Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GUERO'S modeling monday**

hewo everyfurry guero the model here . i's to take more pictures for you guys and hope you guys enjoy them furry much. thish ish me and mommish in the mornings . can you tell the love in our eyeballs !! we wuv each other furry much can you tell??
then i's to wake up and go play outside wiff the daddish when my mommish goes to worky work. i luv the hiney scratches but sometimes they make me toot teehee

so then i get weally spoiled and wanna be scratched in my belly . i have trained my pawrents well and i just give my most sensitive puppy woggie eye's full of preciousness and they give in and scratch me . . . . . sometimes thish makes me toot too

i's to train my daddish to give me loving and tweats after i shake his hand. he has gotten really good about wiff this trick so i's to teach him another one soon. the more tricks i's teach daddish the more yummy's for my tummy's

and last but definately not least , i's weady for easter and thish ish my modeling easter pikshure

i send you guys extra wags and wiggles and
extra slobbery sugary kisses to my lady halle in alaska .i hope you liked my pictures
i's a wittle nervous now that i know you'll be looking at them **guero blush**

Sunday, March 28, 2010

paws in the park:chapter 1: love connection

hewo everyfurry tiger here wiff our paws in the park update that everyfurry has been waiting for . i was furry much nervous about my first date and ash soon as mommish got out of work i was dressed and ready to hit the took ush about 45 loooooong minutes to get there but boy wash it worff it . here ish lucky looking most purrty in her dress . she was hoping to find her a nice boyfurryend too but she'll talk about it tomorrow on her post.

here i am pulling my daddish to hurry up cause i was furry anxious to get there . i have a shpecial present in my backpack for my lady mona

oh boy! thish ish my lady's mommish and we felt so much luv right away can you tell?? we luved her IMMEDIATELY!!!we gave her lotsa sugars cause we were soooo happish to have found them.

mommish of course got some sugars from my lady **sigh** does'nt she look stunnin in her dress.

lookit what she bought me. oh boy mommish i luv it here. can we live wiff them???

mommish:um. . . no tiger but we can visit . we found out they live only like 10 minutes away from where we live can you beleive that . how small this world is. now you can see your girlfriend all the time tiger.

ish it true mona??

i have a shpecial gift for you mona?? wanna shee it

i bought thish shpecial collar charm just for you my lady. is sparky and bewootiful just like you

and then surprises of all suprises!!! she had brought shumthing for me too. she brought me a shpecial toy that shmells like her so that way i can cuddle wiff it and think of my lady when we are not together **sigh** SWOON!!!!!!

oh i luv it mona!! your as sweet as you are full of gorgeousness i tell you! oh my heart!

i have found true love i say!!! could a manwoggie efur be so lucky???

mandatory photo op cause we're full of puppy love cuteness

hey there you!!! get away from my lady , dont you shee her heart charm, she's taken

!!!!!! true love!!!!!!
more to come on the next post-****
love sugars

Friday, March 26, 2010

the return of bellas friday funnies

well hewo everyfurry bella here and boy have a misshed all of you
i want to thanks yous for you best feel better vibes you have been sending my way and want to shay that i feel much better.lookit what our mighty queen of the universe did for me
she may be all queen all highness and stuff but shee ish sweet as pie and i luv her much.
she let me borrow her most bewootiful royalty purple neckless so i can feel better . can you beweive that?? instantly i felt much royaltyness and back to my old self.

now if you guys have been following our bloggy for a while you know that my 'old' self ish sometimes a bit naughty and funnish so i whispered some instructions to one of our wesident PTO spies a wittle idear i had . ash you can shee she thought it was quite hilarious and loved that this was to be her first mission all by herself.

ok you guys after a couple of minutes she came back wiff her mission completed and boy do we have to warn you guys. . . . please to not drink anything while reading the rest of this post. or eating cause you might spit it out.whenever you ready please to scroll down . . . . . .

we caught the tiger practising wiff the mommish how to woo MONA. tee hee heeheh heehhee
notice the paw playsment and kissy face
oh my dogness i think me and lucky were rolling on our tummies laughing
teehee hee he
sowy tiger but this mission was successfully completed!!!!
naughty wags and wee wiggles
bella and lucky

Thursday, March 25, 2010

coco's thankful thursday

we got some most pawsome awards and we'd like to pass em on to our most wonderful furryends
this first one is from one of the cutest baby woggies ever to be
we loved you from the first time we saw you darling and we'll be furever furryends
we pinky promise

1.malissa, inca and ramises
2.ina, halle, toby, jeter, and ginger
4.frankie furter
5.haleigh anne
7.princess the pitbull
9.mack and lily
13. darling asta
our second wardie wash given to ush by the princess of the world herself the bewootiful
princess the pitbull . we fanks you princess and you loyal subject kiss your paws wiff sugars
teehee and dexter
3.maureen the wonder dog
5.maxdog in south africa
6.amy and the house of cats
7.stella and ali z
8.the booker man
11.two country poodles
12.riley and star
13.el'bow and hauwii
14. sugar the golden retriever
15 brutus the frenchie
16. gone to the snow dogs
17.the tn bull terrors
18. bailey , mesa and big carl
now we got thish 3rd wardie from PIBBLE and we want to fanks you pibble luv for being so kind ash to think of ush
sugars to you my dear
now we have to by rules shend it to 12 blogger that add a little sunshine to our lives
1.carlos in wonderland
2.coco rue and tiffy
3.miss M and mr B
4.the houndstooth gang
6.benny and lily
7.the op pack
8. khyra and cousin merdie
9.lorenza foster mom
12.dory and bilbo
13.bijou and banjo
14.beth and beyond the garden gate


so you will never in a billion twee rats guessh what???
we got NOTHER nom nom package
yep ish true
thish time it was from our most handshum furryend jack or as we like to call him jackarooni
oh him and his tall guy have some biggified hearts to think of ush pibbles and wee ones

can we ever be so lucky ?!?!?!? oh these pibble angels just circle ush for sure!!!
oh yeah!!! im weady for movie night wiff the pawrents now that we got the popcorns!!!

lookit here lucky , you's going to have to learn to shmell when their ish nom nom in snail mail so we can sit patiently and pretty for mommish to help open it ok?

ish true most chubiness , i shmell some nommy noms

lookit all these goodies , boy where do we start?!?!?!?

we fanks you jack and mr tall guy.we fanks you from the bottom of our tummies
we send you slobbery nom nom filled sugars from all the pittie pack
guero, coco chanel, brinks , bella , lucky and tiger

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

beware: lots of stuffies harm in the makin of this post

so we may be moving you guys
at the end of thish month , we cant say too much now cause mommish does'nt wanna jinx it whatever that means but she shays that if everything goes as planned then we shall have lotsa and lotsa and LOTSA yard to play bitey face and chasey buns at . we are furry much excited to find out on MARCH 31st
stayed tuned. . . . in the meantine i brinksey winksey ( as the love of my life haleigh anne calls me)
have rallied the troops for some major boot camp training, if we's to go to new house then that means new twee rat tewitorry and we MUST PREPARE!!

above pikshured ish a twee rat stuffy which we shall use for our training

the wee ones learn fast and they are building their jaw strenght to carry the most umpy lumpy of the twee rats.
ash you can shee tiger has jumped wight into the pack once again and lucky ish so vewy happy to have him back in the WEE division. they are going to be great pibble spies

inspecting the water to makes the sure that ish fresh and clean and cool for thish hot spring afternoon.

tiger ish practising the stealth part of our training. we must be MOST prepared for thish new massive twee rat army. we hear they are most barbarians in that side houston. but we shall not be defeated.!!!!!

practise makes perfect!!!

daddish girl always goes and takes a break wiff daddish and he tells her how good she's doing and that he's furry much proud of her

guero mastering our MOST secret weapon , pibble levitation!!!!

of course your highness queen almighty takes no mercy on enemies!! OFF WIFF HIS HEAD I SAY!!!!

beware you evil twee rats !!! beware!!!!!!

that ish all for now, please to keep paws crossed for our most bewootiful shishter bella as she ish still wecovering from the ouchies.
ok you puppers
have a nitey nite and dont let the twee rats bite
else call the pittie pack and we's to take care of problem
we charge in liver tweats and smooches
sugars and wee wags
the pittie pack