Tuesday, November 27, 2012

living room nanny

howdy everyfurry,
today i brinksy would like to take a moment and feature our very own living room nanny
 we want to thank GUERA !! its like guero but for a girl. here she is always keeping a watchful eye on the little monsters in the house. since we live with my daddys mommy right now, wee human puppys jr and michael have a little cousin named leo that they play with too. we want to thank guera for being so patient and understanding what with all the change she has experienced also. these are the families first grandchildren and within two years their is now 2 running around the house and a newborn and she could not be any more patient and loving. she is never startled by the noise of running feet or squealing laughter. she also does not mind our toots. so today we thank you guera. for being the epitome of a pibble nanny.
 here is mommish attempt at photoshopping....our wee human puppies....

  pibble sugars
brinksey winksey pudding pie

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy birthday

Me brinksey winksey pudding pie and bella would like to wish our dear mommish a most happyful barkday....she is getting quite the oldies...she will almost be * gasp * thirty!! But we love her all the same....here is hoping this new year brings no more sadness and happiness galore. Can we get a toot! Toot!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Helping Friends

howdy everyfurry
brinksy winksy here wiff most impawtant news to spread
as you know the most horrid storm by the name of sandy visited some of our friends last month.
hoiidays are coming up and some of our furry friends need our help.
our great friend mayzie and her wonderful mommy have come up wiff a great way to help our fellow
furries out. this month, the month of giving i aSk if you could find it in your hearts to maybe
give some green papers to this wonderful cause. its as easy as giving up some yummy treats for this
month only and in turn you will bless someone else with food for their tummy or some much needed medies.
mayzie and her mommy have chosen three wonderful deserving shelters that the money will go to. these shelters
have worked even without electricity at times but all in the name of helping those less fortunate.
on top of having the great feeling of knowing you helped your fellow furry you may also get some great gifts
please click this link  for more detailed information
if you are not able to contribute wiff green papers another wonderful way to help these furries is to share share share!!!
you can share on facebook or twitter or do a blog post. the more people read about it and become aware of this cause the greater chance
we have of reaching the goal. so go on and help us with a bark out!

another thingy that us pibbles wanted to bark about is the election. some of our fellow bloggers have made posts about their happiness
or unhappiness with the results of the election. some have received not so very nice comments and have felt badly about this. we truly
in our furry hearts beleive that the wonderful thing about our country is that everyone furry and human alike is entitled to their own opinion
and even more wonderful is that you can definately state that opinion on your own bloggy. we all may have diffrent opinions about who we want
to run our country but we all have one very impawtant thing in common. our love for our furry kids and all animals. that is what brought us
together and that is what made our friendships bloom and become most special. regardless of who we voted for lets remember this above all.
lets be kind and if one does not agree with some opinions lets just skip that post and we are sure if you come back in a couple of days
you'll be back to looking at your favorite furry friend.
pibble sugars
from the pittie pack

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

vick sucks!!


double    buwahhaahahahahahah

triple buwhahahahahahahah
he was sacked a total of seven times in this one game alone sunday night buwahahahahahahaha karma anyone????