Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

**the pittie packs love day**

howdy everfurry the brinksey winksey here wiff an update on our valentines day pawty celebration.....let me start off by thanking the beautiful nina for being my date..she is the bestest most awesome dancer ever to pudding rolls had a hard time keeping up wiff all the new moves...she danced the texas four step like a pro and even thought me some salsa moves...did ya see her....a dancing queen indeed.....
when i pulled up to her house to pick her up for the dance in my batmobile she was looking so gorgeous in her heart banana i just knew we were going to have a blast.....we danced until our paws gave out on us.....we had to restore our strenght at the food table wiff some nommies of course.....
below is a smile box mona and weenie's mommy made in dedication to the fearless five and the loves they left behind....please take a moment to look at the beautiful pictures and remember the lovely memories they had with their loved ones....
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right before i left to pick up the gowgeous nina i heard a rumbling pull up to our driveway and a small horn tooted outside. i goes outside and see tucker wiff this most cozy looking car there to pick up my sissy bella.....bella thinks that this car was uber hip and cool and could'nt wait to get in...after i mades sure they had their seat belts on they were on their way.....

later as me and nina were resting and eating some hot dogs at the snack bar we noticed tucker had some pretty smooth moves as well.... i guess me and bella got lucky to have such great dancers as our partners to this great dance....lookit all our friends having a ball at the dance!!!! it was a night to remember furever fur sures...bella came come and told mommish all about ther great and romantic time she had wiff tucker and how proud she was to go to the dance wiff such a handsome dudedog.....until next year's pawty we shall cherish these wonderful times in our hearts.......thank you tucker and nina for being our dates
pibble sugars
bella and brinksey winksey pudding pie

Thursday, February 16, 2012

sugary angel wings

hello everyone,
pibble mommish here wiff some sad news
im sorry this blog has been so increadibly depressing as of late and i do try my very best to post happy making posts but sometimes life just throws stuff at us that we must endure. as you know i use this blog as a gateway for my ongoing grief and to process my day to day ups and downs with life without my fearless five.....our next bloggy will be most happy making i promise. bella and brinks will talk about what a great fun time they had at the valentines dance with their respective gorgeous dates but today i want to take a moment and dedicate this post to a very special doggie named SUGAR.
sugar was a doggie i rescued about five years ago...another pibble i came across in the streets. her case was not unusual for me....she was emaciated, terrified, and confused....from the minute that we rescued her she wanted nothing more than to give us she earned her name ....SUGAR....hers were the sweetest pibble kisses you can ask for.....she won the heart of my very best friend and when she bought her own house out in the country the first thing she did was come pick up her sugar. her husband a cop paraded sugar all around that small town of Anderson Texas and the whole family spoke to anyone who would listen about what a wonderful pibble she was......
DARIO her son was 8 months old when sugar adopted her family and they were inseparable....sugar was entrusted to sleep on his bed every night.... her mommy told me yesterday that she was her son's guardian angel from the very beginning......dario's dad will always tell the story of a strange man in a pickup truck asking his son to come get some candy from him a couple of years ago while he mowed the lawn....sugar immediately sensed the danger and grabbed dario by the back of his shorts with her mouth and dragged him in the gate... she then ran up to the truck and continued to furiously bark at the best friend saw all this through the kitchen window and ran outside by the time she got to the door the man in the pickup truck sped off... her husband ran to the front yard and asked what was going on and little dario told them that the man in the blue truck wanted to give him candy and for him to get in so he can pick one out...but mean ol sugar had pulled him in the yard and scared the man off......well needless to say mean ol sugar had probably saved his life and my best friend and her husband will never forget what sugar did that day for their little boy......
today i took the day off to go with my best friend to let sugar go.....she will be greeted at the bridge by the very best pibble committee in the world. my fearless five will shower her with sugars and welcome her see.....two days ago my best friend took sugar to the doctor and was told that she has a very advanced form of liver the point that its incurable....she was in so much pain and would have no quality of life anymore they had to make the tough decision we all hate to best friend said she knew when she looked into her eyes that it was the right decision.....words cannot express how her son cried uncontrollably and held on to sugar that heart broke over and over watching his pain because he was showing what i haven't been able to show all these weeks for my fearless best friend tried to tell him that sugar will still be with him everyday and every minute just as she always has been but the pain a dog like sugar leaves in her absence is enormous....
so my best friend took HER best friend today to the vet for the last time...and although it was the most painful thing she has ever had to do she stood there and held sugars hand and thank her softly in her ear for all she had given to her family the last five years.....
so this picture below is for sugar , my fearless five and all those who have been taken much too soon from us who loved them with all our broken hearts.....

Monday, February 13, 2012

**bella's big hunka love **

dearest furry friends,
the bella here wiff my love post for all to see....this is me feeling most pretty and i hopes ya'll like my bow. mommish says it brings out the pink eyeliner i wear to look most girly like. now you guys and girls i has been practising my groove moves for the big dance and have picked out the highest pibble heels i could find....i likes my men big and tall and my lovedance boyfriend is both! wiffout further adoo doo please to meet TUCKER the great dane!!!
please to gaze upon this manly pup full of the handsomeness......
this most regal and stunning mandoggy is my valentines date. his name is tucker or as i like to call him my studmuffin....lovecake....amongs other sweet pibble words ..... he most steal my heart for me and i adores him.....he shall escort me to the big lovedance and we shall dance the night away.....our angels will watch over all of us and blogville will be full of the warm fuzzy love bugs. until the big day i shall be prepping my prettyness ....

ladylike tail wiggles and pibble sugars
princess of

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

*new friends*

howdy everyone,
brinksey winksey pudding pie here wiff some new friends to introduce today
now please to take a look at this most gorgeous gal
her name is nina and she is going to be my date to the valentines dance
my dear haleigh is busy saving all the pibbles in the world wiff her mommish and since my sissy bella is going wiff her handsome dude tucker (she'll write about it later) i decided to go and keep an eye out for hers.what better way to shake my luv rolls than wiff this bewootiful lady ????
so regal and stunning right? wont you go say hi and leave a good word for me friends...
i hopes my pudding rolls can keep up on the dance floor. im going to start taking lessons anyone wanna teach me some smooth moves??? oh and guess what else? her mommish is the kind lady doing the backing of our memory quilt!!!! how special is that?!?! thank you everyone who has pawticipated in this most SPECIAL project of love. their is not enough pibble sugars in the world to show how much we thank you but here goes a tons >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> did you get them???
we would also like you guys to meet some furry old friends....well not age wise but you see they were the very first bloggers we followed when we started blogging and they were one of our furry first followers too...they have the most adorabull pack EVER TO BE!!! their bloggy name is pooches for can you NOT love that ?!? they need some friends and i know MY FRIENDS are most welcoming and kind so i'd like to ask a pawsonal favor and ask you to leave a nice comment and ck out their bloggy. on january 5th they did a post dedicated to our small pack and it was most touching and heartfelt it made our mommish tear up. we pawmise you will fall in love wiff all the kissabull pooches....

wiff lotsa pibble luv roll wiggles
brinksey winksey pudding pie

Friday, February 3, 2012

Our FEARLESS wee lucky

**dearest friends, today we would like to shows you one of our furry most favorite bloggy post about our wee lucky. this posts shows you just how FEARLESS our wee lucky was ALWAYS. and we fink it would have been a great mango minster entry had she still been here dont have fink? for the adventure category?? well anywoo, please do sit back and enjoy this most FEARLESS adventure our wee lucky had....please to be warned....its quite the scaries and you might want to cuddle wiff your mommish while reading this.....**

hewo everyfurry
wee lucky here taking ofur for my sicky shister bewootiful bella
she ish shtill feeling a bit down what wiff the meddies and the ouchie they gave her so she asked if her woggie nanny nurse could take ofurs for her friday post .

i went wiff the mommish and daddish fishing this weekend while brinksey winksey was wiff our pibble kissy cousins and guero and coco chanel were visiting great granny. our dear tiger had shtayed wiff the bella to keep her companies and we left to the beach. now thish side of the beach ish called texas city beach and i mush shay that our daddish did not catch any fish . teehee
now to the horrors that occured . . . .now thish shtory ish quite frightening and if you scare easily please dont wead on . . . what i have here ish photographic evidence of nightmarish horrors occuring in thish small beach village. so if your braver than bravest then follow me along this long and winding path. . . . .
sho ash we made our way to wear daddish was going to fish . . . . oh my dog!! what ish that mommish????? i see most scawy things ahead . . . my most inner pibble training immediately made me run to investigate further. . . . . our brinksey has prepared ush for most every danger to have occur.
now these images are most disturbing and frightening . . . . do you shee what i shee
i shlowly pawed over to the evidence and scene of thish crime to sniff out any possible culprits

could it be the CHUPACABRAS??? or maybe NESSIE'S wittle shishter???? TWEE RAT ALIEN'S ??? YIKES!!! . oh dear i fear i have pooped a little wiff the scaries. . . .
we walked alittle more to investigate the crime scene and came across more tewifying carcasses . . whatever ish doing thish is massive and fishy and probably stinky winky
my dear woggie furryends . what you have sheen here ish undeniable and indisputable evidensshe that their ish a monshter full of evilness living in our texas city water and everyfurry must be most careful when we go there.their ish SOMETHING leaving these carcasses on the beaches and that SOMETHING has quite the hungries.
mommish felt my shivery fear and pick me right up and did'nt put me down lest the sea monshter found me most scrumptious
now that would explain why our daddish did'nt catch any fishy's
the monshter is probably feasting on all the water fishie's and what not

that ish all for now my dear woggie furryends
reporting live from woggie pibble house
wee sugars and wee wags


divison: the wee ones