Tuesday, December 8, 2009

*** vanessa and snow in houston ?!?!?! ***

hewo everybody , this weekend was great, two pawsome things i want to announce.
first and most awesome was that another pibble has officially been rescued.woof woof !!! this is vennesha , mommish and daddish auntie found her on the stweet
she was getting shot at by some meanie with a bibi gun cause she was passing by his house. can you beweive that ???? so dadish auntie called the cops on him and mommish brought vannesha in the yard and checked her over and gave her food and water cause she was vewy skinnish.mommish said vannesha was vewy scared and her tail would'nt come out of her legs but she still gave momish sweet kishes.mommish was cryiing cause she was mad and shad.she convinced auntish to let vannesha stay.and what do you know , she worked all her charms and soon fit right in with the family as you can see she is the christmash present woof woof!!

this is vannesha again in the snow , can you see her???? mommish says she is so happy vannesha is now warm and safe and away from all meanish people.

the second pawsome thing that happened as you can see is that it shnowed .
a lot !!!!! i have never seen thish much shnow in my life!!!
it was so beutiful, i was tasting it of course; this is me above mommih says she loves the way i prance in the snow. its starting to feel alot like cwishmash!!!!

lots of slobbers and waggles
woof woof


Maureen said...

She is amazingly beautiful. I love her little pink ears. It's so wonderful to hear she has a warm, safe, loving home now.

Merry Christmas indeed!

PoochesForPeace said...

Some people are so mean, i'm glad to hear she got a home. Good for mommish for helping! P.S.-Shadow says to give me your email address so I can let you know where treats can be delivered!

kissa-bull said...

@ maureen , yes she is beutiful and increadibly kind and forgiving to us humans =) we could all learn a little something from these adorable pibbles

Rescued Pittie Family said...

Aw Merry Christmas Pibbles! What a wonderful blessing.

Gaby, held on by wires. said...

Hehe... I love the doggies in the snow.

Bijou said...

Wow you did get a terrific early Christmas pressie! And she is a very purdy doggy too! We hope you all have fun playing in that snow and enjoy the pupsicles. Mom says she won't make us any til it warms up! BOL