Monday, January 31, 2011

monday madness

lookit here at this wee cracker dog !!! BOL
nommy nommy nom nom !!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

**welcome wednesday**

hewo everyfurry

the pittie pack here wiff a shpecial edition . we would like to introduce and welcome a furry shpecial woggie pibble. lookit here , lookit here

ish'nt he full of the handsums???? well hish name ish pauley james !!!!! and please help ush welcome him into our bloggy community by going over and saying howdy. he ish a foster pibble awaiting a furever home in kentucky and boy does he have some pawsome stowies. we eshpecially luvs his wigged out wednesday entries. they always make my mommish giggle and make her feel the betterments when she ish not feeling so good.

on top of all this gentle hanshumness their ish a comedian insides and boy ish'nt that a bewootiful package?!

fank you all so much for your patience as we get to blogging. our mommish ish just having a hard time here in her last trimester she will be coming home wiff a human pup in march and she ish having hard times sleeping at night plus still has to woik . we hewe at the woggie pibble house has been on ouw bestest behaviour to help our mommish out. we appreciate all the vibes and prayers.

wiff lotsa luv and pibble sugars

Monday, January 17, 2011

the shelby ish happish

this ish my happish smile
why is the shelby happish you might ask?
well on the saturday mommish, daddish and my angel sarah went to visit mr dr briles and he checked me over and told me that the shelby was wid of the heartworms and my heart was a okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im FINALLY a helffy pibble and my heart has no more of the wormies just full of the love!!!!!!
i's so happish, so thankful , i cant even describe my feelings i just get the wiggles.
if it was'nt for so many of you angels out there none of this could be the possibles. so fank you, fank you for helping this shelby pibble. fank you for AAAALLLLLL your time , prayers and green papers the SHELBY ISH HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i leaves you wiff my most sincere and thankful sugary and slobbery shelby sugars for all

Friday, January 7, 2011

hewo everyfurry
please to fowgive most chubbyness pibbles in our woggie pibble house as we has not posted in a bit. you shee ouw mommish is quite the sickiness. she is in what she calls the last trimester and she ish not feeling good. dr finks she might have what they call a die-a-bee-dees and it makes her feel all yucky mucky. ash you can shee we lays by her feet most all the time to give her all our special feel better toots and we just know they are helping her. the shelby is doing gweat you complications whatsoevers so we are furry happish to announce that. please to send ush some of ur healing vibes for our mommish and the wee spirit. spirit has been barfing her food and last lost tons of weight despite being fed up to 3 times a day like the vet suggested. she ish going to the woggie vet soon again to see what else could possibly be making her ill. in the meantime we shall all just surround them wiff the loves and keep our paws crossed for boff mommish and spirit

pibble sugars,