Sunday, June 24, 2012

mystery pibble girl.....

this is the first time i saw her on my way home today. the house at the end of my street literally one house away in front is abandoned and i immediately became sad thinking she was dead. my husband said he saw her laying there yesterday night motionless as well and he thought she was dead too.
 as i was at the stop sign i saw this......
 oh my! she was alive after all .......being that is above one hundred degrees here in texas i immediately ran inside and got bottles of cold water, a bowl, and some food. why on earth was this girl laying there in the scorching hot sun in an abandoned house. i later realized that she was too weak to get up.....she was extremely skittish and did she end up here???
 i gave her water and after gulping it down i added another seem she gained some strenght and slowly got up to sniff the foodables....
 my angel shelby was found in this hot weather on july 3rd. im wondering if she led her to this abandoned house and told her that she would get help if she waited here.....
wondering what on earth to do now. im contacting several people and see if anyone can help as i stated previously. i am renting a one room w/kitchen attached temporarily which is where we ALL stay . husband, me, baby and brinks and bella. so for now she is on the porch as the weather has gotten better now that night has hit. her tummy is full and she has plenty of water. lord help me. please keep her in your prayers tonight.

Friday, June 22, 2012

remembering the good times

last night i was so excited about the progress on our new home that i started thinking about being close to the fearless five again. inevitably i ended up dreaming about that horrible night and woke up with a full blown panic attack. it took almost an hour for me to calm down. thanks to your bloggy posts i was able to regain control of myself enough to breathe. thank you for your posts. they are so very helpful to me and make me smile when i need it most. i figured that today i'd post some pictures of my model angel guero and coco chanel queen of all the rainbow bridge to remember the good times when we were all together.i hope you guys enjoy them.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

most disturbing events...

brinksey winksey here wiff most disturbing turn on whiskers came to our door at about three in the morning full of the alarms and worryness. it seems the squirrels are trying to take over the base of command at our soon to be woggie pibble house. they have taken to stealing the tools and throwing nuts at the workers as well as poopin on their foodables. mr whiskers is outnumbered....we needs some help my blogville family....can we count on you???they have also hacked into our peemail and left us this cryptic message...........

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day one of pibble house

hellor everyfurry brinksey winksey here wiff most glorious toot enducing news.down below you will see what is going to be the floor of our new woggie pibble house....

its going to be furry much tall as you can see...the top layer is where the floor is going to begin...their will be some steps involved which i did not approve but was told must go there. for me steps means unneccesary exercise for my most chubbyness pudding rolls but eh! im not going to complain....
we has waited for this much too long and to finally see this starting made our mommish cry with releif. living in our two room rented space is starting to take a toll on our pregnant mommish i guess she cant nest properly or what not.....she fears she will have to bring the new baby to our room and we will be super crowded but this gives us hope that soon we shall be reunited wiff the fearless five and go and visit them everyday....
do you see what i see??? we has a most protective guard on our lot. mr whiskers is keeping a furry strict eye on our space to make sure the tree rats dont try anything funny...thank you mr whiskers!!!! pee.s
the tree behind mr whiskers is where the fearless five rest ......

that is all for now....since this is the time for garage sales we will start looking for odds and ends we can store in our rented storage for the house...the insurance was not able to cover the inside of the house and mommish was furry worrysome about it for a very long time. another reason she had not blogged as she should...preggo, stress, overtime, and her three kids were kind of wearing her out BUTT this new development has given her newfound hope. her and daddish said that with the little over time money we get from now until the house is finished we will go and make the best of it at the garage sales to see what treasures we can find for our house and our new baby brother....wish us luck and if you have any tips on furnishing your house on a budget please to peemail us at

wiff lots of pibble sugars and smelly toots
brinksey winksey pudding and pie

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

pitty post by the pibbles

we here in the woggie pibble house of the gonzalez house hold are proud to join our family in todays most pawsome day dedicated to a handshum pibble by the name of corbin and his great idea to spread the word about our most pawsome pibble qualities. happy barkday corbin you handshum stud you                                                    
we could think of gazillions of reasons why pibbles are most pawsome. starting of course wiff our most smelly toots and followed closely by our ability to sleep right through them but those are just two of the qualities you already know about us. today we would like to talk about 3 fings that made our favorite pibble special. our angel shelby. her great qualities were kindness, forgiveness and the ability to trust again. despite her life of horror and despite the fact that she had lost her will to live she somehow found it in her pibble heart to try one more time. to give us humans one more chance to prove we were not all monsters. she changed the minds of so many people through her story. she was so increadibly gentle. she was with us here for only a short time as most angels are to teach us a lesson. pibbles are beautiful forgiving creatures that will always turn the other cheek and hope against all odds that you will love them as much as they love you back. in honor of corbin, our pittie day and our angel shelby please consider to speak up for us pibbles. we need as much support as we can and only you can help us with that as we are voiceless. we leave you wiff some pictures of our angel. you could always tell in her face that she cherished every moment and never took anything for granted. she loved fiercely and lived fearlessly.
wiff lots of special toots and pibble slobber,

Monday, June 4, 2012

most chubbyness

dear pibble god,
the brinksey winksey here on behalf of my most chubbyness rolls. this ridiculously hot weight shedding Houston weather we have had have left me pooped most every time i go wee wee. i has thought of most magical thing to give me strenght to make it through the days. PORKHIDE ROLLS!!! here i shows you my berry most favorite ones in the world. please to hear the urgency in my prayer and help me find these under the pillow most every morning. i promise to be most careful with my potent toxic toots and only release them when the tree rats are around. okay, that is all for now
brinksey winksey pudding pie