Friday, February 26, 2010

**Bellas Friday Funnies**


**BELLA'S new year resolutions **

** have a torrid one night stand wiff a street mutt.

**try to understand that the cat is from venus and I am from mars

**i will no longer be beholden to the sound of the can opener

**take time from my busy schedule to stop and smell the hiney's

** always scoot before licking

**grow opposable thumbs, break into the pantry and decide for myself how much food is TOO much

** i will NOT chase the damned stick unless i see it LEAVE HIS HAND!!!!!!!!!!!

**this weeks addition on how to play wiff your humans head**

** after your human has watched a particularly disturbing horror film, stand by the hall closet and then slowly back away growling and bark once or twice shivering wiff anger.whatever you do DO NOT TAKE YOU EYES AWAY FROM THE DARK EMPTY CLOSET!!!

until next time everyfurry

bella pibble sugars


Dexter said...

Well, that closet thing certainly sounds like fun.

I liked your Twinkie funny. She is one whacky little pup for sure. Those resolutions sound very ambitious. Good luck.


houndstooth said...

Bella, I think you have some very good resolutions in there!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Twinkie will be so touched!

Good lukhk with that khommendable list!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bella!
That cartoon is so funny!
Your resolutions are very interesting... specially the first one!
Kisses and hugs

Two Pitties in the City said...

Bella seems very much the fancy lady diva of the pooch household.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I liked your resolution list too.
I wonder what I did with mine. I forgot I even had one,
Good luck with yours

Ina in Alaska said...

Ha Ha we like to scare Ina too when she is alone in the house and it is dark and we suddenly stand up and start looking around and shivering.... he he it gets her every time!!! It would be most entertaining with pibbles!!!! We would hide in the closet and watch !!! Pee Esss, we went over and said hello to Skeletor. He is very sweet. xoxo Toby, Ginger, Jeter and Halle

pibble said...

Great cartoon! And I like the resolutions... How many have you kept? :)

Remington said...

What a great way to start off Friday! Thanks for the smiles! I think that closet thing is really good!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Bella, cute and funny...Bilbo thinks he is in love (unfortunately he is only 8 pounds and not a street mutt)!!


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Bella, you have some great ideas there - our favorites are the opposable thumbs one and the scary movie tactic.

Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh Bella!! I am still BARKING OUT LOUD !! What a HOWL!!! Love the cartoon! Love the resolutions!! Love the whole post!! HaROOOO!!! I've gotta take a nap after this one.

Tucker said...

I'm in a cartoon with Twinkie? How pawesome is that? I love chasing the kitties but they are so fast and always go thorugh their kitty door. Come to think of it the evil kitty brothers are much bigger than Twinkie - they weigh 16lbs and Twinkie only weighs 4 I think.

Oh and Bella I know what you mean about the stick thing. Dad always pretends to throw my toys and I fall for it every time.

woof - Tucker

the booker man said...

i'm with you on figuring out for ourselves how much food is too much!!! :D
the booker man

Kari in Alaska said...

BC still loves to chase things no matter what their size!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Bella. I do not know what resolutions are but I think yours sound fun! I especially love the hiney one. That's very very important!

Oh, and your cartoon made me laugh. Miss Twink will like it.

Wiggles & Wags,

JacksDad said...

Ah, those were some cool resolutions! I hope they all come true!

Kapitein Haakje said...

we have the same list! :D
hahaha love the cartoon

El'bow & Hauwii

BRUTUS said...

Hi guys!! Sorry it's take us so long to come over, but nice to meet ya!! What a fun bunch you are!! I play with my human's head all the time, jumping up in the middle of the night to bark ferociously at things I "hear" (hehehe).
Thanks for all the comments on my bloggie!

Brutus the Frenchie

Rescued Pittie Family said...

HILARIOUS!! Love it!

Mack said...

You are a messssssss!! But in a good way, of course! I particularly like the one about stopping to smell the hineys!!! BOL!

Unknown said...

OMD what a terrific post. I loved your scare tactic and must try it out. I loved your resolution and the fact that it came at a timely manner. As for the funnies, hilarious (as long as it was Tucker doing the talking) BOL

Amy & the house of cats said...

Bella those are great! The how to mess with your humans head thing makes us wish we were doggies - but we may try a modified kitty version! And we love your resolutions - we fall for the fake throw sometimes too!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Sagira said...

Sounds like you have a nice list going. Good luck!

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Hi!! My name is Mona. I live in Houston too.
I'm a wire hair dachshund rescued by DROH from the streets when I was a little pup. My Mommy adopted me in 2005 and after hurricaine Katrina starting volunteering for DROH. Rescue is wonderful and very important. Mommy staeted reading your blog this morning and she wants to thank you for all you do.

Mona & Mommy, Sarah

Bijou said...

Oh yeah I would never chase a kitty. They are crazy and have sharp claws! I loved your lists. Too funny!