Sunday, April 24, 2011


today here in the woggie pibble house we are lighting a candle in honor of the bewootiful souls that were tragically slain a year ago. the pain in our heart can not be described and the pure feeling of helplessness is almost too much to bear. all we can do is REMEMBER AND BE THEIR VOICE. try to make a diffrence and get the word out to make sure this never has to ever happen again. make sure they did'nt die in vain. we know they are now pain free and frolicking in the heavens . it is up to us here on earth to howl for them and keep it going until laws are changed.we hear you sweet babies and we'll howl for you today along with so many in the world who feel your pain and will fight for you when you could'nt fight yourself. run free sweet angels !!!


sad woo's and loud howling from 5 pibbles and 2 wee's in houston tx !!!!!!!

Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our
friends the animals,
especially for animals who are suffering;
for any that are hunted or lost or
deserted or frightened or hungry;
for all that must be put to death.

We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity,
and for those who deal with them we ask a
heart of compassion and gentle hands and
kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true
friends to animals and so to share the blessings
of the merciful.

--- Albert Schweitzer ---
Our wings they are glistening,
In the bright golden sun.
We’re Gods Special Angels,
We are second to none!

** please join our howl heard around the world in memory of the whistler 100 **


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...


I am with you on this one.

JacksDad said...

Let's keep them in our hearts and in our memories!

Asta said...

Deawest Pibbles and WEe ones
I join in in a mouwnfull howl fow those innocents so howwibully muwdewed.
They will stay in ouw heawts and we must nevew let something like this happen again.
I pway evewy day that hoomans change
smoochie kisses
and hopes that all fuwwkids know love this Eastew
smoochie kisses

Sagira said...

So sad. Our hearts are with them as well.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am howling with you and so many others..
They must never be forgotten, and this sadness must never happen again.
We will not stop howling ,,, not ever..I howl with you.
What a beautiful post

Yas said...

We are there!!


Scooter said...

Mournful howls all over the world today. Beautiful words.
Grr and a Sorrowful Woof,
Sarge, COP

Zona said...

Thank you for posting this. :( Such a sad tragedy.

Sorrowful wags,

Two French Bulldogs said...

nice, we will spread the word. What a tragedy
Benny & Lily

Remington said...

Did you hear me....I was howling too!

bbes tribe said...

It was a horrible thing. We are definitely with you on this!
Will be in our memories and hearts.

Amy & the house of cats said...

We are so sad about thsi just awful thing. We hope that at the bridge they know they are not forgotten.

ForPetsSake said...

Hi there! Found you through 2 Pitties in the City and was pleased to see we're kind of neighbors! Well, we're in Irving, just outside Dallas. If you get a chance, check us out at:

Daisy Dog said...