Wednesday, August 26, 2009

****THE QUEEN****

The name is Coco Chanel

once upon a time long ago i was living in a bad place filled with ant bites and nightmares. those mongrels did not recognize the blue blood in me and had me living in filth. one day my soon to be mommy came and saw me and rescued me.
obviously she saw the royalty she had in her woman that mother of mine ! needless to say i have taken my rightful place as queen and ever since have ruled my kingdom. oh and i have to share it with guero who thinks he is king, and a bratty young ling called brinks who my mom calls her fat little prince.she got the fat part right. he cant be considered a prince in my book because he has absolutely no etiquette. he eats on his stomach for pittie's sake!

anyways so . . . the reason for my writing other than mommy wanting me to properly introduce myself was too state my unhappiness about a certain situation that arose about a year ago.

my mother came home with a PEASANT whom she calls I'm all up for mommy helping out the needy people with food and water but she brought her home to LIVE!!!!! i can smell her perfume when we take turns sleeping between my Mommy's room and grammys.
my mommy says that I'm still the queen of the house and gives me lots of treats and kisses but i must say i am not very convinced about this whole situation.
I'm old and grumpy so I'm not allowed to play with her which suits me just fine.
as long as she doesn't start thinking she's princess or anything I'll let her share mommy for now.

more to come in this new development.
i must say I'm not happy mother . . . not happy at all
your highness

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