all of your big kind hearted humans out there who are so willing to give a wittle help to our humble pack. we furry much appreciate everything as mommish ish the only one woiking to provide for ush 7 woggies. our great grammy ish our babysitter during the day so we are never lonely and that helps mommish be at ease at woik. bless all of you for all your prayers and eshpecially for all your healing vibes because they tremendously help our shelby. please to 4-give ush for not commenting on your posts as we still have to 'puter at home. we still love all of you furry much so and please to not 4-get us

wiff lotsa love, sugary pibble kisses and wee wiggles

the pittie pack
please to peemail ush at thehoustonpittiepackATyahooDOTcom for more information or if you guys wanna talk to ush

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


hewo there again evefurrybody please to excuse our lack of pictures as we still dont have a puter and can not download our most rolly polly pikshures. just wanted to pupdate you guys on our angel shelby. she ish at home getting some much needed tlc from ush . she ish sweet as pie and gives ush no troubles whatsoever. she follows our mommish around like a magnet ash shee knows our mommish saved her. please to take time and visit mona and her angel mommish at Mona & the mommy, too.

her mommish was nice enough to pay for her vet bisit tomorrow. she ish heartworm positive and will need alot of more care. in the meantime please to keep ush in your prayers furry much so.

wiff lotsa pibble sugars
the pittie pack