Friday, December 28, 2012

Instagram's Throwback Thursday

Once a week i Brinksey Winsey Pudding and Pie shall begin posting what shall be called Instagram's Throwback Thursday!! Its a weekly picture of a favorite photo of the past that our mommish posts on her Instagram account. It shall be a way to honor and remember all the toot filled and wonderful memories of love that we have of our fearless five. Please follow us along memory lane each thursday. Love ya lots. Toots and pibble sugars


Pee. S
Her username on Instagram is sgonzalez1120 if anyone has an Instagram account and wants to follow her.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays from the pibbles

We just want to take a moment and wish everyfurry a very merry christmas and thank everyone for being our friends. we could not be more honored and proud to be part of such a wonderful and caring family. we love and cherish all the friends we have in you guys and count you as our blessings everyday. wishing everyone warmth and lots of nommies this holiday season. we send you our warmest toots and our slobbery pibble kisses today.

Brinks and Bella

Thursday, December 20, 2012

please read ....a special request for an angel

good morning everyone, today the pibbles let me take over to ask a very special request from all of you. this is very truly special because it gives us the chance to make a very special angel smile in a very difficult time in his little life. our fellow bloggers over at Annie and Paul's world contacted me recently. their mom's co worker attends church with a family who has a child terminally ill with cancer. she send me the following in an email One of my coworkers attends church with a family who has a child terminally ill with cancer. He's asked for people to send him Christmas Cards for Christmas because he knows that the hospital bills for him are expensive. (And for a 6 year old to know this is kind of amazing). He's not expected to make it far into the New Year. He and his family won't be able to send back any Christmas Cards, but I was wondering if you'd be able/willing to add him to the Christmas Card exchange anyhow. i think that if any of us have any cards left of could possibly make one ourselves or even buy one and send a picture of our doggies in it would mean the world to this very special child. please pass along word to all your readers and email me so i can pass the address along. here is a report that was on TV about Nathan. this special angel.


i read recently an article on msn about therapy doggies being sent to the little town of newton CT to help with grief counseling. i don't need to tell you my fellow animal lovers how much a furry face can heal wounds and erase tears. please lets send him some furry love to bring a smile to Nathan's face. thank you all our email addy is

Sunday, December 16, 2012

One Year Later

This time last year we were all snuggling n saying our goodnites never realizing we were never going to be together again. that you were going to be so horribly ripped away from me so suddenly. you were my babies, my teachers, my sons and daughters, my never ending pool of love and kisses, my happy world as i knew it. rest in peace my FEARLESS five. I miss you each and everyday that you are not with me. I dreaded this day coming up so much but i know that you still surround us at night like you always did. Throughout your life you all showed such courage and bravery throughout all the horrors you endured before i found you up until the very end. You all showed me true forgiveness and unconditional love. Prepared me for my role as a mother by taking care of you as my children. Most importantly you showed me to have hope. You all held on to hope when all was hopeless and waited patiently for me to find you in my life. So ......with hope i go on myself and hope with all i have that one day ..........i run to you as you run to me in the glorious rainbow bridge and NEVER have to say goodbye again. RIP Shelby, Guero, Coco Chanel, Tiger, and my wee Lucky

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

christmas card exchange

howdy there everyfurry,
its that time of year again to exchange our bewootimous cards and love with all our furry friends. the lovely jazzi hosted a card exchange earlier last month but unfortunately some doggies were not able to make the deadline. we volunteered to give a shout out to those doggies who want to participate i have a list of doggies who want to exchange cards and if youd like to pawticipate all you have to do is peemail us your bloggy name, doggie or kitty names, and bloggy address as well as your snail mail addy. we are going to send out the list this friday and next friday and so on until christmas for all doggies who want to pawticipate. also we ask that you let all your followers know we are doing this just in case someone wants to pawticipate but did not read this bloggy. so please help us shout out the word so that way anyfurry that wants to pawticipate is able to enjoy the wonderful card exchange. our peemail address to send this to is THEHOUSTONPITTIEPACK@YAHOO.COM
we leave you here wiff this lovely christmas picture of our angels coco chanel and guero.
pibble sugars,
brinks of