Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pibble house puctures

Oh happy day!!! Tootful good pictures to show....the house is completely painted on rhe outside and lookit some of the inside...we love the ceiling lights so much....dont you....batman continues to guard our base of command and fights the good fight until we are brought back home....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Throwback thursday on instagram

My favorite furry easter bunny

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Impawtant questonables wiff brinksey

Dearest followers
I brinksey winksey pudding and pie have a most impawtant question to ask? me and my
sister Bella the primpcess has been going back and forth about this situation. I
brinksy think that its MOST impawtant that when we first move into our new woggie pibble
home my first objective and goal is to baptize the entire house. I brinksey think that
every nook and corner has to be showered by me in order to make sure that the horrid
evil alien tree rats smell the danger that they are walking into when they trespass
into the woggie pibble house. The PTO (Pibbles Take Over) Society will not stand for
any intruders disrespecting our woggie pibble house. those criminal tree rats will
receive no mercy from our most noxious toots if they dare sneak in and no leniency will
be given to those convicts by me BRINKSEY WINKSEY PUDDING AND PIE.
whew! now that I has
stated my case...Bella wants to inform you guys that she is all for protecting the
woggie pibble house from those terrible smelly troublemakers but she is not sure that our
dear mommish will be happy with my idea of sprinkling my warning spray all around our brand
new woggie pibble house. I on the other hand think our mommish will be just delighted that I
has taken it upon my most chubby but handsome self to protect the house from evil. I thinks that it shows
how mature and responsible my pibble self is.
what do you guys think? please consider the fact that these foul smelling squirrels
have gotten accustomed to us pibbles not being there and think they have taken over
our PTO society command center. WE MUST SHOW NO TOLERANCE, SHOW NO FEAR,
now who's wiff me?!?!?!?!
TOOT !!! TOOT !!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pibble house

today we took our mommish for a walk. we love showing her off but we dont understand why she has always insisted that we go out on a leash. i mean sheesh! you would think after walking down the same neighborhood for all these days she would know how to get back home right?
poor mommish, she is scared to get lost i guess, we dont bark about it too much because we feel sorry for her but it would be nice to train her to walk without a leash. have you trained your human to walk off leash?

On another note here are two pictures of our almost finished pibble house. The first one is of the kitchen. The pipes sticking out is for the sink that will be on mommish most beloved kitchen island. She always wanted one and finally she is getting it. The next picture is of our room....we are just wiggly wiff the excitement of everything finally getting done....keep paws crossed that it keeps moving ....

Lastly a picture of michael the wee two legger who is now five months old and our bigger two legger who is turning two next weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Godspeed to the one who stole everyones hearts. You take so many pieces of hearts with you sweet Remington we hope it fills you with love galore until we all meet again. Run fast and free sweet angel.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fashionable Furry Friday

Howdy everyfurry,

Bella the PRIMPcess here wiff some fashionable news for all you fashionable doggie
lovers. being the grand fashionista that i am, i like to always be in the know
about current fashions and trends. i think i've done a great service to my mommish
over the years and transformed her rather questionable choices in fashion into a somewhat
decent way of dressing tee hee.
anywoo, i would like to take a moment to talk about a very pawsome shoe that our mommish
came across in the magazine MARIE CLAIRE. she was reading on her lunch break about this
most pawsome organization called FRIENDS OF FINN (FOF) a group that raises money and
awareness to end the billion-dollar puppy mill industry in this country. They have debuted
their first fashion collaboration: a special edition espadrille called SOLUDOS. the pattern
is so pawsome it consists of tiny dog bones and the colors are just lovely.

when we got online my mommish and I. I tooted wiff the excitement at the lovelyness of it all.
Amanda Hearst which is the founder is a lovely woman who fell in love with her doggy and found
out his mommy was a puppy mill mommy. this prompted her to try to do something about it.we
love this because we are firm beleivers that anyone can do something to help furries. No
matter how small it may be it can be life changing to the furries.

Our pibble family loves to support anything that helps furries out so we decided
to let all our friends know so that way if you are ever in the need to jump on the fashion
trend and be IN THE PIBBLE KNOW like Bella the PRIMPcess then my dahlings THIS is THE IT SHOE
of the moment.


Here is the link to the website and directly to the section for FRIENDS OF FINN

Pibble sugars,
Bella the PRIMPcess