Thursday, April 29, 2010

queen coco chanel's thankful , thougtful thursday:origins edition 1

heer yee heer yee
queen coco chanel here wiff my weekly royal edition. your queens of queens has sum furry much
exciting news for my bewootiful subjects. i shall for the next 6 weeks will be giving you the story of the pibble pack origins. our dear alaskan furryends @ ina in alaska asked ush if we could one day post a bloggy about how our pack came together and we thought that was a most fantastical idear.if you woggies dont mind i shall start wiff our princess bella. . . . . . . . .
now bella here was once a bone skinnish, scary pibble wunning down a main street in our part of at this time we had just a pack of three: me , guero and brinks. we were definately not planning on taking in any more pibbles or any woggie for that matter but bella had other plans. our grammy was walking to the corner store early one morning cause she was in desperate need of her morning coffee which had run out. everyfurry was asleep still and she did'nt want to wake anyone up so she walked.when she got to the store she saw this skeletal sand color girl woggie running up to her howling. not barking but howling. . . she had never heard a howl like that before it was almost like she was asking for help and was furry much scared. granny stopped and petted her and she kept jumping up on granny giving her kisses and still howling. granny did'nt know WHAT to do. she waslked inside the store and asked to use the phone hoping that this woggie did'nt go anywhere. as soon as she walked in she saw the woggie run away towards the busy street. this street is a main street and is ALWAYS full of traffic no matter the time. her heart stopped as she watched the woggie dart this way and that but she made it to the other side she could hear her howling still this time at a man that was waiting at a bus stop but this man was not a woggie person because he grabbed a stick and hit her with it. she turned and ran again even more scared than before. im sure she was wondering why they were hittin her when she was only a lost scared woggie asking for help.granny held her breath again as she seen her dodge more traffic and this time she met her halfway. she had change in her pocket which she was going to buy coffee with and she walk to the payphone and dialed mommish's number. when mommish picked up she could hardly hear what grammy was saying all she says she heard was bella howling in the background. mommish immediately got daddish up and told him that granny said a pibble was in trouble and they got the keys and ran to the truck wiff a leash and some nommies. as soon as mommy saw the scared bella her heart melted. when mommish got out the truck she called the bella over and bella ran to her gave her a howl and licked her face and jumped in the passenger side of the truck. daddish just shrugged and boff mommish and grammy jumped in the back seat and off we went to the woggiepibble house. mommish and daddish did'nt have a plan as to what to do wiff the bella it all came about out of nowhere. mommish called in to work and stayed home to see how to go about introducing the bella to the house and food and all that. it broke mommish heart as it always does to see how skinnish she was and all her ribs were poking this day bella has never been the vocal woggie . she never even barks at the meow meow on our street or people passing by. she ish truly an angel and never gives mommy nothing to worry about. she does'nt tear up anything she is quiet and obidient. it goes to show how scawy she musta been to have been howling like that when she was found. brinksey winksey was the first woggie to come and play wiff her. one day while she was in her kennel he passed by and dropped his favorite froggie stuffy in front of her kennel and just laid there looking at her.mommish had let all ush pibbles sniff her the first week and no one had growled or acted mean about it so she let her out wiff the most chubbiness and after some hiney sniffs they instantly became best siblings.guero was next and then me. i was kinda weary at first cause i did'nt know if she wanted to be queen too cause i was already queen of woggiepibble house but mommy calls her the "submissive" one whatever that means i just know she shayed to me she wanted to be the princess and i could stay queen and so that was that. i accepted her into my kingdom and the west ish HISTORY!!
whew! if your shtill wiff me you deserve some extra slobbery queen sugars for letting me tell our story. and please to tune in wiff the next edition of GUERO THE MODEL.

regal tail wags and queen sugars
coco chanel
queen of the universe

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

monday madness

hewo everyfurry

horrors have occurred in our weepibble village today. . . . . . . . . . . . .

mind blogging torture has been done to ush innocent pibbles and wee's of the woild. . . . . . . . . . .

never ending shivery fears were felt all morning . . . . . .

below are pikshures the spy wee's have downloaded to the computer wiffout mommish knowing so that way word gets out of the pain we endured today . . . . . . . . .

maybe it will help other sad souls in the woild and they will find a little closure after what they may have gone through that ish similar to our sad story . . . . . . . . . . notice the puppy faces we all have made for you

brinksey winksey below sneaked a peak at the terror that was occurring . . . . .

then . . . . he was abducted by the water monster/daddish and poor brinksey had to live the pain as well. . . . . the sick munsters even took pikshures of us poor victims for their own enjoyment no less

we will have nightmares for days. . . . . . . reliving each and every second of this most horrendous plan to . .. . . .keep our coat shiny and smelling nommy. . . . . . . nommy for whom?!?!? may we ask . . . . . . .

poor wee's . . . . . .cant they take compassion in how wittle and innocent they are??????

poor lucky was not so fortunate today. . . . . .

some of our pack managed to escape this most dreadful day . .. . . .

guero and coco chanel have lived on to tell our story to all who will listen as we lay in bed eating nommys they gave ush to try to make ush feel better . . . .. we'll take the nommies darnit!!! but we're still tooting in their pillow tonight!!!

revenge will be ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not furry happish but melon smellin pibbles and wee's

brinks, bella, lucky and tiger

Monday, April 26, 2010

sunday WEE-kly

hewo ev-WEE-body , the WEE ones here wiff our hopefully WEE-kly edition

our mommish ag-WEE-eed wiff ush to let ush have sunday to shower you wiff all our cuteness

here ish ush on the way to the spring fling to shee mona and her mommy. tiger is anxiously waiting and keeps asking are WEE are there yet.

lucky here posing purrty wiff the new harness that mona's mommish bought her. ish'nt monas mommish the sWEEtest ever to be.?? we should have more pics of the spring fling comin up soon cause the tiger came out on TV.

speaking of which this is the stuffy that mona gave tiger on their first date. as you can see he loves the stuffy furry much and gives it sweet kisses before night nite. tiger cant wait til we move closer to mona soon.

thish ish ush sniffing the new flowers in our back yard. they have lots to tell ush about the invading twee rats that come to pawty when we are shleeping and tooting inside.

our sissy bella ish here snoopervising our stuffyectomy that we got in the backyard.

who wants to wub my belly?????? im weady!!!!!

wee wiggles and wee sugars

lucky and tiger

division: the wee ones

Saturday, April 24, 2010

getting summer weady

brinksey winksey here
chief and commander of the PTO Society and leader of all that ish furry meaty
i's to have come to a conclusion after using all my smarticles today i have decided.. . . . . . . i's to get on a D-I-E-T!!!! you shee summer ish coming up and brinksey winksey wants to be fit and trim for my lady wuv and i might even wear one of those speedo things that david beckham made so famous.what do ya'll think??? brinksey in a speedo for summer!!! i's to recruit guero the model to helps the brinksey wiff his exercise regimen what wiff guero being all full of the mucle bones/butt. so . . . my most chubbiness nommy tummy and full of cute meaty self ish determined to shed the baby fat soon . . . . . not now . . . but in the furry near future. . . . maybe tomorrow. . . or next month. . . .
after i finish all my nommies of coise . . . . . . . . . then i'll decide again . . . . maybe eating might help me think betto . . . . .

nom nom nom nom nom gulp nom nom nom nom

brinksey butt wiggles

Thursday, April 22, 2010

queen coco chanel's thoughtful , thankful thursday

hear yee hear yee
good noon's my most loyal and bewootiful subjects, you royal highness here coco chanel queen of all that ish furry in this universe. im here to present my weekly edition first let me explain abour our great grammy. mommish was so upset today becaws they cxled our great grammys ouchieation due to the infection she still the weason mommish was mad was cause they decided to cxl it when grammy went through all her test and blood woiks AND she was already on the operating table when they made thish decision. now thish past monday grammy had an appointment wiff her doctor to ck on her infection progess but he cxled it saying that she should be ready for thursday. IF the doctor would of cked her as scheduled he woulda figured out the infection was NOT gone and that she could not have surgery this thurday. BUT NOOOOO my mommish and grammy took a day off of woik to take great grammy to hoshpital for nothing. what bothers the mommish more ish that grammy was all scawy and full of the nervousness at the hospital and she woiked her nerve up to be ok wiff the ouchieation only for them to tell her NEVER MIND WE'LL WAIT ANOTHER TWO WEEKS!!
not nice at all i must say!!! if coco chanel queen of the universe woulda been there she would of shayed "OFF WIFF HIS HEAD"
but anywoo enuff of headaches for today we'll let you guys know when the next ouchieation appointment will be when we know. here are my picks for this weeks vintage pibble thursday

makes coco chanel full of the emotions when i shee how much america use to love ush pibbles. . . . . down below we weceived this most glorious date night souvenier from the gorgeous twix for attending date night. i shtill wemember it ash if were yesterday. we had just the funnest time wiff all our furryends and all our hot dates!! thank you twix we will dishplay it wiff honors. talking about date night . . . . .
we would like to introduce you to this wittle bundle of fur name LUNA
luna is furry new to the bloggy woild and she ish the sweetest cutest thing ever to be and we offered to introduce everyfurry to her. she was excited to read about date night and was hopin that maybe next year she would attend ash well. we told her that wiff all that cuteness she would have no problem finding a date,

please to go ofur by clicking here and shay a wam helloand welcome to this cutey patooty who ish looking for some furryends we must warn you that its going to be full of the cuteness ofur there okey dokey
lastly but definately not least
brinksey winkseys lady love turned 2 today!!!!! woooohoooo!!! if you can wish her a happy happy barkday we would send you extra sugars , we would'nt want anyone to feel lonely on their barkay!! you can click here to shend her your wishes
thank you guys for all you do for pibble pack and for all your best wishes for the grammy
mommish shays that she would have probably gone looney ( more) wiff out all your support and kind woids.
pibble wiggles and wee wags
the pittie pack

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


hewo everyfurry the pibble pack here wiff some announcements and what not. so . . . first off we would like to thank all our furryends for helpin ush spread the woid and voting for this most bewootiful pibble here
dont you wann such slobber his nose wiff the sugars in this pic???
he's another piksure of this precious angel and we are so furry happish that he is loved as all woggies in the woild should be all thanks to wonderful angels at NMAR who took a chance on a pibble that would of never known the simple pleasures of human kisses and belly rubs.please to take a moment and vote for this wonderful shelter here below

This is the Pepsi Refresh Project page for NMAR:

on a diffrent topic we are here to present you our most pleasing puppy dog eyes so that way you can help ush and pray for our grammy tomorrow. she is scheduled for her surgery at around 11am and we are all furry much full of the nervousness. in the past she has not taken well to the anesthesia and since she is much older now since her last ouchieation we are full of the worries. we are doing our best to keep our mommish welaxed and give her lots of the pibble sugars and wee wiggles and it does help.
please to cross your paws for the grammy

purrty please

wiff pibble sugars on top

and queen cheese

and brinksey whipped cream and bella sprinkles

we'll keep you guys updated on the results of the ouchieation
pibble wiggles and wee waggles
the pittie pack

pibble please to wead me and help!!!

pibble pack here wiff some pibble favors i must ask our our wonderful you guys know we dont ask favors only when its of the upmost impawtance so please to help ush help thish most wonderful shelter. one of our furryends maureen shent ush this informatio and we are going to help spread the word.the following ish the info.. . . .. . . .

You may already know the story of Gunny the Pit Bull. Gunny was used as a bait dog until he was no longer of any use, dumped on the side of the road, and left to die. Fortunately, his story did not end there. Gunny was found by a good samaritan and taken to a local shelter. There he was found by Amy, a volunteer from the North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue (NMAR), on the night before he was to be euthanized.NMAR and Amy took Gunny in and saved his life. Together they took Gunny through the many grueling surgeries it would take to save his life and rehabilitate his battered body. Gunny now spends his time as an Ambassador for NMAR and Pit Bulls worldwide. He and Amy have been teaching children the cruelty of dog fighting and responsible pet ownership. Gunny has won countless accolades for his courageous and inspiring story. You can see his amazing tale of courage and the love that saved him on YouTube here:

And now, Gunny’s friends at North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue need the help of the votes of the Pit Bull and dog community. NMAR, who lost their building to a devastating flood in 2008. is currently in the running for a Pepsi Refresh Project Grant! Their project - Kennels for K-9s - is in the running to win a $50,000 grant to rebuild their facility. Winning the grant means dogs in need can be moved from the outside kennels that went up after the flood. It means NMAR can continue to do what they do best -- help save man’s best friend!They are currently in 19th place.

They only need to move into one of the Top 10 places to win one of the $50k grant!

It costs nothing more than voting one time each day.I am asking all my favorite Pitties to reach out to their fans and lets see if we can’t help Gunny’s friends build a new home! How fantastic would that be? Pitties helping pitties and other pups.

This is the Pepsi Refresh Project page for NMAR:

To learn more about North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue, you can visit their website:

If you are moved by Gunny’s story and want to thank the incredible folks who helped him on his journey, won’t you please share their story with your blog fans and ask them to help NMAR in their quest for a new home by casting a vote once a day.The voting ends April 30th. They must finish in the Top 10 to win $50,000!!

tonight i will be posting some furry much cute pics of mr gunny and some furry much pleading pictures of our pack asking for help wiff their most puppy dog eyes in hopes you'll be swayed to help ush

pibble wiggles

the pittie pack

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GABE weiners and TWIX'S date night**

howdy everyfurry the pittie pack here to announce the GABE weiners and give you and update on date night. first and foremost we want to thank TWINKIE MARIE CONCHITA ESPENOZA CUCARACHA DOODLE-BUG CHUPA CABRA TWINKERSON ( whew!) for thish most glorious and most snooper dooper event. Like we commented on your post today only a superstar like you could have made in its furry fist year an event so globally popular. its eshpecially full of the shpecialness because not only do we get to give away some nommies and pressies but all ush woggies got to meet most wonderfull new furryends who we'll get to make shpecial furryendships wiff for years to come. so we thank you most bewootiful tiny hostess. your heart is 100 times bigger than your wee self. of course your mommish weceives same honors and pibble sugars from us which you must pass on extra slobbery from us. okey dokey hokey on to the weiners of our GABE event. the following will weceive extra shpecial nommy and toy packages that we have specifically picked out for you so please to peemail ush you snail mail addy so we can shend it off in the next coupla days.

AND . . . . . THE . . . WEINERS . . . . ARE . . . . ..



boy wash thish weekend one of the bestest ever to be!! not only did tiger get to shee some of his mona on saturday AND sunday ( pics of that to come on the next post) but everyfurry had a blast on date night. we would like to thank the gorgeous twix for hosting thish most romantic night out it was the most fun the pack has had in a long time and boy were all of them smitten wiff their dates. thish ish the pack after a long night pawtying. . . . .

brinks kept asking for water from the daddish cause he was so dehydrate from all the drinking and dancing . he lost about .2 of a pound out there on the dance floor wiff his haleigh salsa dancing

guero was not too happish wiff mommish disrupting his dream. he was dreaming of his bewootiful date halle and replaying the wonderful memories of dancing the night away wiff her.
tiger ish here wiff the infamous kissy stuffy. he fell ashleep wiff it thinkin of mona of coise.

can you tell bella ish having a bewootiful dream of a certain handshum and tall fellow. . . . . .

look at lucky penny here . . . . she had a blast wiff all the single gals at the pawty getting lotsa attention from all the male woggies.

coco chanel here queen of the universe had a headache the size of the universe she rules after date night ash well. she showed mr b how to do the texas two step.they had a blast together and she is quite smitten.
for more details of the night please to click here

tired wags but happy wiggles
the pittie pack