Thursday, August 30, 2012

two vewy impawtant events for the pittie pack

howdy there everyfurry, the bella here wiff most impawtent event announcements to announce tee hee. as you all may know our pibble pack will have a new bald non furry member soon. in october! we hopes to be in our new woggie pibble house by then. things have slowed down a bit on the new construction but we remain positive and with faith that everything will work out by the time the bald non furry two legger arrives into this pibble world. we are very excited as we love our current non furry but hairy two legger we share the bed with now. he is learning fast the ways of the ancient toots. anywoo i digress.....our great friends at k-9 katastrophe are hosting an online kissabully babyshower for our bald non furry two legger. is'nt that most pawsome?
the second most pawsome toot inducing announcement is that frankie furter is hosting a back to school bash and most pawsome of it all is that on top of all the cool classes that will be offered their is also some raffles with pawsome prizes that will help us buy some thingys for our house such as a stove per se tee hee hee. their is a very special angel who wanted to remain anonymous and this pibble angel said that if my dear bloggy friends would raise at least 500 dollars she would match it !! is'nt that the most angelic thingy ever to be!? so...on top of all the cool games and even rides you can get classes and become most educated and help the pittie pack all at the same time. PLEASE please wont you help us spread the word for these two pawsome events. we would thank you inmmensely. the information for the BACK TO SCHOOL BASH can be found HERE
and the information for the KISSABULLY BABYBULLY SHOWER can be found HERE
wiff lotsa love and pibble toots
bella of the

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Instagram wednesday

Why yes, i did just eat some yummy pork bones daddy bar bee qued wiff lotsa lotsa meat on them. It shall make for most scrumptious toots i hope.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

mommy's heart attack....and mr hammy

dear beloved fur friends
brinksey winksey pudding pie is here wiff the tootiest and funniest story that has ever been told.
well our mommish does not think it to be furry funnish. so........

 the story begins on a hot and humid texas night. the smell of yummy pibble toots in the air gently put the pawrents to a deep sleep. tee hee hee. at about 2 or three in the morning as everyone enjoyed a good nights dream, a lost and hungry hammy crawled about on a bed enticed by the smell of egg toots eminating from a furry elephant looking animal. a blood curling scream was heard throughout the neighborhood as mr hammy made his way to the heavenly hammy pooped with the frights and ran to the corner of the bed and waited for his death. the fat ellie immediately jumped into action and corner mr hammy. mr hammy was surprised to find this huge furry monster quite gentle and did not try to eat mr hammy. he just sat there between his pawrents and mr hammy. minutes which seems like hours passed  by and to mr hammys delight his mommish appeared at the door. she scooped up mr hammy and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek and took him back to his home and his foodables and to the safety of his hammy cage. the end.
the mommish here, needless to say that story as told by mr brinks is not exactly how i viewed it. i was dead asleep when i felt heavy,cold furry feet crawling up my arm at two in the morning. im a light sleeper and i can still feel its nails as it ran up my arm. i immediately jumped up, grabbed my baby and turned against the wall which is where i heard a thump as i had thrown my arm up in the air. i come face to face with a rat looking critter staring back at me from my pillow. i screamed some more and ran out the room. my husband right at my heels which did'nt help my hysteria one bit. thankfully brinks sprung into action right away and negotiated with mr hammy to stay put until we got the landlord to come retrieve her pet. it took us a couple of minutes to let our hearts slow down enough to realize it was not a huge gigantic baby eating rat but the lost hamster the landlord had been telling us about a couple of days before. needless to say i almost went into early labor and everyone but me thought it was the most hilarious sight to see to watch a seven and a half pregnant woman run for her life in the middle of the night. anywoo this was not a planned postie brinksey just HAD to share the funnies wiff our dwb family. so enojoy the picture of mr hammy up there hopefully their wont be any more of his pictures in our bloggy in the future. tee heee hee

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happiness in a box

dearest furry readers and beloved dwb family,
today our mommish shed many leaky tears again but this time it was tears of happiness...
 our dear furry friends at TWO PITTIES IN THE CITY Mr B and Miss M wiff the help of their wonderful humans Amy and Ed sent us a most thoughtful and way super kind and leaky eye making present in the snail mail.
 our mommish and their mommy had always said how our coco chanel and guero the model reminded us so much of their two pibbles. guero and Mr B were always the handsome silent type, go wiff the flow type of dudes and Miss M and Coco Chanel were the queens of the kingdom sometimes grumpy but always in charge for sures. it makes mommish so happish to always continue to read their pawsome blog because they will forever remind her of our two pibbles who started it all. lookit below at the most possum looking work of love that we opened up today......
mommish was very much at a loss for words for a while and just took it all in. thank you thank you so much Amy, Ed, Mazzy and Bruno. this will definately be cherished for EVER and will go up in our new woggie pibble house immediately. the feelings our mommish got when she laid eyes on this picture are indescribable. those are our pibbles on there. our guero, our coco. our angels. okay we must go now before the leakyness begins again tee hee
wiff lotsa pibble sugars and toodle toots
brinksey winksey and the bella

Friday, August 10, 2012

woggie pibble house pupdate

dearest beloved fur friends, i brinksey winksey pudding and pie would like to take a moment on behalf of our pibble family to thank each and every one of you who took the time to leave such kind and supportive comments on our last posts. mommish went ahead and activated the moderator thingymajig and hopefully the meanie person wont bother us anymore. i thank you from the bottom of my pibble heart because your comments have made our mommish smile and feel much the betterments. we are so lucky to have a family as caring as you all.
 here are some pictures of the back of our woggie pibble home. you see how high the house has to be. we have to make it this way because we live in a flood zone. but wiff the house this high we hopes we never have to worry about flooding. although i do have much insulation our mommish does NOT know how to swim tee hee
this is the inside of the house. mommish took this picture about two weeks ago. now the inside looks a bit diffrent because the sheet rock has been done and all the plumbing and electrical has been done also. we are very excited about the progress and hope to be in our new house before the baby two legger gets here in october. we visit the fearless five every chance we get and leave some flowers under the tree. down below is me on my way to say howdy to my angel brothers and sisters.
and just for the fun of it i has posted a most cutesome picture of my "grrr" face. mommish has trained me wiff yummy to the tummy treats to make my grr face when she says grrr to me. she thinks is most cutesome and squeels wiff the happiness so i do it most everytime.

again mommish wants to just say a heartfelt thanks. i know time has passed and the months seem to fly sometimes but to our mommish december sixteenth seems just like yesterday and sometimes its a lot to handle along wiff the pregnancy that im sure does'nt help wiff the feelings. she has thought about going to get some help because with the stress of not working and no baby stuff sometimes it gets pretty overwhelming. she goes most every chance to talk to the fearless five when we go ck on the house and daddish gets worried because she just cries and cries.  even wiff our auntie sarah, weenie and monas mommy. its hard to even bring up the fearless five because immediately our mommish gets the runny does anyone have any advice as far as if its normal or not? we take your feedback furry much seriously. you are our family and only you guys know how much a person can love a fur child so you guys are the only ones who can listen wiffout crazy doggy lady judgement.
anywoo please accept our most rose smelling toots for always being here for us and sticking up for us pibbles. we love you guys furry much so.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

pibble update...

howdy everyfurry,
brinksey winksey pudding and pie here wiff a pibble update. i would like to first apologize for being absent from  blogging for a bit. let me try to explain what has occurred. the day of our last posting we started receiving some not so very nice comments from an anonymous person on our bloggy. they went back several months worth of posts and posted mean and hurful things on our bloggy. it included things about the fearless five and how they deserved to die and how mommish was such a horrible mommy for not saving them. they said we should of died too because we were pibbles. mommish had never encountered such hateful things directed at us before and she felt very much sad and cried for days. she started having her panic attacks again and thought very much about quitting the bloggy. it had taken our mommish many months and lots of sugars from us to get her to a more stable frame of mind as far as our fearless five and this set her back to the very beginning. as of last night she still had another panic attack and we are still struggling with all the mean things this anonymous person was saying. i hope that you guys understand that this was very much sad for our mommish as she truly feels guilty she could'nt save all our brothers and sisters. anywoo, after having a long talk wiff our daddish he convinced her to try to continue blogging as blogging has always brought so much joy to us and your blog posts are the only thing that calms her down when she is having a panic attack. she has enjoyed all the olympic game posts and below i has included one of our many entries. my favorite. the tuneful farting entry!!!!!! i's perfect for it if i do say so myself.
this is an updated picture of LEO. one of the three abandoned puppies we rescued a couple of weeks ago. mommish is so happy to hear he is loved and cherished beyond what we all could have hoped for. nothing makes us more happish than to hear more pibbles are loved just how ALL doggies should be. thank you for being patient with us. has anyone had any experience with mean people before on your bloggies and how did you handle it?
thank you all and pibble sugars from the pibbles and of course toodle toots as well.