Wednesday, August 8, 2012

pibble update...

howdy everyfurry,
brinksey winksey pudding and pie here wiff a pibble update. i would like to first apologize for being absent from  blogging for a bit. let me try to explain what has occurred. the day of our last posting we started receiving some not so very nice comments from an anonymous person on our bloggy. they went back several months worth of posts and posted mean and hurful things on our bloggy. it included things about the fearless five and how they deserved to die and how mommish was such a horrible mommy for not saving them. they said we should of died too because we were pibbles. mommish had never encountered such hateful things directed at us before and she felt very much sad and cried for days. she started having her panic attacks again and thought very much about quitting the bloggy. it had taken our mommish many months and lots of sugars from us to get her to a more stable frame of mind as far as our fearless five and this set her back to the very beginning. as of last night she still had another panic attack and we are still struggling with all the mean things this anonymous person was saying. i hope that you guys understand that this was very much sad for our mommish as she truly feels guilty she could'nt save all our brothers and sisters. anywoo, after having a long talk wiff our daddish he convinced her to try to continue blogging as blogging has always brought so much joy to us and your blog posts are the only thing that calms her down when she is having a panic attack. she has enjoyed all the olympic game posts and below i has included one of our many entries. my favorite. the tuneful farting entry!!!!!! i's perfect for it if i do say so myself.
this is an updated picture of LEO. one of the three abandoned puppies we rescued a couple of weeks ago. mommish is so happy to hear he is loved and cherished beyond what we all could have hoped for. nothing makes us more happish than to hear more pibbles are loved just how ALL doggies should be. thank you for being patient with us. has anyone had any experience with mean people before on your bloggies and how did you handle it?
thank you all and pibble sugars from the pibbles and of course toodle toots as well.


Dachshund Nola said...

What a horrid, disgusting person :(
We love all of you!

Cole said...

I mostly lurk on your blog...but feel compelled to comment this time.
I am SO, SO, SO sorry that someone did such a mean thing to you! There aren't even words for how mad I am on your behalf.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Don't let them drive you away! We love your bloggie and pibble posts! Purrs, purrayers, and pawsitive thoughts being sent your way.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Somebody on face book has been having spamer trouble with someone using known doggie names with not so nice messages. We still like you.
Sally Ann and Andy

Millie and Walter said...

I don't know where to start because I am so sad to think anyone would say such hurtful things to you. The thought of such cruelty is making me cry. As far as I'm concerned anyone that leaves anonymous comments should just be ignored. They obviously are cowards.

You should never feel that you and your family didn't do everything possible to try to save the fearless five. The only thing worse than loosing the fearless five would have been to loose you too. Just think, if it weren't for you those three puppies wouldn't have new, loving homes.

Please know that there are many of us out here that love you and would never want you to be hurt ever again.

Big hugs to you,


The World According to Garth Riley said...

I'm so so sorry your mommy had to experience this. We understand why it would be upsetting -- it would upset my mom too.

Please know there are far more wonderful supportive caring people and creatures in the world and in the world of blogging than bad ones. Unfortunately occasionally you encounter a bad one. Don't let it make you stop blogging if blogging brings you joy. Just moderate your comments and delete any that upset you -- don't even read them all the way through.

I know it's hard, but try not to let this person upset you. He/she obviously has a problem.

You've got our support and we LOVE pitties!!!


sprinkles said...

Yes, everything Nola said! I don't understand why or how anyone could say something so hateful. You've been through a lot already, you shouldn't have to deal with this too! I'm so sorry, and I'm glad that this horrible person didn't make you quit blogging. That would mean that he/she won. And we can't let that happen!

I've had a few comments that I didn't exactly appreciate, but so far I haven't had anything like this.

Anonymous said...

Don't let a stupid person take your joy from you. I love your blog and your family is always in my thoughts and prayers.

How Sam Sees It said...

How terrible! We love you!


Nubbin' Tails said...

The fact that they commented anonymously pretty much tells you about their character. We all know without any doubt or reservation that you did all you could to try to save the Fearless 5. Brinks and Bella have the best mom in the whole wild world. You have done so much for so many pibbles.

We will be happy to head up the Blogville Posse!

Love and Hugs and Puppy kisses!

Mr. Nubbin' and his mom!

Nubbin' Tails said...

The fact that they commented anonymously tells you all you need to know about their character. We know without any doubt or reservation that you did all you could for the Fearless 5.

Brinks and Bella have the bestest momma in the whole wide world.

She had done so much for so many pibbles.

We will be more than happy to head up the Blogville Posse. You just let us know.

Hugs, love and puppy kisses!

Mr. Nubbin' and his super over protective Mama!

sarah thrower said...

I am so sorry for your devastating loss. I can not even imagine what you are going through. Much love to you and yours and my best wishes go to your lost pitty's. I hope they are playing with my lost ones somewhere grassy. Xoxo

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Oh dear. Our mom haz truble with d-presshun sumtimez an'we r skeered thoze bad commentz wood trigger it. We r so furry much sorry that happened tue your mom an'all of u. We just don't understand y sum peepz due stuff like that. It haz never happened tue us an'we pray it never duz. We wood probably uze that moderator stuff - we uze the spam blocker butt most of that r links tue cheap drugz an'stuffz. Butt the spam filter iz a good thing.
Hope an'pray that never happenz tue u agin.
Shiloh'n Shasta

sarah thrower said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope they are someplace grassy playing with my very missed buddy's. Pitty's saved my life and changed me forever. I can not even imagine what you are going through. You and yours are in my thoughts. You are loved.

Two Kitties One Pittie said...

I am SO sorry to hear that someone has written such nasty things. That is positively cruel, and I am so sad to know you've had to go through even more undeserved pain. Please know that the number of people you have touched and the animals you have saved far outweigh that horrible individual's cowardly and ignorant words. The legacy of your babies will live on through you and your family, and all the people who grew to love them. :) Love from Chicago!

Kristina Zambrano said...

How mean and disturbing people these are? .. don't you worry try to ignore them we know there are a whole bunch of people who love you and love what a wonderful and thoughtful person you are Sandra just because you are an Angel for all this pitties in need thanks to you they have a second chance to have the wonderful life every doggy no matter the breed or age they deserves and i bet everyone in bloggiland will agree with me that you guys rocks ...

Two Pitties in the City said...

I'm so sorry to hear someone did that to you. I don't understand why these people think they can hide behind the Internet and say mean things; would they really say any of this to your face in real life? I'm especially sorry this did happen to you as you are really such a giving and generous person and you have done so much to help.

K9 Katastrophie said...

It is sad how satan has such control over some people. I am so sorry you experienced such evilness. I know it must be hard. But please think of it this way: It is like satan yelling and screaming mean things at you. It doesn't mean anything. What they say isn't true. You can't control them spewing bitterness but it is like a fly buzzing! Their opinion is worthless! They saying lies. Why does the devil do this? Because you are made in the image of God. Jesus will protect you.

With Jesus on your side no one can hurt you.

PLEASE know how much we love you and your precious Pibble family.

WE got your back all the time!!

K-9 Katastrophies

Maureen said...

All right! Step aside, I'm about to open a can of woop ass on their butt-ox! I mean it! I'm gonna chew them a new ankle!! Just send them my way. I'll show them what hurt is all about!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr groooooooowl ruff ruff ruff. Let me at 'em!!

Let go of the leash LB, I'm fixin' to rumble!!

You are, and always will be, one of the best mommishes ever there was! Of that I am quite certain!! I send you big licks and lotsa love.

Your pal, Miss Fendi HoneyBuzz

Matilda the Boxer said...

I wish I could say that I can't believe someone would say such foul and terrible things, but Momma and I have learned that there are lots of awful people out there who can't be happy unless they're making other people miserable. But there are also wonderful and amazing people who help lift you up even when you can't imagine being happy again. All we can do is try to focus on the second type of person. Big boxer kisses from me to you and your fabulous pack!

Steve said...

Hi there!
Just stopping by to say you guys are amazing and that we love you pibbles very much! We are sorry for anyone that cannot see how wonderful you guys are - it is their loss, though <3
Wag your tails hard, kids!
Best wags from the Gangs of New Yorkie

Dog Foster Mom said...

Oh I'm so angry to hear about this. Please don't read such blatant lies. Someone wants to hurt you but you have dozens of us wanting to protect you and show how much we care. Ziggy said he was heading down there to help Brinksey and give you some extra pibble kisses, but I told him I couldn't take off work to drive him down there right now. But please know Ziggy is giving you lots of virtual pibble kisses and I'm sending virtual hugs your way.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

We moderate all our comments, and always have. Anonymous? Just delete them. Don't even bother looking. We warn people on brandi's blog that anonymous comments won't be accepted. Delete, delete, delete. Don't take any of that crap to heart. You know you have lots of good people surrounding you on the blogosphere!! And we identify ourselves!
If someone leaves a crappy comment, DELETE!
Sending healing vibes,
Carol and brandi

Winston said...

I'm appalled to think sumbody woukd be so cwuel!!
Not appowpiate and cewtainly not needed!!
So....shu fly don't bother me!

your furiend,

verobirdie said...

Don't listen to that mean person. Mean or very unhappy. You did and till do the best you can.
Take care of yourself, and the ones you love, and be as happy as you can.

Cupcake said...

I'm so upset about this! Please don't listen to anything negative. You are a wonderful and loving person. I'm so glad you are still blogging. I agree with Nola, We love all of you!

Anonymous said...

Don't pay attention to the troll. Love the blog, love the dogs.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My sweetest friends.
I am so sorry that heartless, evil and mean people left bad comments on your bloggy.
Your mommy is all about love,,, and caring and giving...

We love you, and want you to enjoy blogging.
Don't let the evils win control!

GOOSE said...

Please know you are LOVED!!! Pay no attention to horrid people like that. Nose pokes to all of you.

Scout and Freyja said...

People who make comments with the only intent being to hurt someone are despicable. People like that have black hearts. They are unhappy and do their best to darken the days of others and to take away joy. I certainly hope that you didn't take mean, nasty, ugly comments to heart. Don't. If you do then the uglier side of life will win and that is something that you have fought against for a long time.

Scooter said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. These people are out to hurt others and they are cowards and horrible people. PLEASE dont let them drive you away. They arent from in Blgoville. I have had this happen to some of my friends. I feel for how hurt you were. You have nothing to be sorry about and you went through tough times. This really makes me angry, but hold your head high and dont let them beat you down. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!! We are all here for you!!


SquirrelQueen said...

We heard about this from K-9 Katastrophies and wanted to come over for a visit. We wanted you to know the Blog Universe is very large and for every bad person there are a hundred or more good people here. Don't let this get you down. Anyone who post anonymously is not worth getting upset over.

By the way, you might want to disable the anonymous comments.

kalon said...

Hey you gorgeous pibbles, you tell mmommish that all she needs to do is read back through all yhe comments on your blog and she will she that the stoopid troll is a tiny squeak of nasty that is drowned by a choir of voices that love you all. Don't let one tiny brained monster get you down.

bichonpawz said...

Do NOT let them get to your is just awful that there are people saying bad things and making your mom feel bad. We LOVE you! Everyone here in blogville is here to support you and your mom. xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Sending you guys Lots of Golden LOVE, Hugs n Kisses. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

Molly the Airedale said...

What a mean thing to do, Sandra! It's horrible and not necessary. This person is obviously jealous of you and needs to find something constructive to do with his/her time. We love your blog!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Finn said...

We are so sorry about this anonymous person! You know that you have a friend in us!!

Ziggy Stardust said...

I am so sorry that, this happened to you. Blogging is such a great community. It is so comforting and understanding and full of compassion and lots and lots of laughs. There is no room here for that kind of meanness. Please don't stop because of a jerk. There is so much love to go around. I am sending huggies and loveys and I hope you can just forget about bad people and move on with good people here.

Loveys Sasha

3 doxies said...

I agree with what everybuddy else has said AND i will be glad to open up a can of whoop ass myself, I do have several cans...hehehe.
But, no matter what we say I know it doesnt make the hurtful comments any easier. We stand by you and we support you through thick and thin.
You have been such an inspiration with all you have done to help those less fortunate pibbles.
Cowards just suck...and I hope they knows I likes to hunt;)


HoundDogMom said...

We wanted to visit to today to let you know that WE LOVES the Pittie Pack and all you have done for all the little Pitties in the world. That person that left nasty comments on your bloggie needs to go get a new life in a new place as they are not needed in our little blogging world. Any person that will not put their name behind what they say are a coward. They need to take their negative comments and stick them up where the sun doesn't shine. We stand behind you and your Momma with all our hearts, we know of all the good things you guys do and it is AWESOME. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

pibble said...

First, that is a GOLD medal winning photo if I've ever seen one!

Second, oh, yes, we've had our share of spineless fools who aren't brave enought to use their name when being mean. We turned off the ability to comment "anonymously" on Blogger, so that took care of 99% of those hurtful comments. There are a few that slip through either using a real or made up name, but I just ignore them. I realize that mean people can't help their ignorance. They're just not smart enough to understand their own actions.

Third, I can't think of a sweeter, kinder, more loving person when it comes to animals than you. Anyone who takes the time to read your blog can see that your heart is filled with love and concern.

Just remember that you will always stand head and shoulders above anyone who criticizes you in any way. You continue to open your home to animals in need, and you always will. And remember when you helped with clean-up following the oil spill? Don't let a few idiots hurt your good heart. Those people stand by and watch, while you take action.

And never stop blogging! We'd be lost without you, Brinksey, and Bella!!!!!!!!

Dexter said...

Oh that makes me mad! What is wrong with people? Good for you for blogging again and giving your mommish lots of sugars to help her through difficult times. Momma says "they are just words" but they hurt and even hearing about those comments makes momma get really mad and stressy too because it just means there are cruel humans out there which is really scary.

We love you and we love pibbles, so there.


Unknown said...

Vile nasty person. Just ignore them. I am sure someone with more know - how should be able to tell you how to block them or at least report them. There must be a way to track them down. Anyway if not stuff-em. Haven't they got better things to do? Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Charlene and Storm said...

there are some horrible wicked people in this world.

sometimes you just have to carry on and act as if you didnt see or hear them, thats what i do.

dont lose heart guys, there are far more people that love you and want to read your posts than there are nasty people...

chin up xxx

Lovable Lily said...

How horrible to hear that something like that is happening to you and your blog!! You of ALL people do NOT deserve it. You are a very kind and loving person and have a heart as BIG as the moon. The sucky mean people will get theirs when they someday meet their Maker!

Please don't read any more of their comments. When you see the first word of hate just delete it.

Don't you dare even think of quitting your blog! It's good therapy for you and we throughlly enjoy it! Don't give in to the weak...

Mean people suck!

Lily Belle

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Dearest Sandra,

We agree with Mitch & Molly. Jealously has an ugly head that needs to be hacked off. We all love you, always remenber that.

Mona, Weenie & Mommy

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We too are horrified at what we read. This person clearly deserves to be flamed by all of us! Please dot not let yourselves be drawn into that sick mindset. We think you're amazing!

The Daily Pip said...

I am so very sorry ...

You know, the old saying - sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Words mean nothing - do not let this coward win. We know you are much stronger than this hateful a-hole. Your angels are watching over you ...they know the truth, you know the truth, and we, your friends, know the truth and that's all that matters.

Your pal, Pip and mom

Frank The Tank said...

I love you all and all pittys!
I am so saddened and upset by this, what a horrible, horrible, sick little person could do such a cruel nasty thing!
I feel so very sorry your Mommy and that she had to experience all of this after everything you asll have gone through!
I send my love and prayers to you and I know that all of Blogville loves you so dont worry about what one tiny insignificant little mindless person has to say because they dont know you like we all do!
Stay and blog with us, stand up to the haters, just ignore them! Love from Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maggie Mae and Max said...

What a faceless coward dat person is. Da internets is full of dem and dis jerk should just crawl back under a rock and go away. We LUVS you and it makes us sad dat someone would say such hurtful things to you.

All of you bring us joy, laughter and lots of pibble sugar. Blogville is a better place wif you here :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

Gus said...

We are so sorry to hear about this. We agree with what Garth and others have said about the mostly wonderful people who read blogs and become our friends online (and occasionally off!)

We were reading fast, and we are not the techie types we once were, but have you reported this person to and also is there a way you can block comments?

Please feel better..we love y'all too.

ShellePenn said...

What a horrible person. I'm so very sorry they made your mom hurt... We would like to go poor a bucket of Karma on their heads.

We love you bunches and bunches...

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

D.K. Wall said...

We don't allow anonymous posts and just "spam list" any IP address that tries to flame. The software handles it from there.

We do allow people to disagree, debate, and be critical, as long as it is done in a respectful manner.

Just remember - anonymous commenters are, at the end of the day, cowards. Anyone who has real conviction would just sign their name.

Berts Blog said...

Humans like that are beetle fodder. That is all I have to say about that!!!

We love and respect you, your humans, and all the kindness and love you have in your hearts and home.Love
Bert & My Vickie

WFT Nobby said...

Just popped over from Jazzi's blog to say how sorry we are to hear about your horrid experiences, and to hope that it never happens again. We feel very fortunate to have only met lovely people on our blog, and we hope that it's the same for you in the future.
Gail and Bertie.

Anonymous said...

You have a thousand furends who enjoy your post and we loves any dog, you keep up posting, this IDOIT is just a chicken $*!^, if found out, I won't feel sorry for them.

Susie & Bites

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I am SO Very MUCH sorry that some IDIOT said mean thingys.
I suggest that FURST you go BACK to the comments and Mark them as SPAM.. THAT prevents that one from EVER leaving a Comment.
I ALSO suggest that you go in and mark the thingy that says NO ANONYMOUS COMMENTS. THAT prevents any OTHER... COWARDS from leaving bad comments.

Cowspotdog said...

You know there is a reason these people people leave messages as anonymous - it is because they are NON-EXISTENT and that is the way to treat them. We too have been on the receiving end of such mean anonymous comments but we just ignored them because quite frankly - they don't deserve any of our time to worry over them. We LOVE your blog - so keep on blogging and to heck with them anonymous types.

Rubie and Poots (her Mum) said...

That goodness you have turned the moderator on...... We also had one nasty comment that made us re-think our whole blog...... We turned on the moderator and at least knew that nothing could reach reach the blog without going through us first....... We have since switched the moderator off because there has not been more.

Just remember....... There is a small minority who need help because making others feel bad makes them feel good. The GREAT majority of people do have good hearts. Don't let this fool spoil all you have built.

xxxx Rubies mum

Unknown said...

This idea won't fix their stupidity but for right now when you get an Anonymous comment I encourage you to go no further hit the delete button, don't read it nothing good can come of that. And if by chance it was from a good person then I say to them they need to setup an account!! I'm sorry that happened to you. Being the great Momma you are you certainly don't need help with guilt us Momma's make enough of that for ourselves!! Hang in there and don't give up! We love you.

Fred said...

That's horrible! When people say mean things, just remember how many of us out here love you and think y'all are awesome! :P

Kismet said...

I always sign MY work. Only a coward leaves a piece of poo and then runs off. I can't follow every blog but you have my support!

Furry Bottoms said...

Do not allow Anonymous readers to leave a comment on your blog. There is a feature in the blogger setup that blocks anonymous comments. If they want to leave a comment, they have to provide an open ID or user name... and bullies don't want to do that. So once they realize they cannot leave mean comments and then run away to hide, and not be linked to that comment, they will stop.

I am so sorry they're doing that to you. No true dog lover would ever ever ever question the love you had for the fearful five. That was the most heartbreaking thing you could ever have gone through, and we all felt our own hearts break along with yours. No decent human being would be mean about something like that.

The Heartbeats said...

OH HELL NO!! Sorry that is my southern redneck coming out. Remember we are Puddles' neighbor. Anyway, that is ridiculous and you should completely ignore everything they said. You have many friends in Blogville who stand right beside you. We won't tolerate this cruelty. Your family had a terrible tragedy. Nothing more and nothing less. Blogville is here for you.

Mamma Heartbeat

Furry Bottoms said...

Take a look at ALL these positive comments too! I'm astounded. I never get this many comments. You are SO VERY loved in the Blog world, obviously. Don't let some stupid idiot put a wrench in your heart. It is so much easier to cling to the negative, to believe the negative because it takes work and effort to stay happy. But look at all the love you're getting. I hope all that love is helping you a whole bunch!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Just remember that some people have such miserable lives that they like to make others miserable, too.

We always hate it when these comments are left on blogs.

Remember all of us who love you.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Hi we just found ya via K9 unfair about the comments. We love ya cutie pies!!

Emma and Sequoia

kmp said...

for days after your terrible tragedy with the fearless 5 my mum would cry any time she thought about it. but at the same time she was so touched and inspired by the chip in account that was set up in their memory...that's what blogville is all about - good people from across the world pitching in to help and comfort those they've never met. those other people who don't understand connection and compassion don't even count.

edgar & his mum

Anonymous said...

please dont let those people hurt you.
what they deserve is a kick in their a....
you did such wonderful things to these poor babies and everyone knows that.
please go on telling sweet stories bout your cute doggies and please,please dont listen to such rubbish!
i think ,im the number 70 in comments that beg you to go on,that should say enough!!!
you are a really GOOD person
greetings and hugs to all the pups
anni,the foxbrothermomma

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

WE LOVES YOU AND THE PIBBLES MISS SANDRA...okay...we off the caps...we loves Bert's comment of "bettle fodder"BOL! MOL!
Anywho...we agree that some people have had hateful people hit their need to get into blogger and protect yourself from these sociopaths...comment moderation is good, but just not allowing anonymous posts usually does the trick.
I'm sorry that you have to see the ugly side of human beings...but realize that our true blogvillian and cat bloggers have true gold souls and would never be hurtful...wesa your true readers and appreciate all you do to help the pibbles.
Snorts & Purrs,
The Slimmer Puggums
now blogging at:
(Yep! Wesa share with the kitties now!!)
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi
The Slimmer Kitties
Socks, Jack, Percy, Luna, & Golden

Cinnamon said...

We are so so verry sorry some idiot made you sad.
You are the reason I am here blogging thanks to you introducing us to your pawsome friends. I would just be so sad if you went away.
We love you so much.
Linda & Cinnamon

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Angel Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Wee is so angry yoo has beened targeteds by a mean, nasty some Hu-Peep, wee jus does not understands Hu-Peeps sometimes why does dem havs to bee so cruel? Us dogs is no like dat .
Pleese fank Mr Hubby fur persuadins yoo to stay bloggin cos wee wood all havs missed yoo so muchly Miss Sandra.
Pleese don't lets wot some stoopid hu-peep sayd keeps yoo away from dem dats lovs yoo.
Ifs wee ever finds outs who dis coward is wee is sure nuff gonna bites dem on da A*S.
Lots lovs
Uji, Izzy, Ziggy an Missi

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

I lurke a lot on your blog but felt the need to comment on this. What a horrid, horrid person, but that is only ONE person, compared to the many, many wonderful people who love you and support what you do. I think that if you gave up blogging, that would be giving in to that monster and he would win, not you. By continuing on, you will only show him that what he said did not affect you at all. Moderate your comments and delete the anonymous ones before even reading them, it's really not worth your stress and happiness.

Carry on Lady with all of the wonderful work you do!!!!!

Hugs, the Mom and the City Chihuahuas, Chewy & Lilibell

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

We are so sorry to hear this - another one of our friends has been the target of horrible slurs by an anonymous person. Some people have nothing better to do than to hurt others. We hope they stay away from you.

Lilly, Piper, and Ivy

Sketching with Dogs said...

Disgusting morons like that shouldn't be allowed near a computer - all your friends love you and that is all that matters!
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Ruby said...

You know what? When I find who ever did that, I will leave a big o' pile of poo in their shoes! I can do it too! I'm so sorry that dumb*ss felt the need to do such a terriable thing to you. Karma. It will come back to bite them in the *ss.



Sweet William The Scot said...

Oh I have been a victim of anonymous also, Jazzi knows. They mad me depressed, but I have come to the conclusion that anonymous must have one sucky life because I believe if you put out evil it comes back to you. Anonymous has their own hell don't let them drag you into there spot.
Sweet William The Scot

Mary said...

My name is Mary, and I usually use the 'anonymous' entry because I don't have a blog and am pretty computer illiterate! (May have just figured out a new way, though!) Not ever to hide or be mean. I love reading all blogs that support and promote pitties, because I have 2 pit type dogs that are just my life! You are a very special person to give so much to help dogs in need. Hope you will continue to post; I check kissa-bull every day and am excited about your new home. Much love from Honey and Diogi!

bbes tribe said...

We just read about the "scum" that left nasty messages on your blog. That was just MEAN and definitely uncalled for. Karma does have a way of lurking and maybe it is just around the corner on this one.
Please don't let that *&%#**&**(( chase you away from all your blogging and furiends. We haven't visited any of our furiends blogs this summer but it doesn't mean we don't care!!!
Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas, and Rosie and Mom Barb

LP said...

Our Mama's Mama used to say , " one person can be wrong...but many people cannot be wrong!" We are many who have come to know you and your goodness. Your kindness. Your courage.Your determination.We are not wrong.
Some people are miserable and they must in turn make others miserable.Don't let them in. In the future, if you read even one word that is negative, DELETE.Don't give that person the time of day. Certainly don't waste your energy on them. They are insignificant and deserve to remain in their dark hole never to be heard or acknowledged!

hugs and love,

the critters in the cottage xo

Asta said...

Deawest aunt Sandwa
Wemembew always and fowemost that you awe loved by all of us who know you and yoow sweet family. You have made so many hoomans awawe of the wondewfullness of Pitties and have given yoow heawt and all to help any fuwwkid in need. The Feawless Five knew yoow love and still know it fwom heaven. Mommi has depwessions often and it doesn't take a lot to tip hew ovew into hew black hole, so we undewstand yoow huwt and wanting to just hide fwom all the evil. But thewe is so much good and love hewe in blogville. Pleez listen to all yoow fwiends. Just delete wifout weeding.
Use yoow time to weed about how we all admiwe and love you and how you have made youw whole family become impawtant and loved by us in Blogville

Gwwwww and stinky pile of Poop on cowadrs and howwid huwtful hoomans. They don't mattew. You do!!!!
Smoochie kisses
Asta and Mommi and Daddi too

Murphy said...

Grrrrr . . . where are they??? We'll tell them a thing or two!

Your friends,

Murphy & Stanley

Unknown said...

We're teaming up with Rubie to find the anonymous commenter and poop in his shoes! We also are gonna poop on his face, a big Great Dane poop is all he or she deserves!
We are happy to see that you have enabled the comment moderation (we do that too cause it feels safer to know what actually gets published)but you should also make sure anonymous can't comment! For that go into Settings -> posts and comments -> who can comment -> registered users.
We don't know each others very well but we hope that will be good friends!
Lots of love,
Indigo, momma dane, and Malach, puppy dane.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy All, we popped over from Momma Tea. Please know whoever is leaving nasty comments is one mucked up person. We are so sorry this has happened. You must know how much you are loved and cared for by all the hundreds and hundreds of supportive comments you receive. Keep on blogging. Our Blogville family love you. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

Tucker said...

Well we knows your Momma is one of the most wonderfullest people in the world and everyone should strive to have her compassion, bravery, and beautiful soul. Obviously we have some not so nice things to say about that person. However, they be a coward if they have to do it anonymously and it is illegal to threaten someone like they did. Don't let it hurt your Momma, she is way stronger then that. Sandra is a HERO is the eyes of all of us (hooman, doggie, and kitteh too)!

The World According to Garth Riley said...

I'm back with another comment and to give you some more love.

I support you and think you're great and want you to keep on blogging!

your pal,

p.s. - look at all the positive comments you've gotten! proves my point that there are way more good people and creatures than bad!!!

A MilShelb Mom said...

Oh holy cow. This is so awful. Why do people have to say such mean things? What a horrible person with no heart at all. Sometimes people learn to just keep their mouths shut. We are so sorry this happened! Please don't let them get you down.
~Milly and Shelby (and Maggie, the Mom)

ps- There is a quote that says, "People always judge what they don't understand." They sure do.

Sagira said...

I am so very sorry that someone said mean things to you. We have had the "anonymous" person say some not nice things about us as well...but life goes on . Don't let them get you down. You have come too far and have too kind of a heart to let them get you down.

K9 Katastrophie said...

Just like Garth we are back to give more love!!


Winston said...

I'm stopping by to see how you are doing. Look at all of these wonderful comments of support and love. Hang in there and to H*E* double hockey sticks with the meanies!!

Kyra and Jasmine Danes said...

OMG that's awful. Some people don't deserve to be allowed to breathe! You are an angel and you don't deserve to receive comments like that!!!
I don't know blogger too well, but is there a way to block Anonymous comments?
We love you & your family, we think you're fabulous, we love Brinks & Bella & tootyness too!
Big hugs and kisses to drive away a little bit of your sadness from Kyra and Jasmine, and Kim and Luc

2 Punk Dogs said...

I'm so sorry that you had to deal with an ignorant jerk on top of everything else. Please don't quit the blog, that would give too much weight to empty and mean spirited words. Comment moderation is good; you can also send the bad post info to Blogger. I'm sure someone could track down the anonymous IP address.

Love the picture of little Leo, glad you were able to help the 3 little pitties!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mommish Sandra,

MY mommish has calmed down enough to help me type out a comment tonight. Apart from what my mom told you last night on Facebark, just remember that there are some very, very sad and empty peoples out there who don't know how to treat others - whether they're canine or feline or human. The only thing they can do to make themselves feel better is to make other peoples feel bad. Now, that's just a Most Terrible way to live, don't you think?

Your kindness and sweetness and gentle heart have touched more souls and made more lives better than that sad, hollow person ever will. Peoples from all over the WORLD luvs you, Mommish Sandra. Just remember that and don't let the meanies win.

Wiggles & Wags,

Cotton said...

Who cares about those stupid people!
What do they know?! I see that there are already 90 comments there and you should know that your blog is pawesome, I just found it today cuz Jazzi sent me and I hopes you will continue to post youses interesting Pibble stories, I'm gonna join this blog now... see you'll around!

Pat Wahler said...

Sadly there are people who have such shallow connections with other human beings that they are only satisfied when hurting someone else.

We had a few nasty comments appear on our blog that prompted me to activate the comment moderation so I can easily delete them from existence.

One push of a button and they are gone for good.

Critter Alley

Hoke said...

Small minds go away!!!! Don't pay attention to them...they are just jealous of you! You need some westie power!?? I'll be there with my side kick!!!

The Black and Tans. said...

We have only just read this post.

Oh glory, we cannot believe that someone could be this nasty.

Well done for being strong and continuing to blog.

We have always had comment moderation on as we know we have little humans following our bloggie. We feel happier knowing they are always reading the super comments from all our furiends.

Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We are disgusted that someone would do that to your momma :( Our mama is really mad and would love to be able to give that person a piece of her mind!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Brutus & Ellie

haopee said...

We heard what happened and that's just absurd.

Tell your mommy it wasn't her fault. Take it from someone who gets depressed without a reason- life happens. It's what you do after something bad that makes you who you are. So mommy, don't give up blogging. It is your outlet and it is how you harness power from your friends as they do to you. We rarely go to your blog but we know how influential you are to us- so cheer up and keep on moving. You still have pitties to save and people to educate.

Whoever that person was should be ashamed of him/herself. People who do not have anything better to do in their lives should rot in pounds with the keys thrown away.

Huggies and Cheese,


PoochesForPeace said...

Just now reading this post... Its disheartening to hear that someone has been doing that. As supporters of pit bulls, we all know that we will be faced with adversity. But when it happens, it doesnt make it easy. Remember that we are all here, on this earth, on these blogs for pit bulls and other dogs, because someone has to take it on. It happens to be YOU who is one of those people, who has taken on the challenge of supporting a breed that others condemn. Dont lose heart in your purpose. I believe all of us who are here in the dog blog community have a purpose in our lives for making a difference for these animals. If there weren't people who were so hateful, we wouldn't have begin this mission. Keep focus on all the good work you have done to work towards a better image and better life for these animals. We all believe in you!