Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the shelby is ready to help the santa paws

howdy there everyfurry the shelby here wiff the readyness to help santa paws this year distribute the pressies to all you puppers. has you all been good doggies ????
i was so very much full of the excitements last year because it was my first christmas eber in the world and i was so happish. this year maybe santa will fink im one of his reindeers and let me fly around the world to see you guys christmas night what do ya'll fink? want me to go visit you?? i'll promise to give you my bestest shelby pibble sugars eber to be !!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

the torture has begun.......

oh the madness.......the torture of it all..... the indignities for the pibbles........
who is to save us from this most embarrassing time of the year..... not even our toots will derail this heinous plan......
we are sending out a call for helps everyfurry!!!! who is to come save us ?!?!?!?!

Monday, November 21, 2011

baron's been adopted!!!!

howdy everyfurry guess what?? guess what??
the shelby ish here to paw to you guys the most amazing news eber to be!!!!
so im sure you guys member baron... he is one of my pups that i had that went to the gulfcoast rescue group and then was adopted.
for some reason baron ended up at the brazoria county humane society which is where ruthie from k9 katastrophe. mommish and the shelby were beyond the worries trying to find out how we can help our darling boy but not to worries . mona and weenie posted about hims on their bloggy for rescue me week. mayzie's wonderful adopt me week and guess what? baron has been adopted. he is now in the happy tails section of the shelters website. the shelby is over the moons wiff the wiggles and the overwhelming happiness. i cants stop the wiggle butt dance.
lookit this puppy dog face and you just know that he was not going to be homeless furever? i cannot take you enough mayzie for sponsoring this most wonderful event ever there was.... thanks to you and a wonderful angel my dear baron boy will have a furever family for the holidays. my heart is filled wiff the fuzzies and i will finally sleep wiff the peacefulness knowing all my puppers are safe and in loving homes.....
the shelby sugars

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

most chubbyness

howdy there everyfurry i must say that i most chubbyness pibble of the pittie pack brings out the singing in my mommish. so mommish keeps singing these songs to me which are kinds of funnish she says that one of them is from beyonce and it goes like this

"i dont think your ready for this jelly
i dont think your ready for this jelly
cause brinksy's booty is too bootylicious for you babe"
she says that over the summer since it was over two million degrees i furry much stayed inside as much as i could and did not exercise like my other pibble brothers did but as guero the model is the health nut i brinksy winksy puddin and pie am most definately NOT fond of the sweatyness..... so i laid on the couch most everyday and snuggles with mommish and ate most nommies all the day. ....... here's another song i keeps hearing from the mommish
brinksy gots a chunky butt and he cannot lie you other woofies cant deny.... tee hee hee
well maybe after the holidays i can get on a diet but for now im proud of my curves tee hee hee

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

rescue me week : LOVEY

hello everybody
we are excited to pawticipate in mayzies rescue me week and we hope we can help a furry get a furever home. now you guys just wait and see how adorabull this pibble below is you will not be able to resist his cuteness and we hope with all our hearts that he finds his heart family furry furry soon.....thank you so much mayzie for hosting this wonderful event......

(just look at those puppy eyes)
this is how his current foster momma describes him.........

**L♥vey rescued 10-12-11 ..this poor baby has been through so much ..I couldn't tell you how I felt when I first saw him and couldn't take him. Well now he's at vet nd receiving treatment . His wounds are what you call DEFENSE wounds ..meaning whoever , whatever hurt him ..he tried his hardest to defend himself..he is NOT a fighter ..more so a LOVING, KIND , SWEET BOY ever ..reason why I named him LOVEY ..he is so loving and forgiving no matter what happened to him :(:( Lovey will have to stay at the vet for awhile . He had a long gash on his testicles ..don't even want to know ?? which caused a severe infection that took over his whole body. He also has a large mass over what we thought was a gun shot wound that will require surgery (later) . His body is full of wounds ..later today the vet called to tell me that they noticed swelling above his leg ..he can't walk :(:( they will keep a close eye on it ..I will update further as I'm able to ..Pray for Lovey ..****

Lovey is neutered, hw- , UTD on shots and micro-chipped. He will be ready for adoption in about a week or so. Vet has stated he did fine around other dogs ..I haven't introduced him to mine due to them being sick ..but plan on it. Not sure about cats as he hasn't been cat tested ..vet did say he ignored as he walked by. Lovey aka (baby Huey ) lol is so sweet !!!!! and very loving ..
contact: 917-915-3767 taoanimalrescue@yahoo.com IF INTERESTED
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Sunday, November 6, 2011

**a most funny contest**

hear ye, hear ye,
my most loyal subjects
queen coco chanel (queen of all the furry universe) is here wiff a most glorious and full of the funnyballs contest.......fun for all ages and species........

the most regal and fellow royal highness coco the princess and her lovely sisters are having a contest everyone MUST go and ck out....please click here and you can visit her lovely bloggy
they has done a book review on this below most entertaining book and are going to give one copy out to a winner just for your human!!!!! is'nt that full of the greatness !!!! all one must do is peemail them a picture of you wiff your human of a most awkward moment ..... pee.s..... they has a most interesting photo of their mommish in their bloggy you dont wanna miss we pawmise you its furry AWKWARD tee hee hee...... but enough of this talkin everyone must run off and find a most awkward photo of your human and you and submit it asap as this is a photo we all want in our living room. i know we would spend countless hours laughing at the two leggers if we win tee heeheee
ta ta for now my bewootiful subjects i must run off now in search of the most embarrasing and awkward photo of our mommish dearest tee hee hee
toodles and royal pibble sugars to all
queen coco chane
(queen of all the furry universe)