Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy thanksgiving

Happy rhanksgiving to all you pups and dear friends! We had to cancel thanksgiving at our house this year because we are all terribly sick with the flu and the fevrs but we are thankful for your precious friendship not just today but everyday. We love you all. 
The pittie pack

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Red light puppy

Howdy pupsters....yesterday was most horrid and then wonderful all at the same all started with mommish drive home from the red light on the side of the freeway she saw some (insert choice of hbo word here) throw something out of the passenger side window....quickly she realized that it was a wee puppy...well light turned green and mommish panicked,  proceeded to put the car on park and like a crazy lunatic got out and ran to get the puppy. Needless to say after much honking and crazy looks mommish and red light puppy were safely in the car. Mommish drove to the nearest parking lot to calm her nerves and fury before driving home to us. She was very sad and mad someone would do such a horrid thing. Once home red light puppy was welcomed by all as mommish explained the story to dad. Jr the two year old was very upset she had been thrown away and immediately hugged her. For the rest of the afternoon they were glued together. He is the one that made it clear she was to be added to the pack. When i asked him to pick a name for red light puppy he said ...april....
You see, april is the girl that all the ninja turtles protect and are friends with on their cartoon. He said that him and michael were going to protect her from now on. So here she is ady pups and gentleboys APRIL GONZALEZ! Toot! Toot! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

day of the dead

today we has a celebrations goings on in our woggie pibble house ...wont you join us!!!!
on this most shpechial day our angele brofurs and sisfurs will come play with us! is'nt that exciting!!! we took a baff and brushed our toofies, we got on our very best furs so we can wait for the visit.....
The Day of the Dead, is not about death… it’s about celebrating life and welcoming back the spirits of the dearly departed
if you keeps a good ear and your heart open today my furryends you will get a visit from your angels too..
we beleive it wiff all our furry hearts that today we will be a day full of love and family reunions.....we cant wait!!!
so hurry up and get pretty and hanshum so you can also celebrate day of the dead wiff us!!! we love you and miss you fearless five....we shall see you in a bit!!