Friday, October 2, 2009


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Boris said...

Hey Houston Pac,

With just that one opening, it looks like a lot of mouth to feed. I wonder if you're like me and your folks have to venture down to retrive items that get 'stuck'. You could get down to your elbow in that cave.

We read on BadRap that you are looking to get networked in the area. So drop us a line through our blog page.

Let us know the side of town you are on. Up in the 77095 area, we have some folks networked through "Paws on Jackrabbit Rd" in helping individuals. Still operating in the greater area is SpindleTop moved North of Houston a bit, but still working on rescue. Watch out as SPCA and BARC are Pit Bull kill shelters.

We have connected also with a group working to get CGC certification for Pit Bulls with both DogWood and PupScouts.

Enjoying your blog sharing.
We'll check back,