Monday, August 24, 2009

RIP little squeaky toy

the name is brinks. my mom says that brinks is some sort of security alarm system and that the name doesn't fit me cause I'm such a sweet dog but i don't know what she's talking about. i am sweet but i don't know about the dog part.
i always hear her call dogs those animals that resemble me, but i always see them outside or running around in the street . i always thought of myself as a different race kinda like my mommy. she works a lot so she might be a bit confused, its OK , i still love her.
she came home today and my Grammy with my favorite squeaky toys ever!!!
she went to put up the rest of the groceries and me and my sister were so happy with the toys that when she came back they didn't squeak anymore. i thought that was the point of them to find the squealer and demolish it . but i guess my mom again , cause shes tired and confused thought we should let them squeak for at least a day
who knew?!?!?!
she called my Grammy in and they were both laughing at us cause they said that we ruined our fun so fast but i had a blast!!!
she says its OK that she'll buy me some more so i know i wasn't in trouble
my sister bella still has hers so i might have to show her how to play the game when Mommy's not watching =)

my sister bella
i got caught red handed !! =)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh! The squeakerdectemy. This is a precise and difficult procedure. You should be amazed that your adorabul dogs are so adept. My Quizz can perform one in 5 minutes flat on the right toy. Now, I got to Good Will get squeakerless toys and watch him rescue the sheep out of the stuffie. ;)

My life without my pit would be bland.

kissa-bull said...

ahh goodwill ! is my favorite place.
they have the best toys for my babies.
and yes the sheep dont stay in the stuffie too long do they! but the look on their face is priceless lol