Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

even a wittle helps**

hewo there evefurry body the pittie pack here to let you guys know abouts a wittle ting that our pawrents did last weekend. mommish and daddish have been furry much wowied and saddened by the wecent oil spill and how ish affecting our wildlife sho they decided to do something abouts it cause even a wittle bit helps. they found online a workshop that was coming up to show two leggers how to help in a oil spill rescue and get certified for such emewgencies. it was 6 hrs long on saturday mowning so off they went.the location ish called WILDLIFE REHAB AND EDUCATION. and ish a non profit organization here in houston that helps injured and orphaned wildlif wiff a shpecific goal of returning them ito their native habitat with an optimal chance of survival including oilded wildlife.

thish below ish a eastern screech owl and he was furry much friendly and full of the cutie paTOOTyness. furry much impawtant to keeps them safe.

mommish wants to shay please to excuse the below pikshure they are most looking like a hot mess butt she was in this suit in hot texas weather and can in no way make it look good BOL

daddish gettin weady to wash the quacky. they boff got the chance to wash an unoiled quacky to learn the propew techniques and how to hold them and keep them ash calm ash possible.

it was a furry much educational experience and they have signed up to help in the oil spill thish year when the call ish made for the help. down below the most increadible fink ever to be. thish kind nice people at WR&E even help out TWEE RATS!!!!! can you beweives that????
that stwuck ush as furry much weirdoness but anywoo please to also take a moment and ck out a most touching post by the sweetest cupcake of the pibble pack TWEEDLES be warned she oozes the cuteness n you WILL fall in luv lotsa pibble sugars and wee wags

ouchies all better

hewo there evefurrybody

wee tiger here and brinksey winksey puddin pie chief and commander of the pto society are here to weport that all ouchies are all better.
we must apologize for being away 4 dys . you shee our 'puter had a cold and we hawd to get wid of the viwus that was making it sicky so we got it back today and its back to its old fast ways.another fing that happened today ish our gweat grammy had her ouchiation finally at noons today. shee ish still in the wecovewing awea in the ouchie building butt the doctow shayed that shee will be just fine thank dog. we are most welieved to hear of this fantastical news.and want to fank all of yoo who shent all your heawing vibes shince this whole ordeal began, we furry much beweive that all those powewful vibes helped twemendoushly. i brinksey winksey most chubbiness rolls wants to shay a warm tooty fruity fank you to ouw dear furryends el'bow and hauwii for being kind enuff to shend ush ouw GABE pwesents. they were nice enuff to wait until we moved in so our pressies would'nt get lost. we weceived it right after frankie furters butt wiff the move and all we had'nt been able to post it. ash you can see by my most tired self we have been having a gweat time playing wiff all our pressies. your most insulated pibble must west evewy so often to wecharge my toots.

this below ish a most fee-no-menal picture that was in the GABE box. we just wuv it and have put the frame in our pawsonal ' puter desk fow all to shee. how tawented dont yoo fink???

furry much full of the creativeness and full of the chic we must say . . . . .

ck the outs of thish. . . . it has our furry own names on it KISS

A BULL!~!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wike the el'bow and the hauwii

Wee lucky here ish modeling a most stylish scawf that was the purrfect light pink. furry much a summer essential and a must have fow evewy stylish wee diva. . . .or so i hear. . . . .teehee
brinksey winksey puddin pie only knows food butt all the giwls in the pack went lady gaga ovew the scawf.
we would like to fank twinkie twinkerson furry much for brainstorming such a wonderful histowic event , and el'bow and hauwii for their most touching GABE pressie.

until tomowow
pibble sugars and wee wiggles