Friday, January 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday on Instagram

The most sweet and gentle angel i ever did meet

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Long overdue update

I would like to apologize for not blogging is a quick update...i am currently looking for a has 60 days to help me find a position within the bank since my last position was filled while i was on maternity leave...since these 60 days are unpaid i am desperately looking everywhere to see if they are hiring.....our pibble house was broken into to steal the copper and big holes where made in the walls....thankfully it is being repaired without any further costs to us but it has once again delayed the move in date until next month.....we had ugly weather last week and when lighting hit a transformer in our street our lights went out and when they came back on our computer which was on never worked again going to contact best buy to see what kind of warranty it has because it is less than one year wonderful sister in law graciously allows me to use her computer when needed....... my entire human family had the flu the last two weeks and we even had to take little baby Michael to the hospital but we are all better now and fully recuperated. The granny is seeing a psychiatrist for her depression.... She is having an extremely hard time coping with the loss of the fearless five as i am her only child therefore the fearless five she considered her children as well.....we continue to support her in any way we can and are hopeful talking to this doctor will help her heal a little....if i didn't already have so much to deal with i would give therapy a go as well since these horrible anxiety attacks don't leave me alone but right now i have more pressing issues.......The pibbles are doing fine just need their own big backyard to play in im sure. Just keep us in your prayers and we still are keeping hope alive here in our household that 2013 will be better to us if we just continue on...thank you for your patience with us and for continuing to follow our pibble family....pibble sugars to all...i wish I could post a bit more but im waiting for the happy posts or at least not so many bad news ones.....again we are trying to remain positive as much as we can....