Tuesday, March 16, 2010

pawty crashers

oh my dogness
oh my furry furryends the most chubbiness pibble has been sho bishy worrying ofur the bella that he has had no time for the pto society lately until our most adorabull kissy cousins called ush up and told ush our base of command was on the verge of being invaded by twee rats!!
yikes!!!! hurry daddish , please to help most insulated and oinky pibble up on the pibblemobile!!! i's to go rescue kissy cousins at once!!
BLACKY: oh brinks! we've been so furry worried , horrors are occurring here at the base of command. twee rats are throwing twee rat bashes and all kinds of all night pawties while you were away. we are so furry much worrysome.

i's to try to keep an eye on things as much as i can but these twee rats are smartypants and are full of smarticles and while we toot and shleep inside we wakes up to nuthing but NUTS on our yard full of twee rat booze. its a mess i tell you A MESS!!!

they knocked ovfurr our hammock looky here blondie and vanessa cant west on their hammock cause twee rats do riot at nite once they are all full of rat boozy... they act at terrier rat crazy .

at once the brinksey took pibbles to park for drills and to practice some twee rat catching formations so we can party crash next pawty. if we's to work together the pawtys be done wiff tonite . all for one and one for all i say!!!! everyfurry one more lap !!!

we's to sleep furry much more soundly now that we know and are prepared to crash and twee rat pawty. blondies to keep one ear open at all times for pupticious activities.

ruh roh?? wash that a bull horm i hears?? could it be those alien twee rats calling all the other to the pawty ??

oh! it was just vanessa tooting!!! teehee
pibble sugars from all the PTO SOCIETY


Life With Dogs said...

LOL! I hope you can right that hammock. And post that ends with a toot has to get two thumbs up. :)

Life With Dogs said...

Um...*any :)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Pawtying is SOOOO much fun!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Unknown said...

They're party animals! I love partying with them personally, the tree wats. They help me stay in shape and looking trim.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

all for one and one for all- words to live by.
Keep those twee rats under control.
I know you can do it

GonetoTheSnowDogs said...

Looks like you had a fun party!! We are going to a Birthday Party on Saturday!!!!

Woo Woooo
Shiloh, Shelby and Their Mom

Ina in Alaska said...

Our mommy has been under the weather even though the sun was shining today in Alaska but no matter we were away from her computer for a couple of days. We must first send our bestly compliments on the wee ones in their wonderful runway wear. They are most worthy students of the Guero Modelling Academy and they are so adorable in their cute clothes.

And we are happy to see that Brinks is in command of all tree rat ops!! It looked like a very successful exercise and operation.

We are excited to see what the snailman will bring us!!! We will stay awake until he comes. No, really we won't. just kidding hehehe... Huggies to all and specialness always to Guero from Miss Halle xoxoxo Toby, Ginger, and Jeter and sniffly mom Ina xoxo

Lorenza said...

Good job!
Tree rats are not funny!
Nothing better than a nice nap after doing a pawesome job!
Kisses and hugs

pibble said...

Oh, this was such a funny post! Those tree rats are just awful, taking over like that. But our hero, the insulated oinky Brinks - to the rescue! I love that first picture!

Dexter said...

That sounds serious. Knocking over your bed and whatnot? Time to setup a perimeter defense.


P.S. Great post!

houndstooth said...

Yegads! I'm going to have nightmares about tree rats taking over the world! I'm glad Vanessa has things under control there at the end!


Tucker said...

Tree rats are terrible. They are so fast I cannot chase them, it's too hard.

woof - Tucker

Remington said...

Party on! Just ignore the tree rats....

Two Pitties in the City said...

I like how you can sleep with one ear open...

Rescued Pittie Family said...

Oh Brinksey Winksey I about hurt myself giggling at your most chubbiness. Wow, you are quite the insulated pibble. You know summer is coming soon right? And in Texas - you might want to shed some of those love rolls soon - but I'm just sayin'....
You are the most cutest ever there was and you do a fantastic job with the PTO.

Anonymous said...

Those tree rats don't stands a chance against such a well-insulated team of pibbles!

Wiggles & Wags,

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

The PTO is back... in full force. Tree Rats.. BEWARE!! Brinks, you did an excellent job of getting the troops back into shape. OH MY those Rodents really did a number (87) on the hammock. Hope all is well now. LOVE from your biggest (12 lb.) supporter.

the booker man said...

i hate those tree rats!!! sometimes, they throw nuts from the trees and try to bonk me on the noggin. get those tree rats good, ya'll!! maybe you can just back vanessa up to them and let her rip! i kid; i kid! :D
the booker man

Dog Foster Mom said...

Awww, Blacky is sooo cute - he looks so worried in his pictures - those tree rats are really terrorizing him! It's a good thing he was able to call in reinforcements from a most insulated and adorable pibble!

♥ Sallie said...

Be careful! Those tree rats are crafty! :)

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Ha ha - you pibbles are too funny. We don't see many tree rats around here but there are enough to make us want to get them and stop their pawtying and mess-making.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Hi my freinds and handsome Tiger!!

Love this post. Mack comnented on my bloggie about when Paws in the Parks was gonna be. He and his Mom came last year and he say they were going to try to come again this year.

Please, please come!! I will even give Tiger a free kiss and all of you too.

I will be posting the link later but I could send it to youi if you'd like to see it now. My e-mail address is on my bio if you want me to send it.


Amy & the house of cats said...

Oh that is just awful! Those tree rats come and taunt us here - since we are inside they know we can't do anything to stop them! It is good to know that they aren't able to take over everywhere!!

Sagira said...

You party animals!