Friday, February 3, 2012

Our FEARLESS wee lucky

**dearest friends, today we would like to shows you one of our furry most favorite bloggy post about our wee lucky. this posts shows you just how FEARLESS our wee lucky was ALWAYS. and we fink it would have been a great mango minster entry had she still been here dont have fink? for the adventure category?? well anywoo, please do sit back and enjoy this most FEARLESS adventure our wee lucky had....please to be warned....its quite the scaries and you might want to cuddle wiff your mommish while reading this.....**

hewo everyfurry
wee lucky here taking ofur for my sicky shister bewootiful bella
she ish shtill feeling a bit down what wiff the meddies and the ouchie they gave her so she asked if her woggie nanny nurse could take ofurs for her friday post .

i went wiff the mommish and daddish fishing this weekend while brinksey winksey was wiff our pibble kissy cousins and guero and coco chanel were visiting great granny. our dear tiger had shtayed wiff the bella to keep her companies and we left to the beach. now thish side of the beach ish called texas city beach and i mush shay that our daddish did not catch any fish . teehee
now to the horrors that occured . . . .now thish shtory ish quite frightening and if you scare easily please dont wead on . . . what i have here ish photographic evidence of nightmarish horrors occuring in thish small beach village. so if your braver than bravest then follow me along this long and winding path. . . . .
sho ash we made our way to wear daddish was going to fish . . . . oh my dog!! what ish that mommish????? i see most scawy things ahead . . . my most inner pibble training immediately made me run to investigate further. . . . . our brinksey has prepared ush for most every danger to have occur.
now these images are most disturbing and frightening . . . . do you shee what i shee
i shlowly pawed over to the evidence and scene of thish crime to sniff out any possible culprits

could it be the CHUPACABRAS??? or maybe NESSIE'S wittle shishter???? TWEE RAT ALIEN'S ??? YIKES!!! . oh dear i fear i have pooped a little wiff the scaries. . . .
we walked alittle more to investigate the crime scene and came across more tewifying carcasses . . whatever ish doing thish is massive and fishy and probably stinky winky
my dear woggie furryends . what you have sheen here ish undeniable and indisputable evidensshe that their ish a monshter full of evilness living in our texas city water and everyfurry must be most careful when we go there.their ish SOMETHING leaving these carcasses on the beaches and that SOMETHING has quite the hungries.
mommish felt my shivery fear and pick me right up and did'nt put me down lest the sea monshter found me most scrumptious
now that would explain why our daddish did'nt catch any fishy's
the monshter is probably feasting on all the water fishie's and what not

that ish all for now my dear woggie furryends
reporting live from woggie pibble house
wee sugars and wee wags


divison: the wee ones



Ina in Alaska said...

That was a brave investigation & most scary indeed!!

Two Pitties in the City said...

I remember this and how fearless Lucky always was. Lucky and Tiger always made me think how we could possibly have our own wee one in our house one day.

The Daily Pip said...

Lucky was very brave! It just goes to show - little dogs are just as brave as big dogs!

Your pal, Pip

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Proof PAWSitive that Lucky was totally Fearless right from the git go. I do remember this post.. It was truly Scary.. and If I had not had Lucky to take me along.. I would have POOPED a HOOOOOGE Pile.. and probably never have gone another step.

asta said...

Oh deew fwiends
This made me all sadewest wemembewing how absolutely feewless little Lucky was..I could use him now in this new place I'm's totally dawk in the hallways of ouw building befowe Mommi finds the light clickew(which only stays on fow a little while). I think I will ask angel Lucky to help me be bwave when I go fow my evening walkies

I know he is still just as bwave in heave and could watch ovew me as well as all of you
Smoochie kisses

3 doxies said...

I remembers dat post Lucky did. Not only did her Pibble training come in handy but her doxie genes too...made her fearless.

I miss sweet Lucky...and so does Albert


Coco Bean - The Princess said...

you are a brave little one to investigate like that! and its a good thing your mommy was there to keep you safe!

Hugs & <3

Coco The Princess

Tucker and Lola said...

Lucky was brave to the end!

LP said...

Lucky was indeed fearless but then again she was a GIRL!! We have two wee ones here, Issa and Duffy and we have to say they are both fearless and adorable just like wee Lucky was.And gosh, how cute was she in that little dress?!!
She's probably organizing fashion shows up there in heaven with all that cuteness and style!You go girl!

the critters in The Cottage xo :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh I remembers how scary this was when I read it before. And, I do remember how fearless Lucky was!
I was very scared to read this again, but I did.
You are so right. Lucky was fearless.
I think there was nothing too scary for her.
I agree- now that she is an angel.. we can ask her to help us when we get scared.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

What a brave girl her was. Miss you sweet Lucky...

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

pibble said...

Oh, little fearless Lucky. I remember this post and that cute little outfit. What a sweet little pup. And VERY brave, too!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

What a beautiful brave dog little Lucky was .. and still is in Heaven. Sending lotsa love. xx