Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pibble pupdate

Howdy there everyfurry through wifi connection at our great grannies we are able to report that by this coming wednesday we should have the interwebs connections again!! Can we get a toot! Toot! For those great news!! We hopes u hasnt forgotten the pibbles in houston. Sloppy pibble sugars - brinksey winksey pudding pie and bella

Monday, April 16, 2012

oldies but goodies

howdy everyfurry,
brinksey winksey here wiff some furry special pictures. todays postie will be about our fearless five angels. as mommish was downloading the old computer pictures from that little stick she had stored them in, she realized how many pictures she had that she had not shared. we just know you guys know what its like! you take 87 billion pictures of one occasion but only post about five of them for that one bloggy post. well ....what we are going to try to do in between regular posts is show you guys some oldies but goodies of our angels. we hope you guys enjoy them. we will start off by showing you our pibble angel shelby above....she use to always wait paintently at the vet's office for her treatment. even though she knew it might involve shots she was always such an angel and so patient....of course right above her is me, brinksey winksey pudding and pie laughing at the wee lucky cause she had just tooted a smelly one and i was so furry much proud of her. she was a wee one but she could toot your furs off tee hee hee

and the wee tiger being ......well the wee tiger. tee hee hee
mommish loves this picture of her guero. he just loved looking at his most handshum self all over the house. especially this picture which is my mommish's favorite. those pibble eyes just showed all their beauty in it and so she framed it. guero always made sure that it was dust free for the company....
until next time
brinksey winksey puddie and pie

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

adoptions and pibble toots

well me bella the princess and brinksey winksey pudding and pie would like to announce today that we are proud adoptive pawrents of a new gateway computee....well not new per se...but mommish went to a computer shelter called a pawn shop where people take their computers when they no longer want them. after browsing the diffrent kennels she found just the right one for our blogging needs...we were very happish to welcome her into our pibble family and we hope to have a long healthy life together for many doggy years.....please to welcome gatewaypibble gonzalez........
anywoo other than that impawtant pawt of our week its been just tooting and napping. i bella try as i might to spend time wiff the brinksey winksey but have to resort to going back to the bed after hours of his tooting. a girl can only take so much....right?
so as mommish was browsing on the new puter she came upon this most funnish picture...we hope you enjoy it and it makes you giggle and toot a little.....
pibble sugars
bella the princess and brinksey winksey pudding and pie

Monday, April 2, 2012

brinksy winksy has been adopted

howdy all we are sorry for the no pic post. our computer died a slow and horrible death and we are currently working on adopting a new one. in the meantime we borrowed this laptop to do this post as mommish just hates to not blog for too long.....well......after much inner fighting with his emotions and stomache insides brinks has decided he wanted to go live with our uncle in know the one who won the mega lottery this past weekend....bella the non traitor on the other hand, decided she would stay and continue to live in poverty with mommish tee hee hee......mommish actually tried to get adopted as well and go live with brinks but they were only accepting four leggers *hmph* anywhoo after much deliberation he took of in a private jet and send us a picture of him eating a big ol stake for his welcome meal....unfortunately said picture could not be uploaded as our computer now rests in peace and .......

no such picture exists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
april fools everyfurry!!!!!!!!!!!!

we only wish we knew someone who won the lottery and they could adopt us all including the humans!!! tee hee hee
well we hope one of ya'll won the lottery us on the other hand have already won the lottery by having such a wonderful familish full of friends here in blogville
we love all of you

pibble sugars
brinks and bella