Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guera the Super Pibble

Howdy everyfurry,

My name is guera also known as super guera

That is my secret identity uber cool super hero name

I have most special abilities within this small pibble body of mine

my most pawsome and most ultra mega super power is

I was born with an antenna ear! Yuppers

This most special feature allows me to hear miles and miles away. I hear everything from daddish tooting in the other room to mommish

Clicking away at her computer in downtown. This also allows me to do my nanny job most extra well. You see, I , Guera the Super Pibble

Has a most important job of helping the princess Bella  watch over the wee two leggers. We are the perfect tag team

I am most watchful and bella is most guideful

I run perimeter checks on our yard when the wee boys come out to play and keep a watch on my special watch tower of bricks wiff my antenna

Always up. Bella follows the boys to make sure the rabid tree rats do not get near.

You will hear more about my super abilities soon and I hope you guys were able to see some of my past super hero adventures with our

Angel pibbles before me on the last post.

I must get back to my watch now. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

the perfect fit

howdy everypawdy
this is sandra the momma with an update on our small pack
as many of you guys know our pack was getting smaller and smaller. bella took it upon herself to take on the responsibility to become a full time nanny to the wee two leggers. she knows that as they get older that they will need firm guidance and a kind heart that pibbles have in abundance. little did we know that an old familiar face would soon be joining us.......
many of you guys might remember guera....she was a pibble that lived with my in laws and she did appear on a couple of bloggy posts. she was part of the infamous PTO Society. i will link below the links if you guys want to read them. they had quite the adventures.... makes a long story short....due to some unfortunate events and a divorce guera was looking for a home to stay.
of course we could not say no. although it has been a while since we have taken in any doggy we felt that she would be a great fit for our family. boy where we ever right. she came into the pack and it was like she belonged here with us all along. like bella, she is super calm and laid back but extremely watchful and always keeping and ear for the kiddos. she follows them around outside and nudges them back if they get too close to the fence. to say that we are in love would be an understatement.
she began her days with us on her own pibble bed next to ours and after a couple of nights there, she slowly found her spot on the back of the knees of my husband buwahahaha
we hope to get to blogging a little more now that we have an actual desktop and not the tablet which frustruates me more than anything to type on. we were able to fix our old desktop and that is what i am using to post this bloggy. we hope you guys have not forgotten us and still love us just as much as we love all of you guys
with lots of hugs and pibble kisses
the pittie pack

the adventures of the PTO society they are a must read!!!!

Guera relaxing watching the boys play

Bella getting big hugs from Joshua jr

Howdy everyfurry remember me? Princess Bella!!

Guera has a special ear antenna that helps keep an ear out for danger most every minute!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

We are still here...quick update

My son helping with the feral cat food distribution in our house. We have about three homeless kitties that get daily food and water and I am proud my son is learning the importance of being kind to animals

 Bella as usual is taking care of all the boo boos in the household as she is the nanny and even more so since brinksy is gone. She has taken on the role of mother hen and does not leave their side. She sends everyone tons of pibble sugars. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Brinksy winksy to join the fearless five

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have made the gut wrenching decision to help brinks over the rainbow bridge tomorrow. We can not be selfish and he has let us know that ITS TIME. The chemo has not been working and his tumor has actually enlarged over the last days. We can tell he is in a lot of pain and has started to refuse food. We think it is because he is in a great deal of pain and the pain medicine may not be working anymore as the tumor has gotten bigger. We have each spent a night with him and explained to him that we love him and his pain will soon end. We have said we are sorry that there is nothing that can heal him. Both me and my mom will be there tomorrow holding his paw when the time comes. Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow as this has already been a terrible month and tomorrow will be heartbreaking. We love you all that continue on the journey with us after all that we have been through. Bella the original of the pittie pack will be taken care of with extra care as she has been attached to him since we rescued her. Brinks was the one who "welcomed" her into the pack and never left her side until now. Please let some of our fur blogging friends know if you can so we can all lift him up tomorrow when it's his time to be reunited with our precious Fearless Five. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The c monster strikes again

It is with immense sadness that I have to report that the c monster has struck again. Boy we sure hate that monster. My beloved gramps walked over the rainbow bridge this past Friday. We had not posted about it sooner because he was just admitted to the hospital literally one week before. He was diagnosed with cancer within days and we were told he only had a few days to live. All this was a whirlwind and we were beyond shocked. He was one of this men that never complained about a pain so he didn't worry my granny. He would take care if my granny as best he could and never wanted to see her worry. Granny and gramps were married since they were 17 and a can only hope to god to have a love like theirs in our lifetime. I lived with them all my life until I got married myself so he was really a father to me and we miss him terribly already. He was always full of laughter and that is what I'll most remember about him. Even on the hospital bed in pain he was cracking jokes. He was one of those people that made your stomache hurt from laughing so much. We are holding strong for gramma. We have to keep her spirits up now that he is watching over us. He would have been 92 on March 24th. I guess their is going to be a in pawty now at the bridge on that day. Please keep us in your prayers. Especially my granny. We love you all and thank you for checking in on us.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The c monster

It is with great sadness that we must inform you guys that Brinkley winksy pudding and pie is currently battling the big C monster. Last week his biopsy came back as cancer. The good news is that it is treatable and we have great faith that with the chemotherapy it Will scare it away and never come back. He started his chemo yesterday and so far he seems to be doing okay. Momma here is far more anxious than the whole pack of course and is currently on major paranoid pibble momma mode. She jumps every time he sighs or huffs. But brinksy winksy is being strong like all pibbles are and Bella is right by his side most every minute. Please join us in saying a little prayer for our pudding pie so he may remain strong through his chemo and that the c monster leaves our pack alone.
Pebble sugars and brinksy toots
The Houston pittie pack