Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

howling for mango!

we had not been able to sleep this terrible night and it has gotten even worse. our dearest and one of our oldest blogville friends has crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. we are all pretty much shocked in our household and increadibly heartbroken as we loved mango to pieces. he brought so much happiness with his antics and helped many a times to calm the panic attacks my mommish tends to have. mango mama please know that we are keeping you close to our heart and lift you in prayer because we know you must be in so much pain. please join the pibble pack everyfurry and howl with us at the moon so mango can hear us and know that we are going to miss him terribly. HHHHHOOOOOWWWWLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
sad hearbroken woos,
brinks and bella of

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sad pibble woo's

I brinksey winksey pudding pie am furry heartbroken and full of the teary sadness to let you guys know my bewootiful and gorgeous valentines date has crossed over to the rainbow bridge. as soon as i found out i immediately sent up word to the fearless five so that would meet her and keep her the companies until we all meet again. i helped mommish light a candle to help light the way and have been thinking and keeping my beutiful nina's pawrents in my prayers. please do come visit her bloggy and leave some kind words in honor of my bewooty. sad woos,

Friday, September 21, 2012

pibble family update

howdy everyfurry,
we just wanted to give you guys a quick update on the goings ons in our pibble family. we have'nt been around for a couple of weeks due to some moving we had to do. at the beginning of the month our landlord lady informed us that her son who was coming to live with her at the beginning of october was allergic to dogs and we were going to have to eighter find somewhere for us to live or mommish had to find a new home for us. or .....get rid of us as she so nicely put it. well!!! obviously mommish was not going to get RID of us so she stressed day and night about our predicament and was not up to blogging. we think her son just does'nt like us pibbles because one time he came to visit her and mommish was walking us he told mommish we were ugly. mommish just laughed and said that everyone has diffrent tastes. anywoo, mommish is set to give birth anytime after the first week of october so that also adds to the stress of us finding somewhere to live. the only thing we could figure out was to move back into the garage that we had lived in right after the fire happened. the last of the house building check has been mailed out by wells fargo and we are hoping that the new woggie pibble house is finished by november butt, until then we will continue to soldier on as we have been and do what has to be done to keep our family together!! we are able to get wifi connection here in the garage so we should be able to keep posting from here which is a very good thing as mommish can hardly move around now. she is to put it nicely HUGE!!! teehee! she is currently also battling a kidney infection like she did when she was pregnant last time so she will be in bed a lot these next couple of days. our next post will be full of fun things because we will talk about how we met some of our bloggy friends in the FURS!!!! anywoo that is all for now we wanted to give you guys a quick update and also daddish and grammish has been helping wiff the distribution of the foodables to our homeless furry friends where we use to live so everyone is still being fed once a day! no worries! if you have time would you kindly visit our dear sweet friends at k-9 katastrophe are hosting a baby shower for our bald new human puppy and we would be so grateful if you could maybe look and see if you have any of these items to spare. maybe someone you know had a baby recently or even help us get the word out!
thank you so much for following along our crazy life right now and keep us in your prayers so nothing else gets thrown our way and we get into our woggie pibble house very soon and with out further incidents.
slobbery sugars and pibble toots,
bella and brinks from

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Angel shelby

On December 16th 2011 an angel with the book of life wrote down Shelby's name. As he closed the book he whispered " Too beautiful for earth"

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Fearless Five


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Neighborhood dog ladies

Howdy everyfurry
Today we would like to show you a wittle about our mommish and grannish day. U see in the new neighborhood where we are renting their seems to be a lot of homeless doggies and they just keep finding us. We suspect wiff the suspicions that the fearless five may have sumpting to do with it but i digress. Here are two wittle baby pups who mommish and grannish feeds most every day. They are most skiddish so these are the best pictures we could take we sowy. Their momma was patroling the abandoned house lot while we put out the food and water.she has come to trust our mommish n granny. We do this wiff three other doggies in our four block radius until we find help. We have come to learn that shelters are packed to maximum capacity, rescues are full and we have to wait on fosters so this is the next thing we can do to find a little way to help. As long as we know that they are going to bed with full tummies we will continue to do this everyday until help arrives. Yes we are the neighborhood dog ladies.