Friday, August 10, 2012

woggie pibble house pupdate

dearest beloved fur friends, i brinksey winksey pudding and pie would like to take a moment on behalf of our pibble family to thank each and every one of you who took the time to leave such kind and supportive comments on our last posts. mommish went ahead and activated the moderator thingymajig and hopefully the meanie person wont bother us anymore. i thank you from the bottom of my pibble heart because your comments have made our mommish smile and feel much the betterments. we are so lucky to have a family as caring as you all.
 here are some pictures of the back of our woggie pibble home. you see how high the house has to be. we have to make it this way because we live in a flood zone. but wiff the house this high we hopes we never have to worry about flooding. although i do have much insulation our mommish does NOT know how to swim tee hee
this is the inside of the house. mommish took this picture about two weeks ago. now the inside looks a bit diffrent because the sheet rock has been done and all the plumbing and electrical has been done also. we are very excited about the progress and hope to be in our new house before the baby two legger gets here in october. we visit the fearless five every chance we get and leave some flowers under the tree. down below is me on my way to say howdy to my angel brothers and sisters.
and just for the fun of it i has posted a most cutesome picture of my "grrr" face. mommish has trained me wiff yummy to the tummy treats to make my grr face when she says grrr to me. she thinks is most cutesome and squeels wiff the happiness so i do it most everytime.

again mommish wants to just say a heartfelt thanks. i know time has passed and the months seem to fly sometimes but to our mommish december sixteenth seems just like yesterday and sometimes its a lot to handle along wiff the pregnancy that im sure does'nt help wiff the feelings. she has thought about going to get some help because with the stress of not working and no baby stuff sometimes it gets pretty overwhelming. she goes most every chance to talk to the fearless five when we go ck on the house and daddish gets worried because she just cries and cries.  even wiff our auntie sarah, weenie and monas mommy. its hard to even bring up the fearless five because immediately our mommish gets the runny does anyone have any advice as far as if its normal or not? we take your feedback furry much seriously. you are our family and only you guys know how much a person can love a fur child so you guys are the only ones who can listen wiffout crazy doggy lady judgement.
anywoo please accept our most rose smelling toots for always being here for us and sticking up for us pibbles. we love you guys furry much so.


tubby3pug said...

Your house is looking good, we know you will make many new lovely memories there

urban hounds

3 doxies said...

Well hello theres Brinksy Winksy! Da house is lookin''ll be ables to move in in like no time and then you will rule da roost! I likes da high ceilings!
Nows, I personally think your mommish should gets some help, professional help. What her has gone through is too much fur anybuddy to handle. My mum sees somebuddy, her has seen him since her was 16 years old and her is 38 now...still sees him. Tells her to feel free to email us if she needs too.
We is all a family heres and we'll get ya'll through.


verobirdie said...

You lost your home and all your belonging, and your furkids too. You even watched it happen. You sure were dead scared for your boy and your husband.
Building a house takes energy.
Going through a pregnancy takes energy ( i think one third of your normal energy).
You have, and till are goingthrough a lot. Considering the average time reuired to grieve is one year, I'd say you are coping.
Anyhow, maybe finding a suport group, or some human help would be a good idea, to help you go over all the trauma, and avoiding to suffer fom it or a very long time.
Maybe you should try and find an option to change the place here the 5 are resting in something less traumatic, like a bird bath, a plant bed, anything turned toward the future and hope. This won't top you loving them, but the sight is clearly hurting you now. At some time, when you are ready, tomorrow or much later, you'll have to let them go, and spend that love on yourself and your loved ones. I know it sounds strange, but time does heal sorrows. In the meantime, go and speak to someone to help you grieve and be a happy woman again. Your health depends on that, and you are well worth it, aren't you?

Unknown said...

We hope the meanie has gone for good.
Glad you put the moderation on. Stay cool. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Kim said...

Dearest Mommish, we're so glad to see your house is coming along so well! You ask if it's normal to feel the way you do... It is. You suffered a major trauma, and the departure of the fearless five left a tremendous hole in your life. You can't put grieving on a timeline, or on a schedule. It's your own heart that will work things out in time. How much time? Well that is not something you can predict, but the more living you do, filling your days with loving your family and doing things, the sooner you will find that you have moved on. Its something you will realize only in retrospect. Don't let anyone tell you how much time should take to “get over” something like this, as the only person in your skin is you, and you're the only one who has the ability and the right to take the time YOU need. Don't feel abnormal, don't feel guilty, and just let things be as they are.
I can only imagine how difficult it is to manage the heightened emotions of your pregancy. So be gentle with yourself, cry when you need to, and never feel guilty for laughing and having fun. When your baby is born, that will be another step on your path into the future. You'll feel your darlings near you, nudging you into your future.
Four years ago, I lost someone who was the closest to my own heart. I thought at that time that things would never be OK again. It took time, but I've reached the point where though I still miss her and I still cry sometimes, the blackness has lifted. Every month, every year, I feel a bit better. It took over a year for me to realize this, and maybe 3 years to fully process the trauma of her death, but now I remember her with joy more often than with sadness. It's a horrible fact of life that death is inevitable, and usually it happens under traumatic circumstance. This doesn't make it easier when you have to live through it, but developing this perspective helps in the long run, as it's part of the journey.
As for getting help, it can be a good thing, whether it is professional help, or just someone who will listen. I have not had good experiences with professional help in the past, but I know other people who have had good results. The important thing is to express what you feel in a safe environment, whether that be to a friend or a counsellor, someone who won't judge you. One thing that helped me a lot was to keep a very private journal of my feelings about my loss. I picked out a beautiful blank book, and whenever I felt the need to, I'd write down whatever I felt, with no guilt whatsoever about what I wrote. Once I wrote it down, it was out like a poison, and I never read over what I wrote, to not wallow in my grief. This helped me to express it, to work through it, and be done with it. When I reached the point where I hadn't needed to write in it for over 6 months, I locked it away in the bottom of a storage chest. I might never want to revisit this part of my life, but I feel good knowing that this part of my journey is recorded safely somewhere that I can go back to if I want to.
Anyhow, my family and I send you lots of love. We have a tremendous admiration for your love and devotion to a breed of dogs that has been much abused. Hugs and kisses from Kim, Kira and Jasmine's mom.

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Angel Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Momma Tea Here, I think that even though we have all lost beloved furbabes at one time or another not many of us have gone through the sort of loss your Mom has. For me it takes a very, very long time to come to terms with a single loss so it is going to take your Mom even longer I suspect. Her baby hormones will not be making it easier either so you just need to help her take every day as it come and if her eyes get runny then go give her loves. In time the leaky eyes will have longer time between them, this won't mean Mom loves the Fearless Five any less though because I know she is always going to love them with all of her heart.
It is just a day by day process I am afraid, taking each hour as it comes.
You know we are always here for your Mommy, to support her, love her and as shoulders to cry on.
Please give your Mommmy big loves from me and The Krew.
Momma Tea
xxx xxx

The Black and Tans. said...

We are so pleased your house is well on the way to completion. Something to really look forward to for you all.

Have a grrrrreat weekend.

Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

Asta said...

Dawling Pibble kissyheawts

Keith and auntie Tea said all the things Mommi wanted to say. Pleez tell Mommish we in yoow blogville family awe always safe to talk to. We undewstand and love you uncondishionally. Mommish pain in hew heawt is vewy nowmal and having hew little baby in hew tummy makes hew emoshoons even stwongew. We pway the stwong pain in hew heawt will lessen. (we know it will wif youw love and ouws) and only the joy of having had the feawless five in hew heawt will wemain.
Yoow new house will help stawt the healing too. The feawless five awe smiling on all of you fuwwevew
Smoochie kisses

Lovable Lily said...

We're so happy to see you posting again. NEVER let the meanies rule your life. You did the right thing by turning on the comments thingy so that way you can kick their nasty's to the curb. You're showing them that YOUR the BOSS!

The home is coming along great and we're excited for you.

I think that the comment by Kim really hits the nail on the head! Our sentiments exactly.

Remember, your Blogville furends are always here with you, holding your hand each step of the way....

Lily Belle

The Daily Pip said...

Dear sweet friends,

We agree with everyone else ...there is nothing wrong with getting help. You have been through a traumatic, life-altering experience the likes of which we can't even imagine. Plus, as we all know pregnancy and hormones can be difficult, too.

My assistant found some pet loss resources for you and is going to send you them in an email. Maybe a pet loss support group would help - there seems to be some online or maybe you can find some in your area. There are also counselors who specialize in pet loss.

We love you!

Pip and his assistant

Millie and Walter said...

I'm so happy to see the house coming along. I don't really have any personal experience regarding the other problems, but I would think that seeking professional help would be a good idea. Your doctor or ob/gyn might be able to suggest someone or possibly a friend has someone in the area they can recommend. Good luck with the house and I hope you start to feel better soon.


Ziggy Stardust said...

Your house looks so cool and I am so glad that you are back blogging. Doggy blogs should have a no mean people zone. Mommy says she can't imagine how sad you must feel at times with all that happened and she thinks it is normal to be so sad. You have way too much to think about. I wish we had some good advice but she is praying for you and your family and I am crossing paws and hoping with my best hopes that this to shall pass. God bless you.

Loveys Sasha

How Sam Sees It said...

We are sending you great big hugs and Golden thoughts from Sam and Monty. I don't think any of us have forgotten the fearless five, and I know in our house we give our boys a few more hugs each day, just because we now know sometimes the unthinkable happens. Your new house is beautiful, and you have all the love you need to make it a wonderful home. We are thinking of you.

Christine, Sam's Mom

Fred said...

Your grr face looks as vicious as mine!!! :P

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD your new CASTLE is really taking shape. It won't be much longer now.

Ina in Alaska said...

What you went through is what I would term "catastrophic"- you are very brave & strong & will eventually find peace. I strongly know the Fearless Five have not gone from you. They kept you from harm & will never leave you even now while they are just a breath away from you.

And we all understand. They were precious to so many.

When I saw the Guero license plate I teared up but felt he was ok & sending us a message that he is everywhere.

Scooter said...

Your house looks great. It will be beautiful!!
You have been through so much with the fire, loss of belongings and the fearless five and yes it will take time. I agree that it would be good to get some professional help. Sometimes you just need a hand to help you through it all and get to a good place. I agree about the journal, I used to go to counseling cuz I lost my beloved dad and it was so hard. He had me do a journal and also write my dad a letter saying whatever I wanted to him. I got all my feelings out and it was all on paper and when I had to read it all outloud, which was VERY HARD but needed, it was like it was all lifted from me. I felt the pressure off of me. Do I still miss him? Yes, terribly but I can remember him and all the love we had for each other and all the good times.

Pray to God, he will help you, cuz he LOVES you!! He is the very best healer in the world!!

You NEED to get healthy mind wise so that you can be the best mom, wife that you can. This has always motivated me in tough situations to get through it emotionally cuz I know I have a great family and I want to be my best for them. We have to take care of ourselves too, that is very important!!

But we are all heres for ya!!!
Would the Fearless five want you to be so sad? You have so much love to give, you never know what God has in store for you. My prayers are with you Sandra!!

Diana and Jazzi

Jans Funny Farm said...

The news of the house coming along well is great.

We're no experts, but you've been through a lot and healing from a trauma does take time, so whatever she is going through is normal for her, if not for someone else. Humans are different.

Have seen nasty comments on beautiful YOuTube music videos, so know there are mean, hateful people around. We're sorry one of them found your blog.

Unknown said...

First let me say the house is looking great! Secondly I don't think that talking to someone would be a bad idea at but I do want to say that I also don't think anything you are feeling is not normal, it's barely been half a year and you didn't just lose a single loved one you lost 5, this would be too much for anyone to deal with at time. I never met you babies but every time I hear or think back to what you went through in December I cry so to think you wouldn't cry is not even possible. It's going to take you a really long time and I don't think you will ever get to the point that it doesn't get to you some times. I lost John Henry "my first" pup as an adult 35 years ago this past December and sometimes it still hurts when I think of him like it was yesterday, but more times then not I think of John Henry only with happiness and think of some cute thing he did. So in short a person to talk to couldn't hurt but I think that what you are feeling is normal and all part of the process, squeeze your babies from me and tell them to hug you for me. Diane

LP said...

It looks as though the house is coming along beautifully!

We think it is important for you to dream right now. Dream about how the house will one day look completed and furnished. How the garden will one day look. How you will make the area all around where your angel babies lay beautiful one day.Just dream of the future and everything you hope to see in it. And while you are dreaming, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day! Meaning, things will come along in time to make your home special.To make your dreams come true. They will! You need to take it one day at a time right now.Be gentle with yourself.Be kind to yourself.And dream of all the good things yet to come.

We think there is no such thing as "normal" when it comes to grieving. Every person grieves at their own pace and everyone takes their own singular time to heal.

Your emotions are probably more intense right now because you are growing a baby and that makes hormones go cuckoo so keep that in mind-that the intensity could be hormonal and that that is ok too but these extreme feelings will one day soften!
It might be a good idea to find a support group for people who have lost pets in traumatic ways.They would really know what you are going through and could be really helpful.

It is a good thing to talk and even to write (in a journal) about how you are feeling . Keep talking to us and to anyone who will listen! If no one wants to listen, write down how you are feeling. It's important to get it out!

Sandra, you have gone through something most of us will never go through in our lives ; you lost your home, its' contents, and five of your fur babies. It's alot. Take all the time you need to mourn it , to sort it out, to heal , to look to your wonderful, brilliant , amazing future. That is normal.


LP and the critters in the cottage xo

sprinkles said...

Your house looks big! I hope it'll be finished in no time, so that you can move in and be settled before the new baby comes.

I think it's perfectly normal for your mama to feel the way she does. I can't even begin to imagine the horror and pain y'alls have gone through. I think it's going to stick with you for a very long time.

Everyone mourns in their own way and in their own time. You can't expect it to just go away overnight and never think about it again. We're all here anytime you need to talk, just a blog post or an email away. Time doesn't heal all wounds, but it does help ease the pain.

Duke said...

Your new home is coming along beautifully, Sandra! How exciting!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Tucker said...

The new home is looking very nice! Your family went through a traumatic experience. Time and talking is the only thing that helps. I think it will get better when the new baby comes and the house is done. Right now the last memory of your home is a sad one, once you start building good memories of that location I think you will start to feels better.

woof - Tucker

the booker man said...

ohmygoodnesses, guys, me and asa and mama are so very sorry and distraught to hear what has happened while we were gone. we would give more than anything to give all of you big huggles 'n gooey nose kisses right now. auntie ina is very much full of the rightnesses. your mommish has been through a way catastrophic experience losin' the fearless five and the house and all her stuff 'n thingies. my mama says the cliché is true about only time healin' wounds. you should take all the time you need to grieve and not let anybuddy rush you through that. if you need a professional peep or support group to talk it through, there is no shame in that! try not to let that super meanie anonymous dork's comments bother you cuz they are just trollin' and tryin' to make you upset. we all know you did your absolute bestest to get everybuddy to safety. you are a most wonderful mama, and the fearsome five knew that to the end. they are watchin' over you now just like you always watched over them.
the new house is lookin' spiffy, and we think once you get settled in there that might help give you some closure.
if there is anythingie at all that you need, pretty please send us a bark mail! we are puttin' our paws together for you.

*lovey snuggles*
the booker man, asa, and their mama

Two Kitties One Pittie said...

It's so great to see your house coming along so beautifully! And I agree with everyone else -- I don't think grief is a linear process. It ebbs and flows (and often flows some more). Plus being pregnant! It's so much. Just take care of yourself and send our love to the family. ~Zoe, Freddie, Stella, and Katharine

K9 Katastrophie said...

Mommy is going to send you a peemail.


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Lots of good comments here, so we'll just say 'amen.'

We don't have a blog, so we don't know how they work. The comment moderation for the cowardly bully leaving bitter comments is good. Is there the equivalent of a 'spam' annotation you can attach to certain commenters to block them so you don't even have to read and delete their mindless comments? If not, maybe you could get someone else to screen your comments for now - Mona's mommy or your husband - so you don't even have to see that troglodyte's poison long enough to delete it? What a bitter, loveless person it must be. We're trying to work up some pity for someone so ugly on the inside - nope, not working yet.

Your house is looking lovely! And once you're back in, the idea of planting some special flowers or bushes to honor the Fearless Five and beautify their memorial space is a good idea. Of course their spirits aren't in the ground; they're in heaven and in your heart forever.

Slurpy kisses, Jed & Abby