Thursday, December 20, 2012

please read ....a special request for an angel

good morning everyone, today the pibbles let me take over to ask a very special request from all of you. this is very truly special because it gives us the chance to make a very special angel smile in a very difficult time in his little life. our fellow bloggers over at Annie and Paul's world contacted me recently. their mom's co worker attends church with a family who has a child terminally ill with cancer. she send me the following in an email One of my coworkers attends church with a family who has a child terminally ill with cancer. He's asked for people to send him Christmas Cards for Christmas because he knows that the hospital bills for him are expensive. (And for a 6 year old to know this is kind of amazing). He's not expected to make it far into the New Year. He and his family won't be able to send back any Christmas Cards, but I was wondering if you'd be able/willing to add him to the Christmas Card exchange anyhow. i think that if any of us have any cards left of could possibly make one ourselves or even buy one and send a picture of our doggies in it would mean the world to this very special child. please pass along word to all your readers and email me so i can pass the address along. here is a report that was on TV about Nathan. this special angel.


i read recently an article on msn about therapy doggies being sent to the little town of newton CT to help with grief counseling. i don't need to tell you my fellow animal lovers how much a furry face can heal wounds and erase tears. please lets send him some furry love to bring a smile to Nathan's face. thank you all our email addy is


Anonymous said...

I wanted to stop by to wish you all and your pawrents a




woos, Tessa

Jans Funny Farm said...

What a wonderful idea. Very sad for the family of the young boy, though. We assume the boy's address is for snail mail and not email? The only photos of us are on the computer and we can't print any. :(

How Sam Sees It said...

We will be thinking of your friend.


Suka said...

Very sad story but what a wonderful idea to help an ill child. We hope he is showered with Christmas cards and his heart fills with much joy.

We wanted to stop by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas filled with much love, happiness, and good cheer! And may the spirit of Christmas bless you and yours throughout the year.


FurAngel Suka and K

sprinkles said...

Merry Christmas from me and the chi's!