Thursday, September 29, 2011

guero the model

howdy my fellow bewootiful puppers,
guero the model is here to delight you wiff my handsomeness
notice my most gorgeous side view as i model at my tree rat post.... the white hair awound my snout i fink gives me most distinguishness i fink.....(mommish gets the sadness when she looks at these cause she says im getting old)

and what do i say to me getting old ........................
i think im most full of the handshumness no matter what age i am. what do ya'll fink???

pibble sugars
guero the model

Thursday, September 22, 2011

**michael vick makes me smile**

the brinksy winksy is smiling at the picture below

the coco chanel is royally laughing at the picture below
yes ... michael vick makes us pibbles smile alot lately....... we hope this continues all season

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

**our first transport**

howdy everyfurry the wee lucky here with a most very exciteable bloggy post about our furry first transport. and to makes thing more exciteables i must tell yous that she was my long lost twin..... is true ... you know how they say that everyone has a twin our theres in the world but i did'nt beweeive it until i laid my eyes upon the fabolous sofia....mommish is not able to rescue any more woggies off the street as we has a full house full of five pibbles and two wee's not to mention the wittle two legger so she has been racking her smarticles and came up on a transport situation here near our area... she seen the picture of this gorgeous gal and id a triple take as she looked identical to me... yes she is just as bewootiful as me...i went to the store wiff the mommish and helps to pick out some little fings for sofia. she was coming all the way from fort worth and thank goodness that we were able to help. their was nobody that could help with this leg and she woulda been on the bad list 7am that morning. thank dog we were able to contact the transport person and let them know that we would be happish to help.we drove the angel to richmond tx and she will stay in the luxury pet resort until her furever mommish picks her up from sealy tx. and twust us this luxury pet resort was FULL of the luxuries it looked like a mansion made ofur for furrys in a furry posh neighborhood we has never been.
we bought her her furry own blankie so she can take wiff her and keeps her the warm fuzziness
some yummy for the tummies...... and wiffout further ado......... sofia..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here she is giving us her most sweety pie full of goodness look
sniffin her tweat
yummy to her tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the resemblence is astounding i must say!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is quite the gorgeousness dont ya'll fink
in the freedom mobile on her way towards a better and worryfree life full of love and goodness such as we all deserve
having sweet dreams of her new life. we wish her the most very bestest wiff all our furry hearts and mommish says that this is just what she needed to make her feel like she is helping even a little in the world again....

wiff lots of wee sugars and wee wiggles
the wee lucky
assasin in traning for the PTO Society

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

**tree rat pupdate**

howdy everyfurry coco chanel queen of all the furry universe here wiff a pupdate on the evil tree rat gang trying to invade our barkyard... sorry for these pics but i can not lose one minute to look at the flashy beast while those tree rats are out there wiff their sneaky freedoms. they might sneaks up on me wiff their odors.....i hustle all the day.......................
i bustle all the nights ..... to set the tree rat traps...... using all my smarticles to come up wiff the best solution to this invasion........
these tree rats are getting sewious about the battle and i has my hands full out heres
and lookit here.........
great helps i get from mr model of the year.......
all he does is tooty sleep cause he finks he is too pretty to fights the good fights wiff me....
who wants to come help the coco chanel.... please pray for all the texans dealing wiff the wildfires i fink those evil treerats had sumping to do wiff them.... we must conquer them once and for all i say !!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011