Wednesday, December 29, 2010

miss shelby ish home

oh gweatess news ever to be!!!!!
miss shelby ish back home at the woggie pibble home where she belongs
dr briles was soppose to keep her overnight one more day butt he shayed that miss shelby was so agitated and fuwy sad that he decided it would be better for her to be wiff her family to not get her too exciteables. what wiff the heartworm meddies she has to weemain calm and she WAS NOT at the vet. so . . . . wee went to pic her up wiff the speedy quickness and she ish now home tooty snoring and mommish ish keeping an eye on her all night. grammy ish on vacation so she will be shelby's nurse during the day for the next week. she lives wiff ush so shelby can just snuggle wiff the grammy all day tomowow. thank you so vewy vewy much for all the healing vibes and prayers we just KNOW miss shelby will be on the mend that much quicker wiff the power of the paw

warm snuggles and pibble sugars

power of the paw for shelby

hewo everyfurry,
the pittie pack here to ask all of our bloggy furryends to keep miss shelby in their prayers.she is going to be getting her last shot for her heartworm tweatment today. mommish dropped her off yesterday mowning at dr briles office and the shelby DID NOT want to leave mommish which made it even hawder to leave her. miss shelby was not allowed to come home that night because this mowning she gets her last shot. dr briles nurse said the shelby was doing ok but was fuwy agitated to be away from ush and in the kennel by her lonesome. mommish had taken her blankie and pink stuffy but i guess its not helping. they want to keep her ANOTHER night for monitoring but mommish will call later today in hopes they let her come home to ush and wee's to takes the care of her like last month . it ish difficult for all of ush to be away from her as much as we know its difficult for her to understand why she had to be there away from the woggie pibble house. please to keep her in your prayers and send conforting vibes so she can remain calm for her last shot. we will keep everyfurry updated on the situation.
pibble sugars and wee wiggles,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

SHELBY'S cure for your monday blah's

good mownings everyfurry

the shelby ish hewe to pwesent to ya'll my furry shpecial christmas edition and also in hopes to cure your monday blah's at the same time. ash you can see by my smile below i's furry much full of the happiness to be able to learn abouts this hollyday called christmas.ish my furry first one and my smile says it all dont you fink? last week mommish called me in from playing outside and shayed that the shelby had a christmas pwesent from our angel furryends the slimmer pugs so eyes run in wiff the speedyness and was furry much anxious and exciteables

mommish and grammy had finished the twee and grammy showed me the orkneemints and shayed that thish ish for the santa paws so he can maybe leave some wittle gifts for ush cause we've been good woggies. that made me warm in my heart cause i've tried my furry best to be a good girl and i hopes the santy paws wemembers the shelby thish year.

im asking grammy if she finks i might get someping and she shayed their ish no doubt in anyones mind that the shelby deserves someping from the santy paws.

i furry much like the way thish twee smells . i close my eyes and take it all in. this is someping i want to weemember for ever and the evers and chwish in my heawt.

now fow the goodies pawt im fuwy happish to show ya'll my nommy goodies. ya'll know i likes

the squeakers and im a good giwl and dont deestuffyem PLUS they were PINK my furry much favorite color ever to be!!!!

mommish shays that pink ish fow princesses and that the shelby ish a bonafide princess and

i's try furry much hawd to be lady like and pretty. do y'all fink i makes a good princess?!?!?

thank you furry much slimmer pugs i's love all the pink goodies wiff all my heawt they are now my favorite and i shleep wiff them when i got tooty nite nite. i's shared them wiff my other sissies and we all feel like princesses for sures

wiff lotsa shelby licks and slobbery pibble sugars

i wish you a furry mewy christmas and i hopes my smile can cure some of your monday blahs

princess of :

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

***christmas angels:the slimmer pugs***

hewo evewyfurry
the brinksy winksy hewe wiff a very special postie about some angel fuwyends we have
if you gets the chance please stop by their bloggy and say howdy not only awe they the cuteness but they have some of the biggest heawts awound.
down below you may fink that this ish me looking all santy paws and slim shady butt dont be fooled. thish ish what my mommish calls and or-knee-mint, its my twin orkneemint, i felt the specialness all in my tummy to have an orkneemint that looks like me. who woulda thunk it?? a oinky pibble santy paws orkneemint?!?!?! thish hewe below ish a yummy to ouw tummy goodie box from ouw angel fuwyends the slimmer pugs and theiw wonderful mommish.
yesh its true , this brought the salty water from our mommish's eyes cause especially around christmas its fuwy shpecial fow someone to fink about less fortunate woggies. it takes fuwy special angels to fink about all ush woggies hewe at the woggie pibble house butt . . . . they do exist in the form of oodles of cuteness in furry pug bodies.

we shall show you wittle by wittle the goodies in the box for all to see how much we enjoyed them. today me and bella shall model the yummy to our tummies. first ish thish box full of christmas nommies. me and bella hewe are sniffin the good smells and our tummies started to grrr immediately
now hold on to your toots cause next i's to showcase for ya'll this play ball fit right to my chubby size. now THIS is a ball i cans play wiff. its round and tough like me.i cants waits to try it out in our backyard.

bella here is inspecting me ball but i's told her that the brinksy winksy had alweady tooted on it which means i get first dibs to play wiff it tomowow. she can try it after the brinksy. . . oh boy! thish cant possibly get the betters.
mommish: yes it can brinksy just close your eyes and wish for something you really want .
brinksy: ok mommish, what the brinky winksy wishes wiff all his heart and tummy ish fow some rawhide bones. . . .
i's wish it , i's wish it wiff all my tummy!!!!!!
oh squirrel hiney!! ish thish weally true mommish ?!?!? i guess i've been a good oinky pibble thish year cause my chubbyness got the goodies. . .
me brinksy winksy puddin pie and bella the primpcess would like to thank the slimmer pugs . we weally sometimes awe at a loss of words and special toots to express just how warm we feels in ouw hearts when someone ish nice to ush the way you angels are. words cannot properly describe how much this helps ush and makes ouw mommish feel happish cause we have tweats and toys she cant weally buy. this was a fuwy thoughtful package and we thank you from the bottom of our furry pibble hearts <3

pibble sugars and warm toots for all

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

monday night foozeball

hewo everyfurry the brinksy winksy hewe to say to santa paws thats i's been fuwy good thish yeaw and if he could please help the houston texans make it to the playoffs this yeaw. i's to even model my favowite hat for all of ya'll to show my chwistmash and texans spiwit.
they play tonight against the ravens!!!

LETS GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

!!!!!! I HAS BEEN CAUGHT !!!!!

deawest woggies and meow meows of all blogland . . . .


thish ish butt a sneak pee-view of whats to come in the next coming blog posties. so please to hold on to your toots for more. i fear we have even more towrtuous pictures of what has occurred to ush at woggie pibble house and i musta warn yous that thish evidence is quite the graphics.. . . .
i must go hide in shame now . . . . . .
oh and tooty snore and plan my wee-venge. . . . .
im finkin some toots in her pillow might do the twick. . . . .

sugary wee kisses,

tiger (grrr)

of the

Wednesday, December 1, 2010




wee pibble sugars
shelby's white fluff of shnow!!!